Monday, 9 May 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was yesterday and it was a simple but wonderful day with Greg and the girls.  They all let me sleep in until about 830.  Well actually the girls were fighting downstairs at around 7am and so I put on my headphones and tried to fall back asleep unsuccessfully.  It was nice to just lay in bed and doing nothing - that is a rare occurrence for me.

Here is the gifts from Finley.  She drew me several drawings of us shopping and at the Eiffel Tower.  The pink journal is something that Greg got me several years ago for Mother's Day and every year the girls have 2 pages to write and draw things for me. It's my favourite and I love re-reading everything each Mother's Day morning.

Penelope made me this Chia pet for Mother's Day.  Ironically enough, I volunteered the morning that they made these and helped her with this.  She said I was 61 years old hahahaha.  I guess I look really good for my age.  

For brunch we went to Cleaver which is down on 17th Ave.  It was amazing.  It was so good that Penelope was talking about this morning at breakfast still!!  I will have a whole post about our experience there tomorrow or Wednesday so watch out for it.  

After brunch, we headed down to Prince's Island Park and walked around both sides of the river.  It was really windy in some parts but when you were in the sun and the wind wasn't too crazy, it was quite warm.  The girls enjoyed the suspension bridge and seeing the baby geese.

After our walk at the park, we dropped Finley off at a birthday party at Lloyd's and she went rollerskating for the afternoon and loved it.  The rest of us went home, had some lunch, and then we went to Marble Slab for an afternoon ice cream treat.  Greg and Penelope dropped me off at home while they went to get some groceries for supper and pick up Finley from her party.  I started to watch and tv show on the pvr but fell asleep until they all got home.

Finley won 2 trophies at the birthday party and she wanted to give me one because I am the best mom ever.  I think she felt a little guilty about spending the afternoon with her friends instead of me haha.

We had a great supper with my favourite steak and carrots and potatoes on the barbecue.  I had a nice hot bath and Greg went and got me a slurpee while I watched MasterChef Canada and caught up on the big bang theory.  

I am blessed to have this little family and these 2 littles who call me mom and allow me the privilege to celebrate this day. 

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