Monday, 16 May 2016

Paint Nite

A few weeks ago I attended another paint nite with one of my best friends Michelle.  It was a fundraiser for her oldest daughter's school which is catholic so there was no wine involved.  Wine or no wine - it didn't really matter since I was no good drunk or sober at painting.

This is the original painting that was picked and we were supposed to recreate it.  It looked hard and I was immediately intimidated.

So far so good.  I thought this is way easier then the first one I did.  But then I remembered that the background on that painting looked really good too.  It's the design that goes over top that destroys it for me.  

Again I was impressed with myself.  But I couldn't lie.  I knew I was drawing a tree next and I don't do trees.  The last time I painted my tree looked gross so I turned it into a lighthouse which called a penis.  

Michelle hard at work creating her art.

While my tree didn't look as good as the original painting, I was very much impressed with it.  This was a major milestone for me haha

Then we had to draw swirls in the water to look like ripples.  I didn't like this and then Michelle pointed out to me that they looked like vaginas.  What was it with me, body parts and paint??  Regardless, they were awful and it ruined the painting.

I really liked making the cherry blossom tree, it was really sporadic and pretty much hard to screw up.  You will notice that the vaginas are missing from my painting.  That is because while everybody was touching up and perfecting their blossoms, I was painting over the ripples very quickly.  I added some pink flowers in the water to brighten it up but I forgot to take a photo of that.  I was very happy with how it turned out and thought that if I ever came across a place to hang this up, then I just might do that.  Penelope loved it so much but she loved my other one too, so not too sure about her judgement in this.

Thanks Michelle for a fun night out, turns out that no alcohol makes me a better painter.  Go Figure hhahaha.

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