Monday, 25 May 2015


We registered Finley for outdoor soccer in February but she decided she wanted to play field hockey instead.  I found a field hockey league here in Calgary and they had a group that Finley could play in close to our community.  2 days before every spring program in the city was to start, I got an email saying they had cancelled the SW/SE portion due to low enrolment.  I could have switched her to play in Tuscany but driving an hour each way in rush hour did not appeal in the slight. 
I looked and looked for an activity for her to do so she didn’t feel like she was being left out when Penelope was playing soccer and someone suggested yoga for her.  She did yoga last year with her Junior Kindergarten class so I knew she would like it.  I found a class for her on Tuesday afternoons from 4-445 in McKenzie Towne and so far so good.  She loves it so much!
Getting ready to go in to her yoga class.  I love her pattern on pattern look hahaha.
Waiitng for her class to start.  I love everything about this photo.
The class is about 25 minutes from our house so there is no point in going home.  The first class we hung out in the car and Penelope played with her iPad
And I listened to the radio and relaxed.  I had forgotten my wallet otherwise we would have gone down to 130th to keep us busy.  I have since used this time to do my pick ups and drink starbucks :)
The end of her first class.  She loved it!!  

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