Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Painting Pottery

On our last full day in PV, we decided to paint some pottery.  In the Kids Paradise area there is a table for painting and a little cart filled both with pottery you can paint, pottery already painted and you can request them to do custom painting stuff.  We had them do custom mugs for us earlier in the week and they turned out great.  It's run by a husband + wife team who rent the space from the resort.  She runs the cart and takes custom orders, does touch ups on the painted pottery, does braids and hangs out at the cart.  He does all the custom stuff and he also sells the stuff on the beach, walking all day long.  As far as I know, all the painted pottery is 150 pesos no matter the size you pick.  Greg and I picked mugs, Finley picked a dolphin and Penelope a giraffe.  

Greg working very carefully on his sea turtle mug.  By day 7, the sun was so hot on your skin no matter how much sunscreen you used so coming over to this area with her big umbrella covering us up was a really nice way to spend the early afternoon.

I have never really paid much attention to how Finley holds a paint brush but she holds it quite funny. I didn't bother correcting her since it worked for her but it made me wonder if I should show her how to hold it differently or just let her be.

Penelope was funny and her giraffe was a reflection of her bright personality.  The lady who runs the cart takes black paint to go over the lines so they stand out better and she did such a great job on Penelope's.

Before she packs up for the day, she goes over the mugs and doing touch ups where you messed up and doing the outline so it shows up after you have painted.  Then she takes them home and glazes them and they are ready the next day.  This is far superior to any of the pottery shops I have been to here in Calgary.

If you ever find yourself at Crown Paradise Club and are bored of the laying  by the pool or beach and want something to do, then definitely think about doing this. We were worried that they would break coming back to Calgary but they made it home all intact.

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