Sunday, 19 June 2016

Happy Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday since we are in Banff this morning for my half marathon.  We treated Greg to breakfast in bed with a danish from Cobs and flat white from Starbucks and then the girls spoiled them with the gifts they made for him at school as well as a case of Village Squeeze from Village Brewery which is a Father's Day tradition.  He says he needs it to put up with us haha.

I love this photo that Penelope's teacher put in their father's day cards.  This had always been on my to do list but never got around to it.  I love how fitting Penelope's dress is too.  It was all a coincidence.  Incidentally, Ms H forgot to give the cards out on Friday but she was able to give those with older siblings the cards to bring home.  

Finley had 3 gifts for Greg.  The poem above, the story below and a flower that she is going to drown before the day is done.  While I don't have much of a green thumb, I don't think it needs water every day!

Greg is the best and most selfless daddy that I know.  When he suggested I run the Banff Marathon and I told him when it was, he didn't even care.  He works so hard to provide such a great life for us and we are so incredibly blessed to be able to do the things we do because of him.  He is a great cook, cupcake decorator, lego builder, soccer coach, bike rider and fixer, hiker, camper and reader.  He works long hours and still comes home and does the girls' homework with them each night.  He has far more patience then I do for sure.  

Happy Father's Day Greg and thank you for being such an amazing daddy to our girls!

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