Friday, 29 January 2016

Five On Friday

Yay! It's Friday!!

  1. Greg spent 4 evenings after work this week working on making our laundry room more functional. I told him it had to be done or we were selling our house and moving into a house, any house, that didn't have a laundry - mud room combination.  I mean seriously, what home builder came up with this and thought it was a good idea???  It is literally the worst idea in the whole world for house building.  Although I remember looking at a house in Cougar Ridge that I loved but it's bathroom was in the main floor half bath.  That might be even worse then what we have but I am not certain.  Stay tuned to the blog in the coming week or so for a glimpse of what it now is.  And I am very happy with it. 
  2. The weather here in Calgary has been ridiculous.  We have almost no snow left on our lawn and before we left for mexico, I the snow mountains I was creating from all the snow we had got were as tall as I am.  Which considering how short I am doesn't say much but they were huge!!  Penelope is sad that her snow hill is gone and she seems to think that winter is over for the year but I keep telling her it's going to get cold out again but she doesn't buy it.  She is gonna be really disappointed I am sure any day now.
  3. I love watching tv on my iPad which Greg thinks is really weird.  I love netflix because I can watch it on my tablet and I have downloaded the CTV, GLOBAL + CITY TV apps and I can watch shows like MasterChef, Hells Kitchen, Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy + SVU all on my iPad anywhere in the house! It's great.  We don't have a tv on our main floor and sometimes while I am cooking supper I get bored and this is a great way to stay caught up on my tv shows.   On Wednesday I subscribed to Crave TV.  My sister had it through SaskTel +  I "borrowed" it to finish watching Seinfeld late last year.  It quit working for me the other day and I was quite annoyed because I had just started watching Sex And The City again from the beginning and didn't want to stop.  So I decided since it was now available for all subscribers and not just certain providers I took the plunge.  I watch SATC while I treadmill run and it seems to work for me.  I can get in 2 epsiodes before I start to lose my mind.  If I could find a way to watch Family Feud on my iPad then I would be in absolute heaven.  It's my favourite way to spend a Friday or Saturday night.  Thankfully Greg doesn't mind watching it haha.
  4. Today I randomly stopped in at Value Village to see if I could find some vintage decor to brighten up said renovated laundry room.  While nothing like that caught my eye, I remember my friend Jyl telling me that she found a lot of her Sweet Valley books at the one in her city so I thought I would take a look.  I found 2 Sweet Valley Twins books when they were in elementary school and I was so happy.  Finley doesn't share my glee at the moment but she will my friends, she will.  How can one not love Sweet Valley??  I always wanted to be Jessica, I think because in real life I was more like Elizabeth.  A few years ago, they released Sweet Valley Confidential and it nearly ruined my love for Sweet Valley.  It was terribly written and the characters had changed so much and not in a good way.  I truly believe that it was written to get an extra buck out of devotees like me.  Luckily for me, I got mine from the library.
  5. We have been keeping a food and bowel movement diary for Penelope this last week.  About a year ago, she was tested for celiac and it came back negative and she didn't have any deficiencies in her blood work so we were referred to a paediatrician who told us that she was just really in tune with her body and called it a day.  I thought maybe she is right because she never used a pull up or has ever had a accident so I never thought much more about it.  However, it seems to have gotten worse and she is having bowel movements constantly and they cause her so much pain until she can actually pass her bowel movement.  Last Thursday she cried all the way home from school because she suddenly had to go so badly and spent 26 minutes on the toilet.  I called my family doctor immediately and we went and saw him.  He thinks she might have IBS so she has to get some abdomen ultrasounds and blood and urine analysis and she has to give a poop sample to the lab too.  She does not do well with needles so Tuesday afternoon could be pretty fun with her.  We told her if she didn't lose her mind, we would go to Marble Slab for ice cream when she was done. So far the trigger seems to be gluten but we are trying to expose her to different foods to see if the IBS is more then just with that.  We are doing a month long diary and then will cut foods that seem to cause her problems and see if that helps.  I had no idea that little kids could even get IBS and the internet is almost non existent with information for kids who suffer from it.  Hopefully we figure out what it is that makes her sick and get her back to being a healthy regular little girl soon!

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