Sunday, 28 February 2016

Popsicle Fitness

My friend Erin found some popsicle fitness sticks on an auction site on Facebook and tagged me in them.  I thought the idea was brilliant but I did not bid on them - mostly because I wasn't sure which exercises were on them and partly because I knew this was on creatively crafty challenge that I could make myself without any incident.
My original plan was to buy the plain wooden popsicle sticks and then paint them pretty colours but the dollar store near my house had coloured ones for the same price and that was just so much easier even if there was no pink.

Then I stood at my kitchen counter with new popsicle sticks and my trusted sharpie and went to work.  I put some of my favourites and a lot of not my favourites and did it in numbers from 10 reps to 100 reps.  

I then put them all in my Patriots mug from Mexico and whenever I have 5 minutes I pull out anywhere from 1 - 5 popsicle sticks and do the activities on them.  I do them in the morning before I take the girls to school, before I pick each one up, while I am waiting for supper to finish.  It's been really fun to have in my kitchen to encourage me to do some extra activity.  And the girls love doing it too when they are home.  I was worried that perhaps the attire I was wearing would hinder my level of participation but lets be real, it's not often I am wearing jeans hahaha but even in a pair of jeans i can a few of the exercises in!

Thanks Erin for the great idea!!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Staircase To Hell

I have hated my staircase for years but did nothing about it and Greg ignored me when I brought it up.  Last year a friend of mine did hers and even though she said it was a lot of work, I was intrigued.  I had it on my to do list last winter but never got around to doing it.  In the beginning of February I bought some paint to refresh our trim in a very bright white and when I finished my main floor I decided to do the staircase before doing the bonus room, top floor and basement.  While I knew it would be a lot of work, I had no idea it would be SO much work.   No idea.
I had to sand it all down by hand as the electric sander would have taken too much off and we didn't want (according to Greg).  I cut the sand paper into thin strips and used them to sand the spindles.  It was a lot of work and ending up cutting my middle finger on my right hand in several places from all the sanding and dryness that comes with it.  I have scabs on that finger, it is still not pretty.

It took 2 days to sand down my staircase and as I sanded away, I started re-watching Sex And The City.  It made the sanding much less horrid haha.  I actually thought that the sanding would be the hardest part of the job and I didn't believe my best friend when she told me that painting would be even worse.  How could it possibly be worse?????

These were the only two items that I needed to purchase for this project.  I had some tape but enough to get me through and I didn't clean my brush when I finished doing all the trim on the main floor and left it in the fridge for way too long and it was no longer useable.  

I used paint and primer combination and I still needed to do a bazillion coats to get it to cover evenly. I spent 4 whole days painting all of this.  It was so much work.  I cannot believe how much work it took to get it finished to my liking.

I also did the ledge of the bonus room too since it looked into staircase and would be gross if it was left the ugly brown.  I love how much it adds to this room.  Since I had the couch pulled out I decided to do the baseboards at the same time.  Might as well get it all over at once right?  Plus I still had more Sex And The City to watch too.

The view looking down from the bonus room.  I am really happy with how it turned out.  The baseboard needs to be replaced and I actually have them in the garage but I need to paint them and Greg needs to cut and put them on, so it probably won't get done for a few weeks since our weekends are full of soccer games on Saturday and soccer camp on Sunday.  

So it took me 6 days, many frustrations and probably some swearing under my breath but I am really really happy with how well it turned out.  I sit and stand and look at it for hours because I am so happy.  It brightens up the staircase so much and just looks so much more modern and nicer!!  Greg loves the finish result too and he was actually happy that I thought it was more work then I thought it would be because he says that all the time and I just ignore him.  That being said, it hasn't stopped me from my next house project which is renovating our master bath en suite ( are these 2 different things or one and the same???)  on a budget of course.  

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pretty In Pink

From humble beginnings supporting one bullied teenager in Nova Scotia, to helping thousands of youth in Canada.

That was taken from their website at Pink Shirt Day.  It's designed to spread kindness with their slogan "Kindness is one size fits all".  Bullying is a major epidemic that faces kids and people of all ages + all areas of life.  By encouraging kids to be buddys and not bullies, the hope is that if we stop it at this age - then the epidemic will be no more.  

Finley knew it was pink shirt day but wasn't sure why.  When I asked her last night why it was pink shirt day at school and she said because of bullies.  I asked if she knew what a bully was and she didn't.  Greg and I have never talked to the girls about bullies so I wasn't too surprised.  We have always encouraged them to be nice to everybody and so far it has worked.  Neither child has ever complained about a bully in the class room.  Although there was a little boy in Finley's class last year who didn't speak very good english and sometimes reacted in a negative way.  Instead of turning agasint the boy, she tried to be friendly to him and she made him the Calgary Flames logo out of perler beads for him. This made our heart happy - that she could see the good in everybody even in the worst circumstances.  My hope is that this continues for both of them in the years to come.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Our Valentine's Day Night

On Saturday night, we headed out to celebrate Valentine's Day - a night early.  I had forgotten to book reservations until just last weekend and after finding no where I wanted to eat had reservations available had any openings, I moved to Saturday where CharBar had one opening left so we took it. It's located in the old Simmons building - along with Aviv Fried, Sidewalk Citizen and Phil + Sebastian Roasteries.  They have kept the old school look on the inside and it works really well.  It had been on our list for a long time so we were happy to go and finally check it out.

The cocktail menu kinda scared me and was sure I would not like anything but I asked our server what they had for sweet cocktails and she recommended two.  This one was called the Aerolineas.  It had bulleit bourbon, aperol, lemon juice, earl grey tea syrup + amaro montenegro.  I figured since it had earl grey tea syrup in it that I was bound to like it and I did.  I absolutely loved it.

You can enjoy CharBar by ordering a bunch of plates and sharing, ordering a meal or family style amador (I think that is what it is called).  We decided to order a bunch of small plates because it is one of our favourite ways to truly experience eating good food.  We always seem to remember the amazing appetizers we have eaten over any of the meals.  The first thing to come out was fried sourdough balls with garlic, olive oil and oregano and I am pretty sure that was parmesan cheese on top too.  They were insane.  Even the tomato sauce for dipping was great and I don't typically like sauces of any kind.  I would definitely recommend ordering these if you happen to find yourself at CharBar.

The next thing that came out was the grilled crab and the shrimp.  The shrimp were one of their specials and I don't believe is on the menu.  They come with everything attached but the back is slit to make removing everything easier.  I made Greg do this.  They were grilled also and they were really good.  The grilled crab though was out of this world.  I had only ever experienced crab steamed so having it grilled made me a little worried but it was so good.  So amazingly good.

Next was roasted beets with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  They were so good.  They came out nicely warmed up with a balsamic vinegar and I think sherry but I don't remember.  Greg and I have a rule where we must order all the beets if it is on their menu.  We have yet to be disappointed. 

The second drink she recommended, I also tried.  It was good but not as good as the first one.  This one was called the Clover Club and contained beefeater gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, fresh berries and egg whites.  The white foamy part was the egg white and I can't lie I was a little apprehensive about it but it was still pretty good. 

The pizza was probably the greatest pizza I have ever had.  And yes I picked the cheese off but despite that it was still good.  It was a braised beef chimchurri sauce pizza.  The dough is made by Sidewalk Citizen and takes 3 days to make.  The tomato sauce and the chimchurri sauce are also made in house.  Seriously my mouth is literally watering as I type this out.  It was so freaking good.  This was also a special feature for the night but I am confident that any pizza you have will be as amazing. Actually anything you get there will be amazing!!!

Although we both were quite full we just couldn't turn down dessert.  This was a chocolate sunday with chocolate ganache, sea salt marcona almonds, salted caramel, and fiasco vanilla soft serve.  It was so decadent.  The chocolate ganache and almonds were just the best.

After dinner, we drove down to eau claire to go skating.  It's a tradition we started last year, although last year we went to Olympic Plaza.  This is where Greg and his colleagues go skating every monday and he has taken the girls here too.  The dam is blocked off so there is no river water so you don't have to worry about falling through into frigid water.  It's just layer upon layer of ice.  We skated for about 45 minutes before I decided I was done.  I don't particularly care for ice skating.  I am not confident in my ability to skate and I had hurt my ankle/heel last week and I could kind feel it and I didn't want to not be able to run because of something dumb like skating hahaha.  Plus skating hurts the shins when you only do it once per year.  But I did enjoy skating around the river with my favourite valentine for those 45 minutes.

I wanted greg to take a photo of us.  I should have done it myself.  He never ever takes selfies or photos of us together and for good reason.  It took him forever to even hold my iPhone right and this was the best photo that he took and it is not even a great photo.  Next time we try to do this, I will just do this myself hahah.

My sister was visiting so she took the girls to Boston Pizza which is a tradition they seem to have.  

We headed home and concluded our early Valentine's date by watching Saturday Night Live.  It was a pretty good night for us :) 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I love award shows.  I watch them all much to Greg's dismay.  He doesn't like them unless Seth Meyers or Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey or Amy Poehler are hosting or any other SNL alum.  Penelope gets bored and only wants to see Taylor and Luke but Finley loves all the fashion and music so we bonded while watching the grammys last night.

1.  I loved Taylor Swift's performance and the glitter jumpsuit she wore while she sang it.  I did not love her new hair cut and I didn't love the outfit she wore to the grammy's either.   I love how happy she is for those who win in categories she is nominated in.  Haters will say it is an act but I believe she is genuinely happy for those who win - especially if they are her friends.  I also loved her acceptance speech for her win in artist of the year.  It was really well done.

Love this jumpsuit!!!

I did not love this dress.  I loved the bottom but the top did nothing for me or the outfit in general. 

2.  I loved the dress that Selena Gomez wore to the grammys but did not love the dress she wore to watch them or present the Ellie Golding + Alicia Day performance.  I understand why musicians don't wear the the clothes they arrive in to perform but I have no idea why she changed.

3.  Hands down, Chrissy Teigan and John Legend were the best dressed couple there.  Everything about them screamed perfection and showed just how cute they are.  Gold polka dots on a suit jacket??  Where can I find one for Greg??  The worst dressed couple has to be Russell Wilson and Ciara and I am not saying that because I don't like the Seattle Seahawks.  Wilson didn't look too bad but Ciara's dress looked just plain awful.

Chrissy and John

Russell + Ciara

4.  How cute were Justin Beiber and his little brother Jaxon??  In all honesty, I had no idea that he even had a brother.  I never used to be a Beiber fan but his latest record has me changing my mind.  Every song I hear from it, I just love!!

5.  One of the reasons I love The Grammys is because of all the remixes of songs and how they take 2 artists and put them together and they do spins of some of their biggest hits.  It keeps it interesting because you never really know what to expect.  I loved Taylor Swift's performance but I am biased because we love Taylor in our house.  It be hard for me to not like anything that she does.  I loved seeing Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood perform together and so did the girls.  They love them both. The tribute to Lionel Ritchie was amazing.  Seriously Demi Lovato killed her portion of the tribute.  Her voice is just out of this world.  I loved Ellie Golding and Andra Day.  I love James Bay and was happy to see him nominated and performing.  His performance with Tori Kelly was really well done.  If you don't know any of Bay's music, I suggest you check him out.  It is so great.  I absolutely loved watching the performance from Hamilton live from New York.  Here is a fun tidbit that you may not know, they are usually dark on Monday's but they put on a special performance last night because the grammys wanted them on the grammys.  That is so cool.  And it was so amazing.  Can I go to NYC again so I can watch the whole thing??? And how cool was it to see them win the award and the crowdin NYC go crazy.  It would have been so fun to be at that performance last night.  There thank you speech has to go down as the best thank you ever!!    I am not really into Kendrick Lamar but his performance was pretty cool to watch. And Adele!!  I have no words.  She has a voice like no other.  She was amazing but how could you expect anything less then amazing from her??  I love Beiber's song Love Yourself but I was unsure about the performance of said song at first but it got better and I was happy with it by the time the song ended.  Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie was pretty cool.  I think he would have appreciated it.  She certainly is a unique entertainer much like Bowie was. How does Pitbull get to close the grammys??  I don't like him even a little bit.  At least there was Travis Barker to watch.  The Grammys started out good but it was soon a struggle to stay awake until the end.

I loved this performance.  I loved how perfect he looks in a basic white tee and jeans.  I liked her dress but I hated the straps on it.  It looked cheap in my opinion.

6.  While I wasn't in love with many of the dresses I saw last night, two dresses stood out for me as to my least favourite:

Florence Welch what were you thinking? Fire your stylist.  It's awful.  She even looks awkward in it.  Like she knew it wasn't the best choice.

And this was my absolute least favourite of all dresses.  Way too much going on it and her force sexy face doesn't help.  Whoever picked this dress for her should be fired. 

My least favourite man at the grammys really saddens me because I love him and I love the colour pink but I loved nothing about this outfit except the person wearing it.

I love you Sam Hunt, but just no.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016


We got  Penelope's blood done this week.  We tried for the first time on Tuesday at South Calgary and it did not go well.  I pumped her up with a new beanie boo named Sophie who was going help her not be scared and then I bribed her with ice cream at marble slab.  But I forgot the Emla cream and she was not happy.  We didn't have time to go home to get it either.  She lost her mind the first time and she went to get the "child" specialist who came from ACH.  I was happy with this because he did it on her last time successfully.  However, he did not work well with her.  I was actually really unhappy with him.  It was clear that Penelope was not happy about getting a needle and was clearly freaking out but instead of being calm with her, he was frustrated, aggressive and not the least bit patient.  I was extremely mad at  him and frustrated with Penelope so we left.  I have been told that the lab at the ACH is really good and so I thought I would take her there.  However,  it is really far from our house and they don't take appointments and the Country 105 radiothon was on Wednesday to Friday so it would be a zoo.  We have a follow up appointment on Tuesday and I really didn't want to move that, so on Wednesday just before I picked her up from kindergarten, I went online to see what appointments were available anytime at Avenida Village.  We lucked out with an appointment at 11:50 or next week.  So I picked up Penelope from school and we walked home and I explained to her that we were going to try get her needles again from a different place.  She was scared but this time I remembered to use the Emla cream and I think that helped.  We drove to the place and they had a little play area and soon we were called in.  The lady was really awesome and she went to get another technician who was equally awesome and even though Penelope was freaking out a little they still managed to get the blood out of her and they gave her stickers and were giving her high 5's for being so brave.  It was a really positive experience for her and I am very grateful for this!  We left the lab and headed right for Marble Slab where she had a chocolate cotton candy ice cream with oreo and sprinkle mixing and then went home for lunch.  A little backwards but sometimes great days call for ice cream for lunch and grilled cheese for dessert.  Now to get her to pee in a cup and poop on a plate.......Here are some photos for our 2 day adventures to get blood

I have a friend who works at the ACH who helped us out for getting her to go pee and I am forever grateful for that.  We weren't able to get her to poop on a plate though.

We went back to the doctor yesterday and all the results came back positive which is what we wanted.  It just basically means she most likely has IBS but there is no real treatment for it.  She has the liquid immodium medicine that she can take if the stomach pain is too much for her or if we see an increase in bowel movements.  And I am going to keep a diary to track her bowel movements and what she eats to see if I can find a definite correlation and just eliminate it from her (and our) diet.  We got back in another month to get her looked at again just in case.  

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Laundry Mud Room Makeover

So it's no secret that I hate my laundry - mud room combination.  I have spent countless hours wondering how this idea came up and why home builders thought this was a good idea.  When we bought our house, we  were currently living in our townhouse which was on the main floor in a closet so small that contained our furnace, water heater and stackable washer and dryer.  You actually had to stand with the door opened to use it. And then when we were done, I had to haul the laundry up to the third floor which SUCKED!!  Needless to say, when we were house hunting, this seemed like such a good idea. This room has been painted twice, we have stacked our machines and unstacked them.  We had the shelving we see now, then we took that down and stacked the machines and bought this awful awful cabinet that seemed like a good idea at the time.  We sold that, unstacked the machines and re-installed the shelves.  But I still hated it.  We discussed the possibility of moving it to our basement.  Our basement was finished and we had a huge storage room that also contained our furnace and stuff as well as our deep freeze and other misc stuff.  It would have been the perfect space for our washer and dryer.  The other option was in the basement bathroom stacked.  I thought this was brilliant but the more I thought about it, the more I hated it.  I have a hard enough time remembering to take the clothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer when it was conveniently located on the main floor.  Basement laundry would have ruined our clothes!!

Up until Tuesday of last week, this is a glimpse of what our laundry mud room looked like.  The recycling bin and laundry basket are usually in the closet with the bags hanging but I had them removed to sweep when the photos were taken.  I texted Greg on Monday if we could stack them again and he asked why.  I said I have no idea I just want to make this area more functional and organized and maybe that will help.  He suggested a counter over top of the washer and dryer.  I had wanted that since we unstacked them a few years ago but we never got around to doing it. I wanted more then that.  I wanted shelves.  Lots of shelves.  When Greg got  home he were discussing options for the room.  I suggested a new house with laundry on the same floor as bedrooms but he was not on board with that hahahaha.  He told me that I didn't want all shelves and that I wanted one shelf for the kids to throw their stuff on and hooks for my stuff.  I was hoping that by taking the hooks off the wall would open up more space since there would be no bags hanging off of it. Plus the girls - especially Penelope - were terrible for hanging their bags up and usually ended up all over my floor.  When I got home from bootcamp that night, he had already drawn out designs for what it would look like, what we needed from Home Depot and the cuts we needed done on the large board of white melamine.  I was impressed it was moving so quickly.

On Tuesday night after supper, Greg went to Home Depot for all of our supplies and much to my surprise he started it that night.  I was excited that he had to cut some of the wood in our garage because there are few smells I love more then freshly cut wood.  The most interesting part of this project was how we discovered how not straight the walls were in our laundry room.  Now if it were me doing the measuring and cutting you could say this was all on me but this is where Greg excels and is very good at measuring and cuts since this is what he does a lot at work so it was definitely the walls.  

He finished this part of the laundry mud room combination in one night!  I was so happy, surprised and impressed.  I set out not wanting hooks but I think he is right in that a few hooks work and then the shelf for the kids stuff.  This should mean that nothing is on the floor ever!!  The hooks I found at IKEA and I had no idea that they had such nice ones.  I would have preferred them in white but all the white ones looked like they belonged in basement storage rooms.  It was my friend who brought these hooks to my attention and also the reason I wanted to make my laundry mud room more functional since they just did a big makeover to their mudroom.  I wanted the shelf where it was because it looked good and I have a bad habit of letting my recycling bin get very very very high so this will also put an end to that.

On Wednesday and Thursday Greg worked on the counter for over the washing machine forever crushing his dreams of having a top loading washing machine again.  Again we noticed that the wall wasn't straight and we had some gaps because of it.  He was going to add some trim to make it look better but Greg has this habit where he gets the big part done and then the little details kinda never get done.  Case in point - the wood trim that needs to go between the fireplace tile and the hardwood has never been installed and its been over 5 years!!  So I thought that it would not get finished for a long time so I decorated it.  Then he came home and was like don't take photos it's not done yet, I will finish it tomorrow.  I was like ok whatever and went about my evening.

No more hooks - just a cork board with the kids school calendars and a regular calendar for keeping us all organized with work, running, races, trips, soccer etc etc etc.  It was a black boring frame and I painted it teal to make it pretty.  It works really well in the space.  And best of all no bulging book bags and soccer bags. 

Sure enough on Saturday Greg did finish 100%, he even put the white bottom piece back on the washer which had been off since it broke a few years ago.  See what I mean that I was surprised when he wanted to finish the project up completely??  It's really rare that this happens!!

I am really happy with how this turned out even if it was not what I had envisioned when I suggested the idea to Greg.  As much as it pains me to admit it, he was right with the hooks and shelf.  I am also very grateful to Greg for putting in so much work this week after work to get it done for me.  Hopefully this stays clean and organized going forward.  If not, I will have to work hard on getting me a new house hahaha.

Total Cost: $103
Wood + Supplies: $70
IKEA: Hooks: $16
Winners: "Separate by Color" sign: $6
Michaels: Teal Garbage Can for grocery bags $11
Everything else was either already in the laundry room or re-purposed from other areas of my house!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Finally Finished - Workout Area

Yesterday's post showed that I painted over the awful motivational canvases I had hanging in my basement workout area for far too long. Today I show you with how my workout area looks now.

It's pretty simple which is what I wanted for it.  I wanted something that inspired me but yet calmed me down as well.  I am hoping it will function as my meditation area too if I ever get around to accomplishing that goal before I turn 37 :).  The chair is not out of place even though it looks that way.  I use it to do various exercises in my workouts and my attempt for doing more then 2 elevated pushups at once.  I also use it with my resistance bands to strengthen my hips and it band.  It was refinished by the fabulous Heather at and we used to have it upstairs but I didn't like it up there anymore so I brought it down here.    You can see that black case next to my exercise ball.  Those are Greg's weights that he so badly needed and wanted but they have only been used NEVER and I just seem to move them around to work in my workout area hahahahah

Here is an up close look at my motivational wall.  i hope to add a few more posters with perhaps more colour hahaha. The calendar keeps track of the workouts I have done so far and then it has a schedule of the runs that I need to do coming up.  I got this idea from my bootcamp instructor Shannon who also does my training programs for my runs.  I am running a 30K race at the end of April and I have never ever ran that distance so I need to see in advance my runs.  Well I don't really need to but I find it helps.  The motivational board I found on pinterest and I have attempted these before and but this one I really worked hard on and it's right in front of me when I run so it keeps me going.  The quote on the bottom left is one that I love and I use that hashtag a lot on Instagram.  I think it is one that you anyone can use in any situation.  The top right is probably one that means more to me then any other quote out there and you can read about it here: Give A Girl A Pair Of Shoes.  

On this wall hangs my medals, bibs, skipping ropes, resistance bands and the shoes referenced earlier on.  They mean so much to me that I hung them up to inspire me when I have lost my mojo and need to remember that I once went from nothing to running half marathons and that is a big deal and that I can do this and anything else that I set my mind to do.  And I can't wait to tell my girls about my journey when they are older and I have these shoes to show them.

This is where I store my weights, kettle bell, some decor (thanks to the fit lift for the amazing quote in the pretty pink frame.  I am an unstoppable warrior), the namaste sign was made by a lady who lives just outside the city.  I love it and it fits perfectly.  Above is where I write out my workout for the day.  I sometimes get lazy and just use my phone but I have been getting better and putting them on here.  What's the difference you ask? I tend to get distracted by my phone so I need to keep it on the shelf and play music and not distract me.

This is my treadmill and we seem to have a love-hate relationship.  I can usually get 5k out of it but anything more then that and I seriously want to die.  I much prefer outside but at least I have this when I can't get outside.

So there is my little workout area.  I know it's nothing too fancy but it seems to do the trick for me and the girls use it too when they are down there. 

Monday, 1 February 2016

How Becky Got Her {Running} Groove Back

Go Run.  It seems so simple, so easy.  Most days it really is but every once in awhile it's not.  Before I went to Mexico, I was running outside my usual 3 days a week.  I even ran when it was -20 outside.  But then we went to Mexico and I only ran once.  I could tell you 10 reasons why this happened but honestly I don't think it would matter if I would have ran every day or no days.  Nothing would have been different once I arrived home.  It wasn't too cold when we arrived back but it felt so much colder.  It snowed a few days later and made me not want to run at all. I went to bootcamp and that was great and then when I went for my Tuesday morning run,  I fell down some stairs and hurt myself.  Did it hurt? Hell yeah it did but I was kinda relieved because now I couldn't run.  I really didn't want to run.  Thursday morning I felt better and realized I needed to get back on this running wagon.  I have a 30km race coming up the end of April and I need to get the miles on my feet or there was no way I could do it.  I posted on Instagram and in the SeaWheeze chat group I belong to, asking how to get back in it.  Someone simply said just quit thinking about it and just do it.  So I did.  I got ready to run outside after I got the girls to school, but when I got home my stomach was not great so I decided I was still going to run but on my treadmill.  I hate my treadmill but I couldn't risk being in Fish Creek without being near a good clean bathroom just in case.

I searched on crave and netflix for something to watch while I ran.  I need something fun and entertaining and nothing I need to think too hard above.  Seinfeld + Weeds were great for this but I had finished them both so I needed something new.  I decided on Sex and The City.  It's one of my favourites and I hadn't seen it in awhile.  It's available on Crave if you are interested, which is now available to all Canadians! I aim for 2 episodes per treadmill run.  Which still isn't great but at least it's got me running.

I was really happy after I got back on the running wagon so to speak.  It woke me up and got me back on track.  I was running and/or doing a workout every day except for Saturday which is traditionally my rest day.  Snow, cold weather, doctor appointments have made it that I had to do 3 or 4 treadmill runs which I thought was going to kill me but I am really happy with myself that I didn't decide to skip the run altogether.  While I never got to the distances I needed to get to for those days, at least I laced up my shoes and got on this. 

But finally, yesterday I was able to get back outside and run.  It was marvellous.  There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING better then running outside early in the morning.  It's crisp, cool, refreshing and you almost have the whole place to yourself.  I never once met another person until my way back but to be fair,  this part of Fish Creek isn't overly busy on nice days.  

I ran through Lafarge Meadows and if you are wondering why it's called that is because if you run along that path you come to a dead end and then you either turn around or turn right.  Turning right takes you to another dead end kind of.  The trail ends and there is a Lafarge plant on the left and it turns into streets which I am assuming is Chaparral Valley based on where I was.  I am not keen on running through neighbourhoods that I don't know as there is 106% chance I would get lost.  I mean, I get lost running in my own neighbourhood which is why I run the exact same route each time I run there.  Which is also probably why I hate running in my neighbourhood. There were some snow covered areas and some ice but it was all runnable even without spikes because I hate running with spikes.  I can hike with them but no way will I run in them.

My training plan indicated that I needed to run 12km but I knew at this time that would not be possible.  Running on your treadmill and running on pavement are two very different things and for me, I can really feel the difference in my feet and calves.  My goal was 8 and I ended up with 8.21km.  My pace was off too which normally upsets me but I really need to focus on making my long Sunday runs slow to avoid injury.  This was my first outdoor run in Calgary since January 7th so  I am quite happy with myself.  Hopefully on Tuesday I can get in 10km and then get back on my 30km training schedule!!