Saturday, 31 October 2009

Work Halloween

On Friday we had a Halloween Potluck at work. It was so fun seeing everybody all dressed up…well at least all the girls! There was so much yummy food to be had that by mid afternoon, we are tired and had tummy aches! Here are some photos of the day:
 This was Julia. She was a truck driver/Bob the Builder/Rigger
 My shoes and socks….Can you guess what I was? Answer at the end!
 Woody, Dustin and Caroline as Cruella Deville….Great Costume!
 Tannis was a female pimp. I wish I would’ve gotten one with her insane hat & feather boa!
 All the girls with Josh in the back. The boys from our dept had to clean up since they didn’t participate!
 Mandy….AKA The Sexy Witch
 Aliya was Bollywood. Her outfit was beautiful. I loved it!
 I was Pippi Longstocking, NOT the Wendy’s girl!! Can you believe somebody asked me when I got off the C-Train if I was dressed up for Halloween. Are you serious? I am 30 not 15!
Can’t wait for you to see Finley in her costume!! SO AWESOME!!

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