Monday, 4 January 2016

Time To Update Our Shelves!!!

We have had the black shelves beside the fireplace basically since we moved in nearly 8 years ago.  I used to love them and basically tolerated them probably the last year or so.  The problem was convincing Greg to change them since it would involve patching and painting and finding something I loved.  Last week I was perusing on looking at shelving units.  I found one i loved and that even Greg liked so we went down the following day to purchase it.  However when we got there, Greg hated it and I wasn't in love with it.  Everything else I liked just wasn't tall enough for the space as I wanted it significantly taller then the fireplace.  Greg figured he could build me what I wanted and bought 11 white shelves from IKEA that he was going to hack into the below stand:

The first draft is the one on the left.  But then we realized we needed space for the plug in for the lamp that goes near there so then we (Greg) altered it so that it wouldn't hinder the outlet.  The plan was for Greg to build it on new years day.  However, on new years eve I just happened to peruse Rona's website and they had a shelf that I liked and for even cheaper the diy project that Greg was going to undertake the following day.  So we took back the shelves and on Saturday we headed to Rona to buy the shelving unit.  But before we could build it, we (Greg) had to do some minor renovations:

You could see the ugly wall colour that we used to have once we took the shelves down.  I can't believe I lived with that gross colour for 2.5 years before we finally painted.

There were holes from the shelves being attached to the wall so we had to sand, putty (I think that's the right word), repeat, wash the walls down and then paint.  The paint on the main floor is Pittsburgh paint which was only available in Canada at Totem which was purchased by Rona and they of course no longer sell Pittsburgh paint so we have to be very careful with what paint we have left.  we had very little of this paint left but Greg somehow made it work.

All finished and ready for a new shelving system to be put there!!

Finley loved helping Greg build the shelf.  She organized all the screws and dowels and whatever else it came with and got the boards that Greg needed.  Penelope and I just watched from the couch because that is how we roll hahahaha.

Soon the shelf was finished and secured to our wall.  There was no going back now.  I do love it however I don't like that the shelves has sides and isn't open like Greg's design.  I also hate that there is very little light that gets to this corner and so we need to find under cabinet lighting in white that we can install so that you can see.  It looks really dark in some corners - especially at night.

 You can kinda tell that there is no light getting there but I do love it.  I struggled with the layout and I had to steal some decor pieces that I had in the bonus room to put down here for the time being. I don't know if I will keep it like this or change up the pieces but I think I am happy with it.  My biggest question now is whether I keep the fireplace mantle black or paint it white.  I am really torn on it.  I had wanted it white for a long time but couldn't do it since our shelves were black but now that I have white ones, I wonder if I should?? What do you think? I can't make a decision on my own hahaha.

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