Thursday, 7 January 2016

Lululemon Snow Amazing Mittens *sherpa

On Boxing Day, Lululemon had a big sale on their website in the WMTM section.  This is wear you can get good deals on not so popular items or items that are too expensive to buy at their listed price so you wait until they hit WMTM and buy then.  It's normally updated Thursday mornings, in case you were ever wondering.  All items purchased through WMTM are final sale which can suck and prevent you from taking a risk on a item incase you hate it or it doesn't fit right.  Well it prevents me hahahaha.

I find that they Lululemon mitts and some toques are far too pricy to pay full price for so I was happy to see these on the website and happily bought them very early boxing day morning.  And although they shipped out quickly they took FOREVER to get here and I was so impatiently waiting for them to arrive.  They looked so pretty in the photo on the website.

The day came when the finally arrived.  My FedEx guy usually drops off my lululemon purchases between 8+830 - it's pretty awesome.  I tore open the bag and was so excited to see my pretty mitts had finally arrived.  I loved them.

Until I turned them over and saw that.  They are fold over mittens.   I almost cried.  $35 final sale mitts and they were fold over.  I did not want fold over mitts.  I hated fold over mitts.

This is them folded over.  They were so warm on the inside but what was I gonna do with fold over mitts??  And why didn't I read the description more closely when I looked at them online before purchasing?? I was not happy with myself.

I did like how they snapped together though so that I was definitely going to lose both at once instead of only one hahahahah.

After I got over the initial disappointment of these mittens, I put them on and played around with them, deciding if I was going to sell them or keep them.  And then I realized that these mitts would be perfect for walks to school when I wanted to take a photo or send a text or check the time.  I could just flip the top over and use my phone and not freeze my hands on those cold days.  Same with checking the mail.  It turns out, I really actually do love these mitts.  I guess they are snow amazing after all.  HAHAHA

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