Sunday, 22 May 2016


I had a whole wonderful post written about 10 years married but somehow I accidentally deleted it and was left with nothing. I was too mad to do it all again so I said screw it. Haha. 

I feel incredibly blessed that I get to be married to such a great guy. Yes he drives me bananas on most days but I can't imagine being on this journey without him by my side. Here's to 90 more!! 

We had a low key anniversary day. Greg bought me an anniversary band that I absolutely love and no longer feel obligated to wear my wedding rings. I am not big into jewelery and rarely ever wore them so this simple thin band is perfect for me. 

We had dinner reservations at Rouge which is one of our favorite places to eat. Greg has always wanted to try the chef's tasting menu but I always bail because I am terrified that I would hate everything and it's too expensive not to like it. 

I asked our waiter if there was any cheese in it because I like only goat cheese in salad and specifically sylvan star Gruyere cheese and that is it. Nothing else. He told me that the 5th course was a cheese course but he could get me something different as an alternative. So I decided to get it.

While we waited for our first course, we got 2 complimentary glasses of champagne as a toast to anniversary 10. I don't really like champagne but it was really good. I also had 2 glasses of moscato that was seriously the best I have ever had. It's rare that a restaurant ever carries it so I was very excited. 

Our first course was albacore tuna with some white asparagus and sun dried tomatoes and basil leaves. It should be noted that the only thing I liked initially was the asparagus which kinda freaked me out. I am not big into raw fish at all but this was amazing. It was so good. The texture of the tuna wasn't slimy at all. It was surprisingly really good. 

The 2nd course was sweet bread and lamb on top of some kind of puréed stuff. I don't like lamb and didn't know exactly what sweet bread was but I remembered that my Uncle Lloyd loved sweet bread and I remember seeing it and being traumatized. However, I did try it all and it was really good. We didn't google what sweet bread was until we were on our way home because I wanted to continue to enjoy the rest of my meal. I am just grateful it wasn't testicles or anything like that. 

For our 3rd course, we had trotter cakes which are basically crab cakes but with pork instead. They were so good. 

The 4th course was eggplant, white creamy bread and slices of elk. I loved the eggplant and loved the elk but I didn't love the bread. It was just really weird. 

The 5th course was some fancy cheese for Greg and i got a lemon loaf with lemon curd and white chocolate. It was a little too lemony but I did enjoy it. And I was supremely grateful that I didn't have to force down the cheese because that would have killed me. 

The dessert was a play on traditional rhubarb and custard and was really good. I am a big fan of rhubarb and had never had it like this previously. 

Had I been presented with any of these menu options on their own, I never would have ordered a single one. I get scared when I see the ingredients and although I have gotten more adventurous, I do tend to be on the cautious side. I am so glad that Greg convinced me to try the chef's tasting menu because it was just so fantastically done and so delicious and kept me full for a very long time. 

My advice to you is that if you find yourself at Rouge for dinner, do yourself a favor and order what we did. You can thank me later. 

While it wasn't the most exciting of days, it was perfect for us. 

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