Tuesday, 28 June 2016

End of the School Year

 IToday is (finally) the last day of school!! It seems like everyone on our block has been done for such a long time! 

Penelope is officially a kindergarten graduate who will no longer spend her afternoons hanging out with me and instead will be fostering her ever growing mind with her fellow classmates in grade 1. Penelope's teacher was new to the school this year and she was/is amazing. She is such a great teacher and told them funny stories about her life and kept it very much real. She encouraged their wild imaginations and helped them grow from shy preschoolers to energetic grade oners. 

Penelope would like to be the next Taylor Swift when she grows up although that could very well change by the next time you see her. 

She loves to read, do puzzles, play games and anything shopkin related. She loves soccer, riding her bike, ice cream + sidewalk chalk. 

Penelope very much excels with structured routine and breaks from school are always a challenge so it will be interesting to see how she does over the summer. She has one summer camp lined up but that's it as far as structured, organized activity. 

Finley is excited to move to grade 2 but is also sad to leave her teacher. Although I was a little wary of her teacher at the beginning, she is very good at her job and getting the best out of her students.   Finley was put in advanced language arts for most of the year as her teacher was afraid she was getting bored with the grade 1 curriculum. There are 3 kids from all 3 grade 1 classes who participate in the LA program. Finley is also very sad to leave Ms M. 

Finley loves to read and is currently reading big chapter books. We have to force her to turn her light off at night because she gets so involved in her books. Math is her favorite subject and she also loves science and art. Her Star Wars drawings get better each time she does them. 

Finley has wanted to be an astronaut for years and this still rings true today. She plans on getting an engineering degree, moving to Houston and flying to the moon. She has expanded it though to a pink rocket ship not the standard white ones. She plans on bringing back moon rocks for all her friends + family. 

Finley is looking forward to camping + biking lots this summer, playing at the beach and going on her first ever overnight (for 5 nights!!) backpacking trip. She's very much her farther's child. 

On Friday of last week, the kindergartens had their farewell celebration. They performed for us and then grabbed a parent to teach them. Greg took the morning off so he could go so Penelope taught him the dance. It was oodles of cuteness. 

The fact that both girls are sad to leave their teachers speaks so much to how great they are and how amazing our school is. Greg and I have talked about moving communities but one of the things holding us back is the school the teachers, volunteers + students are so awesome and it's a great community to be a part of. As sad as we all are to say goodbye to Ms M + Miss H, I know we will again be blessed with 2 new teachers next year. And if we're lucky, maybe Penelope will get to be in Ms M's class! 

Today when both girls are done school, they will come to a few fun surprises. I have done this every year since Finley started at pace kids. It's all from dollarama, the dollar bins at Michaels + Walmart and a new beach towel and water bottle both which they desperately need. The two games in the middle I got on local buy n sell sites. I am hoping the new paper, crafts, markers + games will help ease rainy day boredom. 

Have a happy summer everybody! 

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