Thursday, 14 January 2016

Penelope's Room Before + After

Penelope so desperately wanted a new room.  She hated her stripes no matter how many times everybody told her how much they loved them.  She just did not.  I never liked it either to be honest.  I hated the yellow and burgundy stripes.  They just never seemed to fit.  She wanted pink walls and a gold heart with gold triangles on the other walls.  So that was what we were going to give her. 
This is Penelope's room above before we painted.  This was the room that Greg spent hours in before she was born perfecting every stripe.  It took forever! He was so proud of it.  He worked hard on both girls' nursery and Finley's is relatively the same today, more then 7 years later.  

We ordered gold triangle stickers off of Amazon and then we bought gold spray paint at Home Depot for the heart and then spent HOURS there trying to find the perfect pink color.  It was seriously one of the most frustrating experiences of my life.  It was also hard trying to get a shade of pink that had orange tones in it and not purple so that it worked well with the gold.  We finally settled on Cabana Coral .  Greg switched jobs this summer and he had a week off in-between jobs so this is what he did after we got back from a quick trip to SK.

We sanded down all the walls because there was a bit of an edge with the stripes because of taping. We had asked the person making the paint to do a paint and primer because it was going to be tough to cover all of the stripes but they forgot to do that so we got basic paint.  This was not good.

He realized that this was not the right paint very soon and tried painting primer over the dark colors to see if that helped.  

As you can see it didn't help much at all.  

So more primer was added on top of the coat of paint that Greg did.  This seemed to help.

Here is Greg working on the heart that Penelope wanted.  It took a long time to get the heart perfect on both sides.

And then came the task of getting the gold in the heart and not all around the room on all of the walls.  Although Penelope would have liked this.  The spray paint wasn't working well at all.  We weren't sure what to do and Penelope was losing her mind at this point because Greg was frustrated and we didn't know if we would have a heart or not.  I posted on Facebook and thankfully I have an amazingly talented friend who offered to help.

Heather came over with gold craft paint and glitter modge podge and made it perfect.  Penelope was so happy and Greg and i were beyond grateful that she was able to help us.

a gazillion coats of paint later and we were finally done.  She has curtains but hasn't earned curtain privileges back yet so not sure when she will get them up.  Below are some more photos of different areas in her room.  As you can see, we ditched the idea of gold triangles because I thought they looked horrible and Greg's ideas of how to incorporate were just as bad.  

I bought a banner from Michaels for $3 to help decorate the walls up a bit. 

We put new handles on the dresser drawers.  Penelope and I went to Home Depot and she picked out the ones she wanted to have.

Her tribute to Taylor Swift

Her new paintings.  The top painting she did at her friends birthday party and the bottom one is from Winners that she loved for so long so I surprised her one day with it.

I had this frame done up by a girl in Silverado and it was the perfect accent color and perfect for this space.  These are all photos with her sister or myself or Greg.  

And last but not least, her new desk.  This is where the triangles went to.  She loves her desk and it compliments her room well.  This photo is a true indication of how messy her room normally is.

She loves her new room very much and I must say I am really surprised in the direction she went with her room. She has so much spunk and personality I thought she would go really crazy but she didn't.  She continues to surprise me each and every day.

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