Sunday, 31 January 2016

DIY Wall Art

I really wanted to update the artwork in our hallway leading from our mudroom past our bathroom into the main living area of our house.  The problem was that a) I wanted it to do it cheaply and b) I couldn't find anything that I liked anywhere.  Then I remembered a pin I saw on pinterest over the years and decided to maybe try to do that.  
So I took my feeble attempt of workout art and decided to paint over them.  They were terrible,  I am not sure how I talk myself into some of things I try to do, I really don't.

So I painted them all black because I knew that using white paint would take forever to cover the pink and teal paint that was already on them.  It took several coats to get it right. Once I perfected the black paint, I let it dry for 48 hours so that when I put the painters tape on, it wouldn't peel.

And then because I wanted to display these where people would see them in my house, I grabbed some chalk from our chalkboard wall and a ruler and measured out the distance I wanted between the stripes.  

Then I laid the painters tape on the first one.  I then painted the larger black stripes white.  Since I wanted at least 2 paintings in my whole way and I didn't want them to be identical and I wasn't sure I could pull off polkadots or chevron stripes on my own, I decided to do different width of stripes.

So I made the stripes on the second painting smaller and I think this is my favourite of the two.

Getting the white to cover the black paint proved quite challenging.  I ended up using a coat of white chalk paint left over from another diy project and that made a huge difference.

This is with the chalk paint - the coverage was so much better over the black paint.

And here they hang.  From a distance they look great and unless you don't look too closely you don't notice the imperfections but I notice them every single time I walk by. Every single time.  And each time it frustrates me a little bit more.  So what happened was even though I let the black paint dry for 48 hours, it still lifted when I took the tape off.  I then touched it up with the same black paint but it dried differently then the other black paint so you can notice it.  Or at least I can.  I thought about taping the white again and repainting the black but then I worry the white will peel and then it will become this never-ending cycle of repainting and taping stripes and I am not really up for that. Perhaps one day when Michaels has their canvas boards on sale, I can buy 2 and do them like these and the mistakes will be gone.  But overall, I am pretty happy with how these turned out and they match our placemats from IKEA that I bought forever ago and just never used and they match our coasters that I got on sale at Chapters a few weeks ago.  

Total cost: $0 - I had all the supplies left over from previous projects!!

Not too bad for the most creatively challenged person you know :)

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