Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wooden Stairs

Yesterday morning I was on my way to my run in Fish Creek when I stopped at a ladie's house to pick up an item I was buying for her.  She had told me the night before to be careful because no matter what they tried, they couldn't make their stairs and porch not icy.  As I pulled up to her house, I noticed that it was all made of wood which made sense as to why it was so slippery.  Fish Creek has a few bridges made of wood and in the winter you have to be really careful on them because there was a good chance you would fall.

I grabbed my item out of her bin, turned around to go back down the stairs, my foot slid down the first step and it was game over.  I continued to fall down the rest of the stairs and although there was only 4 and I am very grateful there was only 4, they felt like it was never going to end.  And because my mitts were in my car, my hands went into the snow which was very cold.  The whole situation just really sucked.

Needless to say, I did not go for my run and instead I went and returned an item to Lululemon where they  had my favourite pullover (In A Cinch.  It's reversible.  It's amazing. ) on clearance in my size!!!  It was like a gift for all my pain.  It hurt to walk in the mall though.  I was in so much pain.  Between a return to bootcamp monday night and my fall Tuesday morning, my body was one hurting unit.  Everything ached.

I butt/hip area is swollen on my left side.  I can't sit in chairs, only in stools where the sore part of my butt can hang off the stool.  Seriously I can't make this stuff up.  I can't sleep on my back or my left side.  Depending on how I am sitting or laying in bed, Greg has to help me up because it hurts to put any weight or pressure on that side.  Greg was a little worried something was broken but I am just bruised.  I have bruises and welts but they are not appropriate for my blog haha.  But the bruise basically looks like the edge of the step I first fell on.  The fall was hard man haha.

This morning it is feeling a little better but Greg "suggested" that I not go to bootcamp today and maybe I will be well enough to go for a run tomorrow since I missed yesterdays.  I am hoping that it feels a little better that I can get a light workout in tonight.

I seriously have the worst luck EVER!!  I mean I nearly broke my foot and destroyed my toes when I knocked a large box off the shelf at Walmart onto my feet.  I mean who else does that happen to???

At least I have a good sense of humour when it comes to my injuries hahaha

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