Friday, 11 March 2016

New To Us

Last week we bought a new to us table and chairs and decided to sell our existing set.  I had longed for a new dining set but I wasn't willing to pay full price for something that my kids could still ruin despite my no craft, paint, anything rule on tables.  I was on a Facebook buy n sell page and they had the set I wanted plus 6 chairs for $160 so I bought it.  

We sold our existing table and I must admit I was quite sad about it and as I cleaned it up and watched it get taken apart I was definitely experiencing some buy/sell regret.  We bought this table 2 days after we moved into this house - 8 years ago later this month.  So many great moments + celebrations were held here and I was really sad for it go.  But I was tired of painting my table + chairs each month because it was chipping or because I forgot to wipe it down and trying to get the dried jam off took the paint off or just because I was bored of the colour.  And painting chairs is a giant pain the butt and so much work.  

Greg got home from work after our table was picked up and put our table together and although it looked great and was in amazing shape, I wasn't sold on it.  Greg loved it although I am not sure if it was because he truly loved the table or was relieved to not have to worry about coming home to a newly painted table.  The girls did not like it especially after I told them we were not painting it.  It was too boring and brown and plain and too tall according to them.  It is much bigger then our existing table but it's not in the way too big if that makes sense.  

Our first meal at our new table: Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps in the slow cooker.   We are all slowly coming around to loving our table and are looking forward to creating even more happy memories at this table for years to come. 

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