Thursday, 12 September 2013

Zion National Park

On the morning of August 12, we awoke at 5am to start our journey to Utah.  We were only driving to Provo, UT but it was still 15 hours!!  The girls seemed to be in good spirits!
A massive forest fire in Idaho that was started by lightening strike.  You could actually see the orange embers and fire from the highway and helicopters dropping water.  I had never seen anything like it so close before.
State Capital Building in Salt Lake City.  If we are close to the state capital, we go to find the building.  I love them!
The Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City.  It was amazing!!!  
I loved Salt Lake City and I cannot wait to come back and explore the city and area so much more indepth!!
We arrived at Zion National Park in Utah around lunch on AUgust 13th.  It was hot, like gross hot approaching 40 celsius.
I had to eat my ham sandwich on a hot dog bun because I accidentally bought pineapple infused dinner rolls which were DISGUSTING!!!
Signs of a time well had ;)
Wild Turkeys
Colouring at the Zion Nature Center
Story time about dinosaurs
Making Dinosaur Fossils
Greg pretending to be part of a dinosaur
The US National Park’s recently changed their Junior Ranger program so this year the girls  became Junior Rangers at Zion National Park.  This is them taking their oath.
The great thing about Zion is that it is very child friendly so they have 2 programs, one at 7 and one later at 9.  It works great for kids to go to them without staying out too late.  I wish other parks were like this. 
Playing tag
They had to colour a butterfly and make it camouflage.  Finley insisted on colouring it pink regardless so this was the best we could do to make it not noticed.
I gave Penelope a green crayon so she happily obliged.
If you are not familiar with Zion Canyon – it is set inside the canyon.  It is so beautiful it’s impossible to describe.  I can’t wait to come back in the winter, it looks amazing!
Zion had tons of lizards.  They were very skittish and didn’t like noise or people.  There were a few different varieties. 
THe next few photos are from the Emerald Pool Trail.  Although the pools were not very emerald looking, the water falls and mists were fantastic. 
you can see the water weeping from the canyon
The mist was SO NICE.  It was SO HOT!
We made sure to be careful!
I had made it through nearly 34 years of my life without being stung by anything but a mosquito.  I got stung by a hornet who stung both fingers on the inside.  I was shocked at how much pain it caused me!!  The pain lingered for about 12 hours before it returned to normal.  
Transportation inside the canyon.  Parking was limited so they have shuttle busses that run from sun up to sun down.  Banff needs to really implement these at the in demand hikes and locations.
This was at Riverside Walk.  Just stunning.  
Despite being 40 degrees outside the water was still cold.  You can walk down the narrows but it gets pretty deep and is dangerous for kids so we just stayed here.  Finley didn’t like how cold it was
So that concludes our quick trip through Zion Canyon.  It was without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  I saw photos of Zion in the winter and I cannot wait to come back.  Perhaps I will take up canyoneering so we can canyon down the canyon, it would be wonderful!!

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