Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Lululemon LS 5 Mile Shirt

 When I got serious about running and realized that I needed more then just crb's, I bought long sleeved run swiftly's from lululemon.  I absolutely hated all 4 that I had even though they were all in such pretty colours.  But I kept wearing them because they were good for my early morning spring, summer and fall runs and a great layering tool under my kanto half zip in the winter.  I hated the fit, the material, how they so easily snagged.  You are probably wondering why I had 4 of them if I hated them so much.  Well truthfully there wasn't much else that I liked.  Until now.

A group that I belong to on Facebook called Lulu Chat recommended the 5 mile shirt after she bought it and tried it on.  I knew nothing about it except that it had a slot for your watch.  I was sold and so I ordered one online and eagerly awaited it's arrival on my doorstep.

The heathered boom juice one arrived early Monday morning of last week while I walked the girls to school.  I tried it on and was instantly in love.  I immediately posted my 4 swiftly's on a lululemon Facebook group I belong to and sold them all and then proceeded to lululemon in Southcentre so I could buy more.  I bought the raspberry one in store and ordered the heathered chalk online as they didn't have my size in store.  I really wanted the tiger space dye black white but it was sold out both online and in store.  I was impressed that I even ordered the chalk one because it is a very light blue and I typically hate blue but I wear a lot of brightly coloured speed shorts so I thought it was a good option and I actually really quite like it surprisingly enough.

It's slim fitting but the fit is so much nicer then that of the swiftly.  The material is seriously light lion fabric with lycra fibre and is sweat wicking and a four way stretch.  It is so soft and think and not rough at all.  It still has the anti stink technology in it which is great because if you are a runner then you know how fragrant one can get during a run.  

The back is v-necked which allows you stay cool and cool down even faster if need be.  It was one of my favourite features.

But my absolute favourite feature of this shirt is this.  I can wear my watch underneath it and view it through a little slit designed for running watches.  THIS IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER and here is why:
1) Sometimes during a race I will wear this shirt because it is cold or rainy or both but I get warm fast and need to take it off.  During a normal training run, I could just stop my watch, take it off, take off my shirt, tie shirt around my waist and put watch back on, resume run on my watch and run again.  But during a race who wants to do that?  Definitely not me.  During the SeaWheeze in 2015, it was really damp and cold in the morning so I had to wear my ls swiftly but around 2km mark I needed it off. I somehow to do all of the above without stopping.  I was proud of myself for sure but at the same time it was not something I wished to become a habit. 

2) When I get home from a race I very often forget that I am wearing my watch over my shirt and pull the shirt off only to get it stuck because of the watch.  I have to maneuver it back on and it is usually sweaty and gross and then take my watch off and then take the shirt back off again.  It sucks.  I hate it.  

The only thing that would be better then this would be a long sleeved thicker half zip running pull over for winter with the same feature.  I should suggest that on hey lululemon :)

But seriously, if you are a runner, you need this shirt.  Sell all the swiftly's like I did and use that money to buy these 5 mile shirts in all the colours.  I am debating going online and buying the peacock blue and heathered black ones hahahahha.

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