Saturday, 2 January 2016

37 Before 37

A friend of mine posted on Instagram that she was doing 37 by 37. Instead of doing resolutions for 2016, she decided to set intentions.  I thought this was a great idea but I struggled with the thought of coming up with 37 things.

For two days I kept a list on my iPhone.  Things I wanted to do, things I wanted to try, things I wanted to change.  And I only had 17.  How was this possible??  I commented on her post that I was finding this is be quite daunting.  I knew there had to be more but what were they?  She told me it was not designed to be daunting, but things that will bring satisfaction.

So I took this thought and sat down and pondered my life.  All aspects of my life and I took a long hard look at who I was, where I had come from and where I wanted to go.

I made several lists and crossed lots off before settling on my 37 by 37.  I am hopeful that I can complete all these tasks and even if not successfully at least try.

I hope to blog about these throughout the year with it concluding on September 2nd which as you have probably guessed is my 37th birthday.

What are my intentions?  I won't list them all, but here are a few:

1. Run 1000 miles
2. Drink more water
3. Don't sweat the small stuff
4. Commit to at least 3 blog posts per week
5. Try one thing from pinterest that I pin each month
6. Perfect banana bread
7. Read at least one book a month
8. Go backpacking
9. Be kind to myself

There is a snippet of things I would like to do before my birthday.  Some seem silly I am sure, but I kid you not, I cannot for the life of me bake a banana bread that is actually edible or looks like the ones Greg makes or my mom made growing up.  I just cannot.

I have days where I drink my body weight in water and then days where I drink none.  I have no in-between. It's all in or all out.  I need to fix this.

This is a really cool idea and I am glad Sarah shared this with me.  I received a beautiful notebook from my friend Danielle for Christmas and it is perfect for journaling this journey of 37 before 37.

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