Sunday, 24 January 2016

Living The Beach Life

Oh the beach.  I have a difficult relationship with it.  I hate the sand and how it sticks to you when you are wet, I hate how it discolours bathing suits, I hate how it gets everywhere.  I hate running or walking on it because it bothers my knee.  I don't get the appeal of making sand castles or structures or anything else in the sand.  It's just gonna get crushed as soon as you finish.  Greg and the girls love it so we spend a lot of time on it.  I also don't particularly care for the water.  I hate how cold it is, I have a fear of getting swept up in the waves so I try to avoid them and I stress out when I watch Greg and the girls jumping in them and having so much fun.  I love walking on the hard sand, listening to the sounds of the ocean and watching the big waves come crashing in.  There is something just soothing about it.  It's some of the relaxing time you can ever spend.  

Watching the sun set on our first night there.  It was a little cloudy but oh so pretty.

We spent every morning walking along the beach.  It was a great way to get our days started.  

Big Waves.  Usually in the morning they weren't too crazy but as the day went on, then they could get pretty big.  The girls loved it.  
Building a sand castle early one morning before the beach got too busy and too hot.

The girls decided they wanted to bring seashells back for all of their classmates.  After our first attempt at collecting them we thought we would have to buy a bag from a souvenir shop but we ended up collecting so many!

We didn't have room in our suitcase for sand toys but they were guys selling them beachside so we bought some for the girls to  use and then we passed it on to a family who had arrived the night before we went home.  

A view of the seating areas in front of our resort.  It was really nice.  Attached to our resort was the Crown Paradise Golden which was the adults only version of our resort.  They had cabana beds beach side.  They looked so awesome!!

Walking back towards our resort

Playing in the water as the sun set.  It was my favourite time to be on the beach other then first thing.  

Greg going in to find the  big sea shells.  He was much braver then the girls and I.

Greg on his kayaking adventure.  He said getting into it and getting going was tough but it was really fun.  It was funny watching him come back to shore.  The waves basically just throw it back to shore. 

This is another part of beach and sand life I don't understand.  Being buried.  Why do people want to be covered by sand?  I really don't get it and the girls love being buried and love burying Greg.  

Our final sunset of our vacation.  What a great trip it was.  Stay tuned for my final blog post on the trip (finally) tomorrow!!

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