Monday, 18 January 2016


On Sunday morning, Greg was feeling antsy staying at the resort.  He has never stayed at an all inclusive before and never been one to lay around and do nothing so I am not surprised that after a day and a half he wanted to explore.  I suggested going down to the malacon and walking along the boardwalk and do some souvenir shopping.  The last time I was in Puerto Vallarta we were within walking distance of this area but we were in Hotel Zone 1 this time and so we had to take a taxi.  The taxi was only $7 so it wasn't expensive.  

This area had changed a lot since the last time I was there, they have eliminated the beach area and made it into a boardwalk and added way more statues and art.  This was one of my favourite pieces.

One of the many catholic churches in the area.  Greg and Finley went up the steps and watched the service going on.  Since it was a Sunday and they were in the middle of a service we couldn't go in but if you are ever in Mexico and find a catholic church, go take a look even if you are not catholic.  They are some pretty spectacular buildings.

Because they build up the boardwalk the waves come in slamming against it and get so high.  It was so crazy and so awesome.  I love big huge crashing waves. 

Christmas decorations were still up in full force and the girls just loved it.

This is where you catch water taxis and get on small motor boats.

How beautiful would it be to live in one of these buildings and houses??  Greg was worried about mud slides and getting wiped out but these people don't seem to worry about this and I wonder if they get enough rain at one time for that to even be a possibility??

It was a great way to spend a few hours in the morning - exploring the malacon, old Vallarta and souvenir shopping.  Finley got a flute and Penelope a mini bongo drum.  We got back to the resort right around the time it got really hot and so it worked out really well. 

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