Monday, 13 June 2016

Fit Week In Review

This week was a busy week with lots of running in preparation for my half marathon next weekend.


Monday was really hot!!  I had bootcamp in the evening and it was 32 even a 7pm.  We ran one lap around the baseball diamond as part of the warm up and the rest was done on the mats.  It was nice to not have to run but man it was still hot.  We did crunches, burpees, lunges, squats and probably more.  It was definitely a good workout because I was sore for 2 days following it.


Tuesday saw me get up at 445 and be out the door by 5am to get my run in.  It was going to be another hot day and I didn't want to die during my run.  Even at 5am, it was already 19 but at least there was no sun shining down on me.  I got about 7.5km done for my short run. 


On Wednesday, I spent the morning walking around Fish Creek with Penelope's class and 2 other K classes. It was exhausting and I was still really sore from bootcamp on Monday and my run the day before.  

I didn't do any "real" exercise that day outside my walk at Fish Creek but I did spend almost 2 hours stretching, rolling, strengthening and getting my tight legs loose so I would be able to run my long run the following morning.  I finished up all of this and my legs were feeling really good except the inside of my thighs which was a first for me.  


On Thursday, my alarm went off at 430am and I was out the door by 445.  I had planned on running 18km but I took a bit of a short cut home and did 17.53.  I know it doesn't seem that short but mentally it felt like it would be.  It was a tough run and around the 13km mark I honestly thought I was going to die and contemplated calling Greg to pick me up but I pushed through and finished strong.  I gained the confidence needed to know that I could do the half next weekend.  My time wasn't even as bad as I thought it would be.  I stretched and rolled throughout the day so that I would not be sore the following day.  Running nearly 18km wore me out and I was in bed early that night.


Friday I went to bootcamp to make up for the class I missed on Wednesday.  My legs were feeling good despite running nearly 18km the day before - or so I thought.  We did a lot of running and man were my legs tired.  We ran the length of the field and then back and then completed some form of exercise for a total of 3 minutes combined with one minute rest.  We did this 10x.  I was sooooooo tired but it was good to keep my legs moving so that I didn't stiffen up at all. 


On Saturday, I took a much deserved rest day.  I had stayed up until after 3am the night before and was so tired.  The most exercise I got was walking from the car to the field to watch Finley + Penelope's technical training.  It was good to have a rare lazy Saturday.  It was the first weekend in months where we had absolutely no plans at all so we took advantage of that. 


On Sunday, I let myself sleep in so I didn't get to Fish Creek until just after 9am which is when I am normally getting home! I am tapering this week in preparation for my half so it was just 8km.  I definitely didn't hydrate myself enough the day before and it showed.  I must remember to drink TONS of water this week!!  My pace was around 7.01km which is not too bad for a slowish run.  After the run, I went home and cleaned our garage for a solid 4 hours.  When we finished that we went for a walk and got slurpees and then played at the park. I got home had a bath and then decided to go for a bike ride by myself to stretch out my legs a bit.  It was a pretty productive Sunday for me!

This coming week will be pretty slow exercise wise since I do have a half marathon on Sunday.  One bootcamp class, a few short runs, a massage and lots and lots of stretching, rolling and strengthening. And I must remember to hydrate all day every day so that my legs feel good on Sunday. 

What did you accomplish this week?? Any big goals for the coming week??

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