Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Whale Watching

On Friday morning, we woke up and headed down to hop a boat to do some whale watching.  Greg’s dad is a volunteer for the Pacific Whale Foundation and that is the boat we took out to watch.
We enjoyed it for the first little bit but soon Finley and I were both sea sick and Penelope was close behind.  But we did manage to see some great whales!!
This photo is a tad out of order but as you can tell Finley did not feel well as the boat ride went on.  It took Penelope a bit longer to feel sea sick
Finley along the rail trying to see some whales up close
And then it was Penelope’s turn
The whales were really cool to see. We saw whales when we were in Oregon but they were far away and tough to see so this was a nice treat.  We saw a ridiculous amount of breaching – more so then usual.  Whale season just kicked off in Maui.  These whales come from Alaska.  They don’t go near the California or Vancouver coastlines.  
After whale watching, we went to the Cool Cat Cafe for lunch.  Here is a photo of Penelope and Uncle Brad being silly.  You have no idea how much Finley was bothered by them switching hats.  
I highly recommend checking out some whale watching if you ever make it to Maui – especially in January and February which is prime whale watching season.  I wish it was half as long but if you don’t suffer from sea sickness like me,  you will do just great!

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