Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Hips Don't Lie

About 6 weeks ago, I started increasing my running distance to more then 10km at a time.  This was resulting in tight hamstrings, sore knees and it band.  It was the same thing I had last year it seemed so I just focused a lot on what my physiotherapist Shari taught me to get through it.

 I spent a lot of time rolling out my quads and my it band.  These are primarily the only 2 things I use my roller for.  I find that it works these muscles then anything else that I can do for it.  Rolling out my quads is probably my favourite thing to do.  I just lay on my roller, move back and forth and watch something on my iPad.  It feels so great and I can watch tv at the same time.  It's a win-win situation for me.

I also used my resistance band to stretch out my hamstrings.  This is my favourite way to stretch out my hamstrings.  Put the strap around the balls of your feet and pull towards you.  The feeling is amazing even if it sometimes hurts really bad.

Lots of hamstring was done by me for about a week straight.  And even though the tightness in my hammies was pretty much gone, my knee cap and behind my knee really ached when I ran.  It wasn't painful but it was really uncomfortable.  So I decided it was time to visit Shari at the Running Injury Clinic.  She is seriously the best of the best when it comes to what she does.

My right hip, it turns out, was really weak and it made my it band work overtime which resulted in sore calves, knees, quads and hamstrings.  We did some stretching, some electrode therapy and some band walks to help it out and she sent me home with some stretches and things to try until I went back next week.  

I love sitting with my legs up the wall, it's one of my favourite ways to stretch my hamstrings and relax after a long run.  I accidentally split one leg to the left and realized how great that felt on my hips so I have added that to my stretching and it's amazing.

I also have to squat walks, clam shells, leg extensions (both to the side and behind) with a resistance band.  It really works my hips and stabilizers.  I don't like to do these but they help making my hip stronger which is the most important.

I went back the following week and had more electrode treatment and some more stretching.  It was still bothering me and I was concerned because I had a race coming up that Saturday and it was 15km so I had the potential of enduring some pain and further injury.

Penelope loves going to physio with me and they are so good to her.  She always gets to bring the heating pad to me and the pads they use for the electro therapy.  She has gotten to clean down the beds, poor the ultrasound gel on my knee and even move the ultrasound wand around for a little bit.  She always asks when she can go see Shari and has added a physiotherapist to her list of future professions because she likes helping people.

Shari suggested continuing with what I had been working on and gave me some tips on what to do if it started to hurt during my run.  Thankfully I was ok for the most part and mostly developed some pain on my left hip just for fun I guess....and yes that is sarcasm.  

We had one last appointment (for now) with Shari a few days after my run and she worked on my left side to loosen it up and worked on my knee since it was bothering me.  It was a combination of running the race and doing yard work.  It seems trying to get the dandelions out of my yard was causing havoc on my knee.  The knee still bothers me as I write this and I have gone back to taping me knee to help stabilize it.  I haven't done this for about 9 months and it sucks but if it means I get to run then I will do it. I continue to do lots of stretching, yoga and rolling out of my legs to help loosen up my tight muscles  (although I haven't been very tight) and I have been doing lots of work on strengthening my hips using my resistance band.  I can't tell how much it has helped and most likely won't be able to until I try running more then 10km again, which hopefully be this weekend.  In bootcamp, I am focusing on making sure my knee doesn't flare out while squating and I have taken all things related to jumping out of the equation because I find that puts a lot of stress and pressure on my knee and it can't seem to handle that right now.  

Getting hurt really sucks but it's great knowing that you have found such a great physiotherapist who can make you better in now time.  Make sure you check out the Running Injury Clinic if you ever find yourself injured and unable to run.

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