Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Calgary Tower

On Saturday, we headed to the Calgary Tower since Greg's mom was in town and we wanted to do something other then going to the zoo.  Penelope had never been to the Calgary Tower and Finley hadn't been since was a baby with Madison and she obviously has no recollection of it.

Approaching the Calgary Tower.  

Looking down to the ground.  I could look through the glass all day.  Unlike the other 3 members of my immediate family, I am not scared of heights.  I found it interesting how much the tower curved because you don't notice it when you are on the ground.

Finley is very much afraid of heights and she was very afraid to step on the glass and then when we finally got her on the glass and she looked down, I am sure her heart stopped.  She was so sure the glass would break and we would all fall to our deaths.  Thankfully the glass is strong enough to hold even an elephant!

In this photo you can see the building I worked at before we moved, it's the one in the middle.  It used to be the tallest.  It was surpassed by the Bow a few years ago and is now being surpassed by Brookfield Place.  Greg currently works in Bow Valley Square which is in this photo but I can't remember if it is the short white building beside Brookfield or the one in the middle between Brookfield and Suncor.  Greg has worked in 8 different buildings downtown and 7 were with the same company haha.

I love this photo and looking down through the glass.  I think I need to frame this one somewhere.  When we were in NYC we went to the observation deck of the Empire State Building and I loved looking down from there too.  Greg not so much.

The girls got audio tour devices and Finley loved learning all about Calgary and the things she could see from the Tower. 

Here you can see the Saddledome and Stampede grounds and the building we moved to when I worked downtown after we left Suncor.  It's the shorter glass building on the right.

Lots of great photo ops for tourists and kids like mine hahaha

Penelope was upset her audio tour device ran out of batteries.  She was not interested in learning about the tower or the city but she found a piano playing game on it and that's why she was upset.

Finley trying to overcome her fear of heights and looking down.  She was still a little uneasy but she did pretty well. 

The black blog of a suv right near the overpass is our dodge journey.  The girls were excited to see it from the tower. 

Penelope was determined to break the glass before we left but was very unsuccessful - thank goodness!!!

We had such a great time visiting the Calgary Tower with Grandma Gail!!!

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