Monday, 25 January 2016

Crown Paradise Club!!

The resort was really good.  We loved it as you can tell from all of my posts on our trip.  Sadly this is the last one.  Or maybe it is a good thing if you are tired of reading about how amazing our trip was hahaha.  
The sunsets were amazing when the clouds weren't hanging around.  This was from the infinity pool while we waited for the french restaurant to open.  I think this might be one of my favorite photos from our trip.

This photo was taken the first time we saw it as we walked through the tunnel for the very first time.  Needless to say we were so very excited to be there.

And we met Chewbacca within 5 minutes of arriving and we had 2 very happy people hahah.  God he must have been hot in that costume.  

The middle pool at night.  It was so pretty and apparently it was warmer then the infinity pool but not once did we go to this pool and I have no real reason as to why other then the ocean views from the infinity pool.

This is the infinity pool.  As you can see, you have both a great pool view and ocean view at the same time.  This was our home base every single day.  Basically what most people do is when they are on their way to breakfast, you go to the pool/beach you want as  your home base and reserve your lounge chairs.  You do this by throwing your towels, books, sunscreen on them so people know they are taken.  Kids Paradise doesn't have lounger chairs and you can't reserve the ones at the adult pool.  You make this the home base with your stuff and then you rotate between the areas  you want while leaving all your stuff there.  Nothing goes missing and I left my iPhone and iPad in my bag and they were always still there.  If you don't do this then you get stuck with the ones in the water like you can see in the above  photo and  those kinda suck.

This was the adult pool.  This is where you came to chill while your kids are in kids club or if you have extra family to watch your kids while you chill.  The pool is open until 9 and bar until 6pm.  We hung out here a few times.  It was pretty nice and it is a swim up bar in a jacuzzi and is the warmest pool on the resort.  

We did a lot of this on the trip which is really rare for us if you are familiar with our normal vacations.  We read a lot, we swam, walked the beaches, picked seashells for the girls classmates, we ate food, we drank good drinks, we slid down slides, we got a lot of sun, we coloured and we basically just relaxed and it was so awesome.  I loved it.  

One of my biggest complaints was lack of schedules available for shows that went on each night.  We were there for 3 or 4 days before we found a schedule of the night shows.  Most were held at the theatre/club across the street from the resort but they do have the fire show on Tuesday nights.  It was pretty cool.  It gets chilly at night but Finley loved every second of it....

Penelope not so much and she slept through the entire show.

During our stay there were 4 cruise ships that came in and left during our stay.  The marina was close to the hotel and this was the view from our door to our room.  2 were absolutely insanely massive and 2 looked really little compared to this one.  I didn't like the cruise shippers.  They tried to steal the beach chairs and loungers on the beach but the security team at the resort was on top of that so that never lasted too long but they would all park their umbrellas and chairs on the beach blocking your view. It sucked.  Most looked like they had way too much sun anyways.  

There was so much to do on the resort, Greg went kayaking.  I tried to go kayaking but the waves scared me and it was hard for me to get on them and I lost my shoe and somehow it floated back to shore and I found it again.  They had movie soundtrack trivia, daily exercise in the pool, bingo, ping pong, pool volleyball, balloon fights, zip lining, chess and so much more.  I almost won the bingo too so that was indeed a big moment for me.  

There were bathrooms perfectly located throughout the resort so you were never too far away from finding one if you needed it.  They had showers to spray the sand off you before you went back to the pool areas which was quite handy.  

They had a boutique in the lobby and a little convenience like store that carried essentials like sunscreen and snacks.  Sunscreen is very expensive if you forget it like we did so try not to do it.  And by expensive I mean like 267 pesos!!  It was insane.  There is a grocery store about 5 minutes from the resort that you could walk to to get any extras that you wanted.  The sunscreen there was no cheaper there then on the resort so think that is a good idea for it either. 

The resort did a good job of keeping you busy most of the day and even in the evenings if you want.  We only went to the one evening show not because we didn't want to or they weren't good but to be honest I was usually fast asleep by 9pm.  Lame I know but days filled with sun, heat and booze leads to early bed times.  

I know I posted a lot of photos on Instagram during our trip and I know there were a lot of blog posts about my trip and I didn't really plan it that way.  I thought I would just have one blog post but it turns out there was so much I wanted to post because it truly was such a great family friendly resort that was really affordable.  I hope that perhaps I have convinced at least one of my friends to take this resort into consideration when planning their next hot vacation! We can't wait to go back!

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