Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Pretty In Pink

From humble beginnings supporting one bullied teenager in Nova Scotia, to helping thousands of youth in Canada.

That was taken from their website at Pink Shirt Day.  It's designed to spread kindness with their slogan "Kindness is one size fits all".  Bullying is a major epidemic that faces kids and people of all ages + all areas of life.  By encouraging kids to be buddys and not bullies, the hope is that if we stop it at this age - then the epidemic will be no more.  

Finley knew it was pink shirt day but wasn't sure why.  When I asked her last night why it was pink shirt day at school and she said because of bullies.  I asked if she knew what a bully was and she didn't.  Greg and I have never talked to the girls about bullies so I wasn't too surprised.  We have always encouraged them to be nice to everybody and so far it has worked.  Neither child has ever complained about a bully in the class room.  Although there was a little boy in Finley's class last year who didn't speak very good english and sometimes reacted in a negative way.  Instead of turning agasint the boy, she tried to be friendly to him and she made him the Calgary Flames logo out of perler beads for him. This made our heart happy - that she could see the good in everybody even in the worst circumstances.  My hope is that this continues for both of them in the years to come.

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