Thursday, 3 March 2016

Apple Music

Last week I signed up for Apple Music.  I had heard of it of course, but I didn't know much at all about it and what I thought I did know about it , didn't make me want to sign up for it at all.  What made me make the jump? Well, Kristen asked me if I had Apple Music because she had just signed up for it.  She was surprised I had never signed up for it myself.  She told me that it was more then just a radio and that it wasn't just streaming music while on wifi, you could actually download them to your phone and listen to them while being offline.  

Apple Music Is:
  • 24 hour radio service from dj's in New York, London, Los Angeles and other cities around the world. This is included with the monthly charge.  I don't have much interest in this feature so I have not used it yet.  
  • A massive music library containing something like 30 million songs.  So many fabulous songs on here at your disposal.    This is also included in the monthly charge.
  • The third feature is connect which is available to everybody whether you subscribe to Apple Music or not.  Connect is basically twitter, instagram or Facebook in your music app on your iPhone or iPad.  You can follow any artists you are interested in, much like social media sites, and they post things like their favourite playlists, photos, videos and any other thing they might want to share with you.  I have yet to use this feature either.
  • When you sign up for Apple Music,  you get a free 3 month trial.  You need to cancel 24 hours before your payment date in order not to be charged for a month.  The fee is $9.99 per month and just gets charged to your credit card or iTunes card that you have on your iTunes account.  This is for one iTunes account.  If you want to share amongst your family members and they have a different iTunes account then you, it is $14.99 per month.  And if you are a android user and would like to use this music streaming service, you can download the apple music app which is nice to see Apple finally do.
  • The $9.99 monthly fee allows you to stream an unlimited amount of songs.  You can stream the music while on wifi and if you want to listen to them while you are offline, you can download them to your phone.   Just have the song open, click on the 3 dots on the bottom right and you can select make song available offline and the other option is that you have a playlist that you just made from Apple Music, you can go into the playlist and select the little iPhone icon and it will download the entire list to your phone for you.  The music does take up space on your iPhone and if you want to remove the song from  your iPhone just hit remove download and it will be gone.  The ability to do this will help immensely for switching up my running music playlists.  I am very excited.
  • Apple Music will integrate with your iTunes library on its own so you don't have to do anything.  Well you might have to go into your settings app > music >  show Apple Music and it will show up in your music app on your iPhone.  And a few days later, when I went on my iMac, the iTunes button was popping up telling me that I had subscribed to Apple Music and they set it up by me just clicking ok or something.  It was easy peasy.
  • The downside to Apple Music is that you can't do anything with it.  You can stream it via wifi and you can download it onto your iPhone but that's it.  You can't use it anywhere else.  Nothing.  And if you ever should cancel Apple Music,  all the music you  have downloaded to your iPhone or iMac disappears.  You don't get to keep anything at all.
The downside to Apple Music made me second guess if I actually wanted to continue with it.  I don't care too much about sharing the music but losing it made me kinda sad.  However, I love love love love Apple Music.  And the thought of losing access to all the music I have already downloaded made me quite sad.  But truth be told, I waste a lot of money on songs I thought I liked but haven't listened to since the week after I bought them.  And I buy a lot of songs to run to and since I run so often and long distances at that, I listen to a lot of the same songs over and over and I am hoping this will help.  The day after I got Apple Music, I ran to a Bruce Springsteen playlist and it was glorious. I figure if someone I really love releases a new song or album, I would just buy it on iTunes and same with music that the girls want on their tablet.  

I would very much recommend that you at least look into Apple Music.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  I have made a playlist full of 80s movie soundtrack, I have Hamilton the Musical on a playlist and I absolutely love it.  I need to try to get tickets and then a book a trip to NYC to see it.  

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