Monday, 30 May 2016

Fit Week In Review + 2016 Calgary Marathon


On Monday, I decided to go for a quick run to get my legs moving after my sister went back to Saskatoon.  It was raining steadily but not heavy which was great but the wind sucked big time - depending on the direction you were going.  The first half of my run was against the wind so I was cold and miserable and then on my way back, I was hot and sweaty. I got rained on no matter which way I was running.  It was just a quick run before my 10km on Tuesday.

After I got home from my run, I tracked down this old core workout that I had on my iPhone.  I did it 3x through.


On Tuesday, Penelope stayed home from school which means I couldn't do my typical Tuesday morning run and would be forced to do 2 things I don't particularly enjoy: running at night and around my neighbourhood.  The girls had soccer so Greg needed my vehicle which was why I couldn't go to Fish Creek to run.  Running in the evening sucked because it was quite warm outside but instead of running around Bridlewood, I ran to 162nd from my house and then to JM drive and ran all the way down there until I hit the 5km mark and turned around and ran home.  I did pretty good and had an average pace of 6:40/km.  And the best part (perhaps not health wise) was that Greg brought me home a slush to help cool me off.  

On Wednesday I headed to bootcamp like I do every Wednesday.  We did some running, squats, burpees, pushups, step ups, and some core and probably some stuff I don't remember anymore.  It was a good workout because I felt it the next day for sure.  I forgot to take a photo for the review this week so I took it once I remembered when I was home.  

On Thursday morning, I woke up feeling like death thanks to the head cold that Penelope so graciously shared with me.  I decided against running since my throat hurt so badly and I was so congested but I still wanted to get a workout in so I did the above one although I only did 50 instead of 100 of all the exercises.  Still a solid workout that I definitely could feel.  

Thursday also saw a lot of stretching, rolling and strength training.  While I have been very consistent with my foam rolling of my quads and it band, I haven't done much of the other stuff so spent a full 30 minutes doing so and I hope it is helping me get my strength back in my right hip.  


Friday saw no running or working out at all.  My best friend was visiting from Shellbrook with her little guy and her mom and so we spent the day shopping, getting soaked at the zoo, dinner at Blue Star Diner and we finished the day off at the swimming pool and waterslides at their hotel.  It was a great day and even though no official exercise, I was constantly active and got nearly 20,000 steps so I am not even slightly disappointed.

Saturday was a rest day and I did nothing for most of the day.  It was a nice change of pace. 


On Sunday I had planned on running from my house to the train station to get my run in but I couldn't find my ITB band and I absolutely cannot run without it.  Whenever I try it destroys my knee and takes forever to go back to "normal".  So Greg drove me to the train and then he and the girls picked me up at the Stampede Grounds and we headed to Stanley Park to start our bike ride.  We went through Stanley Park, Mission, along the elbow river back to the Stampede grounds and back.  We ended up doing 10.71km which is a record for Penelope on her own.  It was her first time on her new big girl mountain bike complete with gears and handle breaks.  She was so excited to have bikes just like the rest of us.  With her old 16" bike, her record for biking was 5km.  She could go forever on her trail a bike because Greg did most of the work.  Greg was even more excited about not having a child attached to his bike for the first time in 7 years.  It was a beautiful, relatively easy path we took around the city.

2016 Calgary Marathon

Yesterday I had the amazing honour of volunteering at the finish line for the Calgary Marathon.  I had the 11am - 3pm shift which meant I got to hand out medals for marathoners, ultra marathoners and 5km participants.  

When I first arrived at the Stampede Grounds, I was so jealous of all the half-marathoners who had already finished and were heading home.  I ran this race for the first time last year and I loved it.  It is hands down one of my most favourite races ever.  I had planned on running it again this year but my physiotherapist suggested that I skip it and just focus on the half marathon I am doing in June.  My right hip is fairly weak and I am trying and working really hard to get it back strong enough to get my next 3 half marathons ran at the best of my abilities.  But I put that all behind me and went to Finisher's Line and focused on my job at hand.  And what an amazing job that was.

When I first got there, we were unwrapping all of the 5km medals and getting them ready to hand out to all of the 5km participants. They were the last race to start and they all finish like mad around the same time so we had to be organized.  Once that was done, the early shift on the finishing line headed home and we started handing out medals to the ultra marathoners and marathoners.   It was so inspiring to be there when the runners crossed the finish line after such a gruelling race. Congratulating each runner and putting the medal around their necks was just so rewarding for me.  They have all worked so hard to get to this moment and you saw that on each and every one of their faces.  You saw the pride, the sense of accomplishment, you saw the hours and months of training and suffering that goes into accomplishing this, you saw tears of pain, tears of joy.  You saw people throw up as soon as they crossed the finish line, you saw them collapse into fellow runners and into wheel chairs.  You saw them hug their biggest cheerleaders and supporters.  It was so inspiring and encouraging.  

The 5km race started at noon and the first finished crossed 19 minutes later and the last one around almost an hour after that.  This race had so many different people - some were running for the first time, some were running to raise awareness for charities that were near and dear to their heart, some were running with disabilities to prove that they really could do anything and everything that those without disabilities could do.  There were little kids who were running in this race because they had seen their mom and dad do so many times before and they wanted to be just like them.  I saw a mom pushing a massive stroller with 2 kids in it and a baby strapped on her chest.  She is a true super hero.  There was no way that anybody watching from the stands or who had the honour to give these amazing people their hard earned medals wasn't moved by the accomplishments of this race and really any race that was ran yesterday.  We are lucky to live in a city with super  hero people.  

I was lucky enough to have several friends running in races and I got to give 3 of them their medals along with one of their littles.  Shannon was first as she crossed the finish line at four hours and fifty-five minutes after she started her Ultra Marathon (50km).  I was so happy to see her cross the line and give her such a huge hug and put that medal over her neck.  She is a great athlete and an even better friend.  She inspires me and so many others on all levels and we are grateful to have her in our corner.  My fellow friend and boot camper Amy was doing the 5km and I was pretty far back and was worried she wouldn't see me but she ignored all the medals being tossed her way and found me.  She was the first 5km medal that I was able to give out.  She had a pretty sweet time too!!  And my friend Heather and her little Harper crossed the finish line and I was able to spot them with Harper on her shoulders quite easily.  It was really awesome to get to give all of them their medals.  Heather also ran the 10km earlier that morning so she had a great day at the Calgary Marathon.  

If you ever want to get involved in something encouraging, inspiring and amazing, I really recommend you volunteer at any capacity at Marathon in or near your city.  It was truly one of the best things I have ever done and it certainly made not being able to run it not even matter in the least. I won't lie, I was glad I was wearing sunglasses because on several occasions, my eyes started to water.  I will blame all of the fluff in the air.  I was inspired, encouraged and committed to work even harder at getting stronger, faster and healthier.  It made me want to be better.  And even if you are not a runner like I am, it will do the same for whatever lights your passion.  You will leave the race wanting more.  

Thank you to the city of Calgary for being so amazing and for all of the volunteers who make this race so successful.  It was amazing how many times we were thanked as we handed over medals to the runners.  No matter what your role is, you will make a difference.  And even if it is just in one runner, it is still worth it.  And most importantly, congratulations to all the participants in all of the races.  We had 10,000 runners take part and they raised over a million dollars for local and national charities that mean the world to them.  

Already looking forward to 2017...but will it 21.1 or 42.2 km????  That is the question!

Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Bachelorette Recap **spoilers**

We started off the show with a breakfast scene where the boys toasted with orange juice and some dude recited a poem about making JoJo his wife. They all groaned. 

This week is group dates and a one on one and if you don't get a rose on the one on one date it's instant elimination so they had to have their bags packed just in case. And then JoJo shows up in a fire truck and gear. Is this her profession? I have no idea but she did a good job putting it out the fire. 

Group one leaves on their date on the fire truck and go to a fire training course to get JoJo's attention. The top 3 finishers get extra time with JoJo. She says it is the hottest date she's ever been on. How cheesy. Luke, who is my second pick, is in the final 3 to vie for more time with JoJo. The firefighter contestant won as he should have. And then he carried her out like it was real life rescuing. Wells said his chance with her went up in flames. Seriously!!!!!!  They have extra time together in a cabana like thing while the other guys from the group date watch in envy and sadness. And then they watched them make out. She joins them all out front but soon grabs another guy for some quiet time. This show is seriously so hard to watch. I don't know how i will make it to next week. Wells got the rose. More jealousy. Suck it up Luke or its gonna be a longgggggggg summer. 

. The other guys stay home and make fun of the guy working out with a weight belt and suitcase. And they start singing. It's so unreal awful haha. Derek got the one on one and the house was full of jealousy. 

One on one date day with Derek and JoJo. He's got his suitcase packed. Derek is kinda cute. He kinda reminds me of John Krasinski.  They are driving off in a pretty sweet ride and made a decision together for the first time and they both wanted the same thing. It must be love 🙄. They arrive at airstrip and board a private plane where she of course says "it can only go up from here". This show is so heavily scripted. It makes me wonder how much of it is legit. They arrive in one of my favourite cities to visit - San Francisco. It's both their first time there too. Another first on thief first date. I think I really like this guy. The whole talking about exes or whatever is really weird and awkward. I thought Ben dumped after the fact, I had no idea that he just didn't choose her. I don't quite get this whole bachelor/ette thing. And he got a rose!! He doesn't have to leave immediately. 

More kissing. She sure kisses a lot of guys. How does she remember which kiss was which???

Another date card arrives for group date #2 and my favourite Jordan is on this one. 3 guys get no dates and they are bummed. Chad is a douche and is making them feel like shit. This group date starts off at ESPN. They are excited to see what is in store. I am not feeling her outfit at all. I do like that she's a huge sports fan. They have to go thru a series of challenges to see who is worthy of her love and then they will be power ranked like they do with athletes and teams. It was really awful to watch. Chad called JoJo a nag. Send the douche home tonight. Jordan didn't even get I the top 3. 👎. Another terrible outfit by JoJo. They cheers'd to a great challenge and then she spent some time with each of the guys. I like how nervous this guy is who won the challenge. He's a pretty normal dude. Or at least as normal as you can be as a contestant on a show like this. And look more kissing. 

Thank goodness for fast forward. Some of this is hard to watch. I had no idea how catty boys could be. Still hating on chad.  So much kissing!!!! With so many boys. I am glad that James got the rose. He's a cool dude. But man the jealousy on this show is outta this world. Get it together guys!! 

It's elimibation night and chad was waiting outside with some booze to go on a walk with JoJo. I have no idea if this is a thing that contestants do or not. Oh and more kissing with him. It be funny if he got sent home hahaha. Dudes are not too happy with the move chad pulled.  Oh it's a cocktail party so not elimination night? Or is the party before the elimination. Guys are panicked and now they are trying to steal some one on one time with her. Chase made it snow and mittens so she could get to know more about him. I think I like him too.

Why are they so concerned about how much food chad is eating??? Who freaking cares?!?!?

I can't lie, I fast forwarded most of the cocktail party to get to the eliminations. JoJo's voice is kinda annoying and it's starting to grate on me. Listening to chad's thoughts on each guy given a rose is quite entertaining. Alex is only being kept around so America doesn't think she hates short people 😂😂😂😂.  Yay Jordan got a rose. Still #teamjordan by the way. Damn Daniel the Canadian got a rose too. Alex has clearly never watched this show. He's so upset that chad might get a rose and how it takes away from the meaning behind it. His rant was quite entertaining. And chad did get the last rose of the evening. Ohhhhhh the suspense. Did she do that intentionally or did they tell her to pick him last? 

Superfan James went home. I hope he didn't pick himself in his family's bachelor pool. That would suck. I don't know who the other 2 were that were eliminated. 

Until next week friends..... 

Friday, 27 May 2016

Five On Friday

1. I have been on snapchat since last June.  I downloaded because the New England Patriots had won the Super Bowl earlier that year and were receiving rings in June and they were snap chatting from the event.  My best friend was already on it and used it far more then I did.  For the longest time it was just her I snapped with and I wasn't very good at it. Then slowly more and more friends and celebrities were added and I kinda started thinking maybe I should figure out how to really use it.  I had no idea how to do filters, faces, videos - nothing!!  But I sat down one day last week and figured it out and now I like it and use it a lot.  I like that snaps are only there for 24 hours and you never know what you are going to see.  Some days I go a little snap crazy but I try to contain myself hahahaha.  If you are on Snap Chat, my info is below so you can add me if you like.

2. It's been almost a year since I scored this Crate + Barrel coffee table off of Kijiji for $100.  I had lusted for it after I saw it on Pinterest one day but didn't love the price it retailed for.  I still love it today but I hate how dirty it gets so quickly.  When I bought it, I was wiping it down like every day and then it was every other day and now a days, it's mostly weekly and even more so when we are having people over.  It feels like I wash it Wednesday morning and by Wednesday night it looks like I haven't washed it ever.  But at least it looks pretty when it's clean!!

3.  Last Friday, Lululemon collaborated with a local Calgary company called Local Laundry to release limited edition Calgary Marathon shirts.  Each store received 32 shirts and portions of the sale went to Kids up Front which is great.  The ladies stuff sold out within hours but the men's not so much.  Probably because they're not crazy like us hahaha.  Lululemon has released merchandise for many marathons in other cities so it was really great to see them do it for Calgary too.  And it makes me feel a little bit better about not being able to run in the race on Sunday.  

4.  Last Thursday, Penelope woke up with a head cold and on Monday, she proceeded to pass it on to me.  How nice of her.  I am writing this on Thursday night and I am feeling better then I did this morning as a lot of the congestion has dissipated but I am still feeling super dehydrated from it even though I have drank gallons and gallons of water.  I skipped my run this (Thursday) morning because I wanted to rest my body and not wear it out since I have been pretty active all week!

5.  A week or two ago, I was in Starbucks when I saw there new summer tumblers had been released. Most were just boring solid colours that I wasn't overly interested in but as I walked towards the cashier, this one popped out and I immediately had to buy it.  I needed a new water bottle to revitalize my water drinking habits because I really kinda suck at it.  So far, I have consistently been drinking more water each day and if this tumbler helps me stay that way, then it has been a great investment!!

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Gooseberry Campground

Last Saturday, Greg and the girls decided to go camping.  I chose not to go because the low overnight was below zero and the morning getting up was going to be soooooo cold.  So I stayed in Calgary and cleaned my house before heading over to one of my best friend's house for some wine, strawberries + puffed wheat cake.

Greg and the girls loaded up the vehicle with all of the camping gear that they needed while I watched from the doorstep in the garage and soon they were off for the night.  They just headed out to Gooseberry Campground that is off Highway 66 - about 30 minutes from our house.  It's a cute little campground that got a transformation during the floods of 2013.

They went for a bike ride along the highway since it was still closed for the winter.  Finley loved riding over the rumble strips.

Penelope apparently complained she was cold and  had 3 jackets on at this point and soon added a fourth.  Greg texted me this photo and said how many jackets she had on and then adding that she was clearly my daughter hahahaha

They were both most excited to roast marshmallows!!

They slept with out the cover on the tent so they could look at the stars when they came out.  Neither kid stayed up that long but Finley did get to see Jupitor which she was quite excited about.  She wants to be an astronaut so she loves being able to see planets and stars.

Finley did some reading of her beloved star wars book before waking up at 2:30am and puking and then again at 5am.  Thankfully she managed to miss all her camping essentials and only got her Officer Judy Hops and her star wars book covered with puke.  The book went into the garbage but we got Judy Hops clean - although Greg still calls her Officer Judy Hops much to the dismay of Finley.  She is from the movie Zoo Topia if you are not familiar with who she is.  

Finley said she was fine both times and didn't want to come home, which is mostly good because who wants to pack up a tent at that hour??  I think she just ate too much candy the night before because Greg buys special treats for camping and hiking trips.  She was fine by the time she got home that day and was already asking when they could go back again!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


I decided to watch The Bachelorette for the first time. Well that's not true, I watched it briefly when Emily Maynard was on it because of her connections to the NASCAR world but I never finished either season she was on. And then I briefly watched one summer thing they had with multiple guys and girls but I never finished the first episode although there was one contestant on there named Tenley and I wanted to name Penelope that but Greg vetoed it. I plan on watching it every Monday night and then blogging about it on Tuesday. We shall see how it goes!! 

25 guys are here to steal her heart and be made her groom but before we meet them we are shown JoJo meeting up with the other bachelorette's. I have no idea who any of them but I am sure I would recognize their names from reading headlines on gossip columns. I don't really understand why anybody would want to be on this show as the main person or be any of the 25 contestants. Why would you want your future partner hooking up with a different person each night or be the person doing all the hooking up. Maybe I am just old but to me it kinda seems lame. 

We get to meet some of the guys now before she does. Jordan Rodgers is pretty hot and his brother is Aaron who is the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers and is engaged to Olivia Munn. So far he's my leading bachelor.  He looks just like his brother too.  I thought that this would entice Greg to want to watch it with me but he still refused. I don't think I like Superfan at all. Is he in it for real or is it just part of him winning his bachelor pool?? 

Finally the guys arrive!!! And her dress she is wearing to meet them is on point. I love it. All the boys did too. She met Jordan first, maybe it's a sign he's the one!!!! Derek also looks like a solid dude. Cute too.   Robbie seems like a tool.  Kinda cool that there is a Canadian on there but didn't know that being Canadian was a profession???  Daniel might be my second choice if Jordan doesn't make it. Santa?? Who wants to date Santa??  I don't like any of the guys who come out with gifts, gimmicks + costumes. So freaking lame. Shave it for later??  Kill me now. You are going home tonight!! Blue balls???  It's just getting worse and worse. Hipster Brandon could be an intriguing character. Perhaps my third choice. On horseback?? Oh wait he turned it into a unicorn.  I might not make it to the second show!! There must be some connection to unicorns from when she was on The Bachelor. And that includes the introduction of all the bachelors. 

Now we get to go inside with her and all of them. But first a commercial. Oh the suspense.  I just noticed that it's on for 2 hours. Is it on for 2 hours every Monday? Not sure I can commit to that!!

She is ready to fall in love and encourages the guys to be open hearted. Not sure if open hearted is what I would have chosen to say but that's just me. Alex is a tool and pulled her away first. And then did push ups in front of her. So cheesy. The other dudes are right, he's an idiot. He's going home soon. Still loving Jordan!!! The connection is definitely there. JoJo really makes me giggle especially after her kiss with him. She is definitely very likeable. I find it boring to watch when the boys are boring and i don't like them. Nice Damn Daniel reference hahaha but she had no idea what he was talking about. Dudes are getting wasted especially fellow Canadian Daniel haha. Poking in the belly button is not a Canadian greeting by the way. His tie is lame too. He's no longer my #2 - Canadian or not. He's naked now. OMG. And he jumped into the pool. Seriously what a embarrassment to Canada. Trust me, we are not that weird!!!!!

And I just searched my guide and it is on for 2 hours each Monday! I was hoping it was just tonight!! I have boot camp Monday nights so at least I can fast forward thru the commercials when I get home. 

That dude's piano skills are on point. Not sure his name but unreal. She's not loving the drunk guys but is willing to do what she's gotta do haha. Santa's name is Nick......St. Nick. 

I hope Jordan gets the first impression rose. Does that mean they are safe from being sent home??? I guess I should find out soon. I can guarantee the super wasted dudes aren't getting it haha. Uh oh Luke brought her cowboy boots and is also from Texas so he might get that first impression rose. 

I love how she asks all the good guys why they are here. It's like she's surprised they need this show to find true love which is ironic because she's the one trying to find it too. We all know why most of the dudes are on this show....

She came and grabbed the rose!!  Oh the suspense of who it will be. My bet is Jordan or  Luke. Luke might now be my #2 guy after Daniel's behaviour tonight.  Yay!!! She loves Jordan as much as I do!!! Woohoo!!! Team Jordan for the win!!!  Of course he accepts the rose, has anybody not???? Uh oh, Jordan already has a room full of haters. So much jealousy. And probably bad cologne. 

Time for JoJo to deliberate. Who's gonna go home? The obvious choice is Daniel but we will see...

Who's this guy???? Why is he here?? So much drama and I know nothing since I don't ever watch this show!  And of course there's a commercial. But at least it was a preview for the new Bridget Jones movie which might be good. 

Apparently he is Jake Pavalka and is a former bachelor. The name sounds very familiar to me. Outside of Super Fan, how do they all know who he is??  But even more importantly, why is here?  He's like a brother to her but even she is surprised to see him. I think he might have been on one of the bachelor/ette shows I started to watch.  I think he is a pilot or something. Now that I think about it he was on DWTS a few seasons back when I watched it. He wanted to wish her luck. That is super lame. How much more cheesy can this show get????  Get back to the elimination none of this other crap.  

Daniel got a rose! I figured it was too obvious for him to go.  Peter, Jonathan + a third guy were sent home and they were gutted. 

Now to wait until next week's episode....

Monday, 23 May 2016

Fit Week In Review

Here is my first post about my Fit Week In Review.  My intention was to start a series that would post each Monday about my workouts for the week and that it would both inspire those around me to do the same and hold me accountable for doing more workouts during the week outside of my running and bootcamp.  I do post a lot of my runs on Instagram (username: uniquelybecky) and the occasional bootcamp photo but rarely a photo of a workout I have just done on my own.

Lets see how I did for the week:


Every day I do strength training - or at least I am supposed to.  I sometimes skip it for a variety of reasons but mostly I do try to do it.  The more I do it, the stronger my right hip gets and the better and more importantly, the faster I can run.  On Monday, I just did bootcamp in evening like I do most Mondays.  At this class, we did lots of running, burpees + planks on the ladder and step ups on the bench.  We did this 5x through and then finished with some core.  It was a really good workout.  I love my bootcamp class and more importantly, I love the girls (and occasionally guy) that I get to do it with.  

Tuesday saw me go for a run around my neighbourhood.  I hate running around my neighbourhood.  Like seriously hate with a passion to a point that it is kinda weird.  I never run as far as I can or should or could.  I get bored of my surroundings and turn around and go home.  It mostly makes me lazy.  I was wearing my wireless earbuds and they died half way through my run making it very bad and not to mention, as I was leaving my house that morning for my run, I jumped to avoid our sprinkler and rolled my left ankle.  I thought at first it was going to be bad because it was quite painful but I was able to run on it and it felt ok.  It was a little stiff the next morning but has felt fine ever since.

Because it was such a beautiful day outside, I brought out my roller, resistance band and kettle bell to stretch, roll and do another workout that is below.

Since I had already ran and my ankle was a little tender, I only ran through this once instead of the 3x I had written down.  I love using my kettle bell, although it took me a long time to get here. 


On Wednesday I normally have bootcamp but I had a volunteer meeting with the Calgary Marathon so I had to miss the evening session.  I meant to go in the morning but I had gotten distracted and forgot to text Shannon for the morning location so I had to do a workout at home.  I had spent a few  hours at the beach that day and I was tired from being out in the sun so this is all I did that day.  I repeated it 3x.


On Thursday,  I headed to Fish Creek Provincial Park and ran 8km.  It felt really good and my pace was 6:35/km which is really good for being more then 5km.  My knee felt great and nothing tightened up the entire time and when I finished, nothing hurt.  It was such a great, strange feeling hahahaha.  I came home and rolled out and still no tightness.  I could get used to this!!

This is the core workout I did when I got home from my run after I stretched.  I only did this once through although it could easily be repeated if you wanted to do so.

Then I hit a rut or more so, got out of routine.  Friday the girls had no school and Greg was off work so they were home and I did no exercise.  I went shopping and then out for supper. My sister arrived that afternoon which meant there was no exercise on Saturday either.  I had planned on getting up early on Sunday and go running but it was pouring so hard, I couldn't be bothered to go run outside just for a training race.  Had it been a race I would have, but not for a training run.  I didn't even stretch or roll out.  I did do lots of walking on Saturday and Sunday so that kinda helps out haha.

Well this week wasn't terrible as far as workouts as I did get 4 days in, I do hope to get at least 6 days in next week with even some light core work on the 7th day.  We shall find out next Monday!!

Sunday, 22 May 2016


I had a whole wonderful post written about 10 years married but somehow I accidentally deleted it and was left with nothing. I was too mad to do it all again so I said screw it. Haha. 

I feel incredibly blessed that I get to be married to such a great guy. Yes he drives me bananas on most days but I can't imagine being on this journey without him by my side. Here's to 90 more!! 

We had a low key anniversary day. Greg bought me an anniversary band that I absolutely love and no longer feel obligated to wear my wedding rings. I am not big into jewelery and rarely ever wore them so this simple thin band is perfect for me. 

We had dinner reservations at Rouge which is one of our favorite places to eat. Greg has always wanted to try the chef's tasting menu but I always bail because I am terrified that I would hate everything and it's too expensive not to like it. 

I asked our waiter if there was any cheese in it because I like only goat cheese in salad and specifically sylvan star Gruyere cheese and that is it. Nothing else. He told me that the 5th course was a cheese course but he could get me something different as an alternative. So I decided to get it.

While we waited for our first course, we got 2 complimentary glasses of champagne as a toast to anniversary 10. I don't really like champagne but it was really good. I also had 2 glasses of moscato that was seriously the best I have ever had. It's rare that a restaurant ever carries it so I was very excited. 

Our first course was albacore tuna with some white asparagus and sun dried tomatoes and basil leaves. It should be noted that the only thing I liked initially was the asparagus which kinda freaked me out. I am not big into raw fish at all but this was amazing. It was so good. The texture of the tuna wasn't slimy at all. It was surprisingly really good. 

The 2nd course was sweet bread and lamb on top of some kind of puréed stuff. I don't like lamb and didn't know exactly what sweet bread was but I remembered that my Uncle Lloyd loved sweet bread and I remember seeing it and being traumatized. However, I did try it all and it was really good. We didn't google what sweet bread was until we were on our way home because I wanted to continue to enjoy the rest of my meal. I am just grateful it wasn't testicles or anything like that. 

For our 3rd course, we had trotter cakes which are basically crab cakes but with pork instead. They were so good. 

The 4th course was eggplant, white creamy bread and slices of elk. I loved the eggplant and loved the elk but I didn't love the bread. It was just really weird. 

The 5th course was some fancy cheese for Greg and i got a lemon loaf with lemon curd and white chocolate. It was a little too lemony but I did enjoy it. And I was supremely grateful that I didn't have to force down the cheese because that would have killed me. 

The dessert was a play on traditional rhubarb and custard and was really good. I am a big fan of rhubarb and had never had it like this previously. 

Had I been presented with any of these menu options on their own, I never would have ordered a single one. I get scared when I see the ingredients and although I have gotten more adventurous, I do tend to be on the cautious side. I am so glad that Greg convinced me to try the chef's tasting menu because it was just so fantastically done and so delicious and kept me full for a very long time. 

My advice to you is that if you find yourself at Rouge for dinner, do yourself a favor and order what we did. You can thank me later. 

While it wasn't the most exciting of days, it was perfect for us. 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Jaybird X2

I have been using my bose ear buds for the last year.  Before that I used the ones that came with my iPhone.  My bose ones were expensive and had the quality of some fake ones you would buy on ebay.    They were loose at the port that plugs into your iPhone and when I called Bose to have them replaced because of my warranty, they told me that I wasn't allowed to wear them running and that was why they were ruined.  They couldn't handle the sweat in my ears but they would replace as a one time thing.  Except that they were ruined at the aux port thingy and it had nothing to do with why or how I wore them.  They worked for about 4 months (which was the same as last time) and they started cutting out during the eyeball the wall race and as long as i played with the port that connected to my iPhone they would work.  I know Bose will just blame it on running again even though that is absolutely not the case so I did some research on the best wireless running earphones.

I belong to a seawheeze chat group and there are posts on wireless earbuds all the time so on Sunday I went on there, searched all the posts and the overwhelming consensus was the Jaybird X2's.  So then I went to google and searched them and read all the reviews and they were rated the best wireless on nearly everything I read.  I didn't check to see what the price was on Amazon because I wanted to buy them somewhere I could easily return them if I didn't like them.  They were too expensive to not absolutely love them to keep them.  I ordered them from Best Buy on Sunday night and they arrived on Wednesday morning.

I opened up the package excitedly and I saw the earbuds, the white container and the box with the ear tips.  I actually thought that somehow the white box magically charged the earbuds haha.  But after I downloaded the pdf online, I realized that you squeeze the bottom of it and the black thing opens up and it had the charging cord and ear fins.  I had a good giggle once I realized all this.

Most ear buds come with 3 different sizes just like this but it came with both silicon and foam!!  How does one decide which one to use as opposed to the other??

You open the end on one earbud to plug into the usb cord that you can plug into your computer or in my case, my iPhone charger.  It talks to you when the battery is low.  The battery is good for about 8 hours which is good since I don't plan on ever running for that long in one run hahaha.  

So after you figured out which ear tip fit best in your ear,  you had to choose a ear fin and then figure out how to get it properly on your earbud.  I was so annoyed and frustrated until I read the pdf instructions on how to do it.  Once I read that and then compared the ear fins to the one I had on my bose pair, i got them to fit right.  The black things are cord clips which I assume you clip to your hair. I don't think I will need them, so I didn't try to figure those out.

So here are the earbuds fit with the foam ear tips.  I am going to try these first and see how they go.  And then use them with the silicon ear fins to see how they compare. 

UPDATE:  It's been 13 days since I received these and I went back to return them to Best Buy on Tuesday.  I couldn't get them to stay in properly while running and when I went to charge them a piece broke off.  For $170, it just wasn't worth it to keep them.  Best Buy actually doesn't do returns on headphones once they are opened, just exchanges for hygienic reasons but they did it for me because it does not tell you that when you purchase them online.  Shout out to Brad for making my day doing that for me.   Some good news is that Bose is replacing my ear buds for a second time.  It's frustrating that this has happened again but happy they are doing something about it.  

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hips Don't Lie

About 6 weeks ago, I started increasing my running distance to more then 10km at a time.  This was resulting in tight hamstrings, sore knees and it band.  It was the same thing I had last year it seemed so I just focused a lot on what my physiotherapist Shari taught me to get through it.

 I spent a lot of time rolling out my quads and my it band.  These are primarily the only 2 things I use my roller for.  I find that it works these muscles then anything else that I can do for it.  Rolling out my quads is probably my favourite thing to do.  I just lay on my roller, move back and forth and watch something on my iPad.  It feels so great and I can watch tv at the same time.  It's a win-win situation for me.

I also used my resistance band to stretch out my hamstrings.  This is my favourite way to stretch out my hamstrings.  Put the strap around the balls of your feet and pull towards you.  The feeling is amazing even if it sometimes hurts really bad.

Lots of hamstring was done by me for about a week straight.  And even though the tightness in my hammies was pretty much gone, my knee cap and behind my knee really ached when I ran.  It wasn't painful but it was really uncomfortable.  So I decided it was time to visit Shari at the Running Injury Clinic.  She is seriously the best of the best when it comes to what she does.

My right hip, it turns out, was really weak and it made my it band work overtime which resulted in sore calves, knees, quads and hamstrings.  We did some stretching, some electrode therapy and some band walks to help it out and she sent me home with some stretches and things to try until I went back next week.  

I love sitting with my legs up the wall, it's one of my favourite ways to stretch my hamstrings and relax after a long run.  I accidentally split one leg to the left and realized how great that felt on my hips so I have added that to my stretching and it's amazing.

I also have to squat walks, clam shells, leg extensions (both to the side and behind) with a resistance band.  It really works my hips and stabilizers.  I don't like to do these but they help making my hip stronger which is the most important.

I went back the following week and had more electrode treatment and some more stretching.  It was still bothering me and I was concerned because I had a race coming up that Saturday and it was 15km so I had the potential of enduring some pain and further injury.

Penelope loves going to physio with me and they are so good to her.  She always gets to bring the heating pad to me and the pads they use for the electro therapy.  She has gotten to clean down the beds, poor the ultrasound gel on my knee and even move the ultrasound wand around for a little bit.  She always asks when she can go see Shari and has added a physiotherapist to her list of future professions because she likes helping people.

Shari suggested continuing with what I had been working on and gave me some tips on what to do if it started to hurt during my run.  Thankfully I was ok for the most part and mostly developed some pain on my left hip just for fun I guess....and yes that is sarcasm.  

We had one last appointment (for now) with Shari a few days after my run and she worked on my left side to loosen it up and worked on my knee since it was bothering me.  It was a combination of running the race and doing yard work.  It seems trying to get the dandelions out of my yard was causing havoc on my knee.  The knee still bothers me as I write this and I have gone back to taping me knee to help stabilize it.  I haven't done this for about 9 months and it sucks but if it means I get to run then I will do it. I continue to do lots of stretching, yoga and rolling out of my legs to help loosen up my tight muscles  (although I haven't been very tight) and I have been doing lots of work on strengthening my hips using my resistance band.  I can't tell how much it has helped and most likely won't be able to until I try running more then 10km again, which hopefully be this weekend.  In bootcamp, I am focusing on making sure my knee doesn't flare out while squating and I have taken all things related to jumping out of the equation because I find that puts a lot of stress and pressure on my knee and it can't seem to handle that right now.  

Getting hurt really sucks but it's great knowing that you have found such a great physiotherapist who can make you better in now time.  Make sure you check out the Running Injury Clinic if you ever find yourself injured and unable to run.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016


I decided yesterday that I would track all of my workouts, runs and bootcamps so that I can post my week in review each Monday.  I did this to be accountable to myself.  If I promise to post about each week, it should in theory motivate me to do it.  While I have no problems going to bootcamp on Mondays and Wednesdays and most days I can make myself run, I do struggle very much on doing my own workouts at home.  I use every excuse in the book to not do them and I am tired of it.  And maybe you will, in turn, be motivated to do your own workouts daily too.

 Look forward to the first post on monday, in the meantime, that kettle bell is calling my name.....

Monday, 16 May 2016

Paint Nite

A few weeks ago I attended another paint nite with one of my best friends Michelle.  It was a fundraiser for her oldest daughter's school which is catholic so there was no wine involved.  Wine or no wine - it didn't really matter since I was no good drunk or sober at painting.

This is the original painting that was picked and we were supposed to recreate it.  It looked hard and I was immediately intimidated.

So far so good.  I thought this is way easier then the first one I did.  But then I remembered that the background on that painting looked really good too.  It's the design that goes over top that destroys it for me.  

Again I was impressed with myself.  But I couldn't lie.  I knew I was drawing a tree next and I don't do trees.  The last time I painted my tree looked gross so I turned it into a lighthouse which called a penis.  

Michelle hard at work creating her art.

While my tree didn't look as good as the original painting, I was very much impressed with it.  This was a major milestone for me haha

Then we had to draw swirls in the water to look like ripples.  I didn't like this and then Michelle pointed out to me that they looked like vaginas.  What was it with me, body parts and paint??  Regardless, they were awful and it ruined the painting.

I really liked making the cherry blossom tree, it was really sporadic and pretty much hard to screw up.  You will notice that the vaginas are missing from my painting.  That is because while everybody was touching up and perfecting their blossoms, I was painting over the ripples very quickly.  I added some pink flowers in the water to brighten it up but I forgot to take a photo of that.  I was very happy with how it turned out and thought that if I ever came across a place to hang this up, then I just might do that.  Penelope loved it so much but she loved my other one too, so not too sure about her judgement in this.

Thanks Michelle for a fun night out, turns out that no alcohol makes me a better painter.  Go Figure hhahaha.