Friday, 22 January 2016

Kids Paradise

Seriously one word.  Amazing.  This is what sold us on this resort.  It was amazing in photos and amazing in real life.  Actually it was even more amazing because we thought it was just the pirate ship but it was SO MUCH MORE then just the ship!!

The pirate ship was pretty cool.  It had 5 slides, you could go under it in the middle, you could go on top and steer the ship.  

When we got to the resort, not only was there a pirate ship but there was an awesome castle with 3 more slides and a dragon that sprayed water out of its mouth.  Seriously it was amazing.  

The girls loved racing down the slides together.  It was nice that they allowed this to happen safely.

Finley loved being the queen of the castle.  She also used the castle to hide from Penelope too which as you can imagine drove Penelope crazy haha.

This wasn't in the kids paradise per se but it was zip lining for the kids.  It was over at the infinity pool and Penelope loved it.  She was a little scared the first time but she went and was hooked and did it nearly every day that we were there.  They technically only do it Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays between 9 +10am but if you ask nicely and they have 2 people at the entertainment booth they will do it every morning.  Finley went up to the starting area 2x but never did it.  She refused the first time flat out and lost her mind the next time.  She never went back up.  She has some fear while Penelope knows NO fear.  Which is both a good thing and a bad thing haha.

Even adults had a blast in kids paradise.  The mornings and around dinner time were the best time to hang out here.  The afternoons were crazy busy and there were just too many kids.  

And if you are worried about cleanliness in a kids pool area, here is what they do.  Every morning there is a guy who goes into the pool before it opens and uses like a underground vacuum cleaner and sucks out all the sand and dirt that accumulates in there daily from kids who switch between the pool and beach.  They also wash down the floors, tables and chairs every night and again in the morning before it opens.  They do this to every beach chair, lounger, table and floor surface at every pool and the beach area.  I was very happy with the kids paradise and the cleanliness of it.  My only complaint about it was the on demand chipmunks singing on their sound system haha.

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