Tuesday, 16 February 2016


I love award shows.  I watch them all much to Greg's dismay.  He doesn't like them unless Seth Meyers or Jimmy Fallon or Tina Fey or Amy Poehler are hosting or any other SNL alum.  Penelope gets bored and only wants to see Taylor and Luke but Finley loves all the fashion and music so we bonded while watching the grammys last night.

1.  I loved Taylor Swift's performance and the glitter jumpsuit she wore while she sang it.  I did not love her new hair cut and I didn't love the outfit she wore to the grammy's either.   I love how happy she is for those who win in categories she is nominated in.  Haters will say it is an act but I believe she is genuinely happy for those who win - especially if they are her friends.  I also loved her acceptance speech for her win in artist of the year.  It was really well done.

Love this jumpsuit!!!

I did not love this dress.  I loved the bottom but the top did nothing for me or the outfit in general. 

2.  I loved the dress that Selena Gomez wore to the grammys but did not love the dress she wore to watch them or present the Ellie Golding + Alicia Day performance.  I understand why musicians don't wear the the clothes they arrive in to perform but I have no idea why she changed.

3.  Hands down, Chrissy Teigan and John Legend were the best dressed couple there.  Everything about them screamed perfection and showed just how cute they are.  Gold polka dots on a suit jacket??  Where can I find one for Greg??  The worst dressed couple has to be Russell Wilson and Ciara and I am not saying that because I don't like the Seattle Seahawks.  Wilson didn't look too bad but Ciara's dress looked just plain awful.

Chrissy and John

Russell + Ciara

4.  How cute were Justin Beiber and his little brother Jaxon??  In all honesty, I had no idea that he even had a brother.  I never used to be a Beiber fan but his latest record has me changing my mind.  Every song I hear from it, I just love!!

5.  One of the reasons I love The Grammys is because of all the remixes of songs and how they take 2 artists and put them together and they do spins of some of their biggest hits.  It keeps it interesting because you never really know what to expect.  I loved Taylor Swift's performance but I am biased because we love Taylor in our house.  It be hard for me to not like anything that she does.  I loved seeing Sam Hunt and Carrie Underwood perform together and so did the girls.  They love them both. The tribute to Lionel Ritchie was amazing.  Seriously Demi Lovato killed her portion of the tribute.  Her voice is just out of this world.  I loved Ellie Golding and Andra Day.  I love James Bay and was happy to see him nominated and performing.  His performance with Tori Kelly was really well done.  If you don't know any of Bay's music, I suggest you check him out.  It is so great.  I absolutely loved watching the performance from Hamilton live from New York.  Here is a fun tidbit that you may not know, they are usually dark on Monday's but they put on a special performance last night because the grammys wanted them on the grammys.  That is so cool.  And it was so amazing.  Can I go to NYC again so I can watch the whole thing??? And how cool was it to see them win the award and the crowdin NYC go crazy.  It would have been so fun to be at that performance last night.  There thank you speech has to go down as the best thank you ever!!    I am not really into Kendrick Lamar but his performance was pretty cool to watch. And Adele!!  I have no words.  She has a voice like no other.  She was amazing but how could you expect anything less then amazing from her??  I love Beiber's song Love Yourself but I was unsure about the performance of said song at first but it got better and I was happy with it by the time the song ended.  Lady Gaga's tribute to David Bowie was pretty cool.  I think he would have appreciated it.  She certainly is a unique entertainer much like Bowie was. How does Pitbull get to close the grammys??  I don't like him even a little bit.  At least there was Travis Barker to watch.  The Grammys started out good but it was soon a struggle to stay awake until the end.

I loved this performance.  I loved how perfect he looks in a basic white tee and jeans.  I liked her dress but I hated the straps on it.  It looked cheap in my opinion.

6.  While I wasn't in love with many of the dresses I saw last night, two dresses stood out for me as to my least favourite:

Florence Welch what were you thinking? Fire your stylist.  It's awful.  She even looks awkward in it.  Like she knew it wasn't the best choice.

And this was my absolute least favourite of all dresses.  Way too much going on it and her force sexy face doesn't help.  Whoever picked this dress for her should be fired. 

My least favourite man at the grammys really saddens me because I love him and I love the colour pink but I loved nothing about this outfit except the person wearing it.

I love you Sam Hunt, but just no.

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