Friday, 18 March 2016

Five on Friday

1.  Monday was report card day for Finley + Penelope.  Both had perfect report cards so that was very exciting.  Finley is in advanced language arts with a few other kids from all 3 grade 1 class.  They make new words out of existing words and work on sentence structure and writing and more advanced spelling words.  She is excelling at all areas especially math and science which makes Greg extremely happy.  Penelope is like a walking contradiction though.  She is literally the poster child for the most perfect student in the history of students but like the exact opposite at home.  I don't get it.  But someone once said that how your children act when you are not around is the definition of whether or not you did a good job.  I guess Greg and I did good.

2.  Greg is in Spokane as I write this.  He left yesterday and is back on Monday.  He and a buddy went down to watch the NCAA basket ball tournament as the first round was being held there.  There were some layoffs at work on Wednesday and they announced that there would be more on April 5th so he was feeling a little discouraged but I am hoping the time away from work will be beneficial to him.  We have been busy in his absence and will be blogging all about it on Tuesday or Wednesday.

3.  I am sure most of you have friends who's daughters are in guides or brownies and sell cookies.  Right now they are selling the best kind which is the vanilla and chocolate sandwich cookies.  Vanilla has always been my favourite but one of my friends told me that she loved her girl guide cookies frozen so I tried it yesterday and they are amazing.  Even the chocolate ones are delicious.  And because they are in the freezer we forget about them and this way they become more of a treat.  If you haven't tried it, you should go do it right now.  Thanks Shannon for the tip!

4.  I am trying to decrease my consumption of black tea and increase my consumption of green tea.  Mostly because I like my black tea really sweet and let's face it, I am sweet enough already hahah.  My favourite green tea is Mango Delight from Steeped Tea. It's so delicious.  I bought a re-usable k-cup for my keurig and I can brew it right in there.  Toasted Almond is my favourite black tea and it's also from Steeped Tea but I need to add sugar or it's gross and I have yet to find a healthier alternative so I will have to cut it out and drink it as a special treat.

5. I love use Isagenix replenish and amped for my run.  I post about it on occasion on my blog because I think it's a great product if you are active and it's a great company and it tastes way better then Nuun tablets where all you taste is salt.  What I don't like is when I get a bazillion isagenix accounts following me and then dm'ing me saying they can hook me up and blah blah blah.  As you can see, I have the product already which means I most likely already have a consultant (which I do and she is amazing and no  I will not switch) so quit messaging me.  It's so annoying and it frustrates the hell out of me!!!  Just like the post and take pride in the fact that we like the same stuff.  Don't try to sell me the stuff and then we can be friends.   Don't even get me started on the wrap crap.......

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