Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Bachelorette Recap **spoilers**

We started off the show with a breakfast scene where the boys toasted with orange juice and some dude recited a poem about making JoJo his wife. They all groaned. 

This week is group dates and a one on one and if you don't get a rose on the one on one date it's instant elimination so they had to have their bags packed just in case. And then JoJo shows up in a fire truck and gear. Is this her profession? I have no idea but she did a good job putting it out the fire. 

Group one leaves on their date on the fire truck and go to a fire training course to get JoJo's attention. The top 3 finishers get extra time with JoJo. She says it is the hottest date she's ever been on. How cheesy. Luke, who is my second pick, is in the final 3 to vie for more time with JoJo. The firefighter contestant won as he should have. And then he carried her out like it was real life rescuing. Wells said his chance with her went up in flames. Seriously!!!!!!  They have extra time together in a cabana like thing while the other guys from the group date watch in envy and sadness. And then they watched them make out. She joins them all out front but soon grabs another guy for some quiet time. This show is seriously so hard to watch. I don't know how i will make it to next week. Wells got the rose. More jealousy. Suck it up Luke or its gonna be a longgggggggg summer. 

. The other guys stay home and make fun of the guy working out with a weight belt and suitcase. And they start singing. It's so unreal awful haha. Derek got the one on one and the house was full of jealousy. 

One on one date day with Derek and JoJo. He's got his suitcase packed. Derek is kinda cute. He kinda reminds me of John Krasinski.  They are driving off in a pretty sweet ride and made a decision together for the first time and they both wanted the same thing. It must be love 🙄. They arrive at airstrip and board a private plane where she of course says "it can only go up from here". This show is so heavily scripted. It makes me wonder how much of it is legit. They arrive in one of my favourite cities to visit - San Francisco. It's both their first time there too. Another first on thief first date. I think I really like this guy. The whole talking about exes or whatever is really weird and awkward. I thought Ben dumped after the fact, I had no idea that he just didn't choose her. I don't quite get this whole bachelor/ette thing. And he got a rose!! He doesn't have to leave immediately. 

More kissing. She sure kisses a lot of guys. How does she remember which kiss was which???

Another date card arrives for group date #2 and my favourite Jordan is on this one. 3 guys get no dates and they are bummed. Chad is a douche and is making them feel like shit. This group date starts off at ESPN. They are excited to see what is in store. I am not feeling her outfit at all. I do like that she's a huge sports fan. They have to go thru a series of challenges to see who is worthy of her love and then they will be power ranked like they do with athletes and teams. It was really awful to watch. Chad called JoJo a nag. Send the douche home tonight. Jordan didn't even get I the top 3. 👎. Another terrible outfit by JoJo. They cheers'd to a great challenge and then she spent some time with each of the guys. I like how nervous this guy is who won the challenge. He's a pretty normal dude. Or at least as normal as you can be as a contestant on a show like this. And look more kissing. 

Thank goodness for fast forward. Some of this is hard to watch. I had no idea how catty boys could be. Still hating on chad.  So much kissing!!!! With so many boys. I am glad that James got the rose. He's a cool dude. But man the jealousy on this show is outta this world. Get it together guys!! 

It's elimibation night and chad was waiting outside with some booze to go on a walk with JoJo. I have no idea if this is a thing that contestants do or not. Oh and more kissing with him. It be funny if he got sent home hahaha. Dudes are not too happy with the move chad pulled.  Oh it's a cocktail party so not elimination night? Or is the party before the elimination. Guys are panicked and now they are trying to steal some one on one time with her. Chase made it snow and mittens so she could get to know more about him. I think I like him too.

Why are they so concerned about how much food chad is eating??? Who freaking cares?!?!?

I can't lie, I fast forwarded most of the cocktail party to get to the eliminations. JoJo's voice is kinda annoying and it's starting to grate on me. Listening to chad's thoughts on each guy given a rose is quite entertaining. Alex is only being kept around so America doesn't think she hates short people 😂😂😂😂.  Yay Jordan got a rose. Still #teamjordan by the way. Damn Daniel the Canadian got a rose too. Alex has clearly never watched this show. He's so upset that chad might get a rose and how it takes away from the meaning behind it. His rant was quite entertaining. And chad did get the last rose of the evening. Ohhhhhh the suspense. Did she do that intentionally or did they tell her to pick him last? 

Superfan James went home. I hope he didn't pick himself in his family's bachelor pool. That would suck. I don't know who the other 2 were that were eliminated. 

Until next week friends..... 

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