Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The Bachelorette Recap **spoiler**

What we are getting The Bachelorette 2 nights in a row??? How did we get so lucky? 🙄😜

It looks they got drunk and they are still hating on Chad. 

The host guy showed up and get 2 one on one dates and one group date. Again, if you don't get a rose on the one on one dates you automatically go home. Anybody who gets a rose is safe from elimination tonight. 

Chase gets the first one on one date for tonight's show. He did not have a date last week at all. 

Did they seriously toilet paper the house? Haha what a bender they must have been on.

Chase + JoJo's date takes them to a yoga studio that specializes in intimate yoga haha. It was kinda awkward. JoJo was wearing cute workout clothes. I wonder where they were from. They did an angergasm to start it off. It was weird. The couples yoga seems like a super hot date. I wonder if I can convince Greg to do that. They started kissing while straddling each other. I wonder if that's normal couple yoga behavior. Anyone know??!? Oh and where did the instructors go because now they were now all alone. The dinner/talking portion of the dates are all so emotional and cheesy in my opinion. And he got the rose at the end of the date so he gets to stay another day. And then she surprised him with a private concert with the guy from Lady Antebellum which was kinda cool. It's amazing how after one date he can feel completed and his heart has been filled with JoJo. Wait - doesn't she feel connected with every guy she's gone on a date with or spent one on one time with + feel like she could spend a future with them?? 

Daniel + Chad have quite the bromance together haha. 

Group date time!! Chad doesn't want to go on the group date and would rather go one on one with her later on. What a freaking douche. He reminds me of Blake Shelton which is why I don't think I like him. Jordan talking the trash hahaha. The trash talk humors me because there's no way ABC and the show's producers are letting JoJo eliminate Chad even if she doesn't want him around. He's good for ratings and drama. Guys are freaking crazier then girls. 

The group date is at a theatre. Chad did show up. I think it was The Vagina Monologues or something inspired by it. Oh it's called Sex Talk. The guys there had to share their sex secrets on stage. This should be funny. Jordan has nice hair. He's still my favorite. Chad doesn't want to do it. He doesn't want to share it. He thinks it's none of her business. She hasn't earned it yet. He's not wrong but he's kinda of an ass still though. Apparently Evan is using this to take Chad out but Greg (and I) think he is gonna go home tonight. Some of the stories were pretty funny. JoJo very much enjoyed it. Ohhhhh Evan is up now. What's he gonna do?!?!? He's talking about steroid overuse and the dangers and is implying that Chad does steroids. It was lame.  Chad + Evan had an altercation when he was going back to his seat. JoJo was not happy but she did go onstage with Chad. He told her that it wasn't about the past, it was about the future + tried to kiss her and she turned her face. It was great. He then threw the mic down and got booed. The dudes were all loving how Chad got shut down. But then they had to calm Chad down because he was gonna beat up Evan. He hurt his hand by punching a wall. They were calling it roid rage. I disagree with Jordan though I don't think he's gonna kill anybody. Simmer down boys. 

After the theatre they went for drinks so they could chat and relax. Jordan went and stole JoJo away to explain his past relationships. He wants to be able to open up with her and has feelings he hasn't had in a long time. It's so cheesy. He got some kissing action from JoJo. 

Anybody else notice all the IKEA on this show? Couches, pillows and a coffee table so far. 

Chad tried to break up some one on one time with JoJo and another guy. He got pushed away and then hung out like a foot away so they had to move because it was so awkward. They asked Chad what he thought about her turning away from his kiss and he said that she did it because she didn't want to kiss him in front of all the guys and people. I don't think that's the case. He thinks Evan is trying to make him pay for all the bullies he's encountered in his life time. 

Evan asked why Chad was there and then asked for an apology and a new shirt. Chad asked him to stay away from him basically everywhere and anywhere. Chad thinks Evan is wanting him to punch him. I had no idea Evan had 3 kids. How did I miss that? Chad is now stalking every one on one time that JoJo has had and commenting on it. It's kinda funny. Finally he gets his turn with JoJo. He's really cocky and arrogant and I don't think she likes it. He said that Evan was bullying the bully and she told him to quit being a bully. It was funny. He certainly turns on the sweet charm when he's with her. And now Evan crashed his one on one and it was so funny. Chad acts like he's already won JoJo's heart and the rest are just along for the ride. 

Evan is discussing Chad with JoJo and told her that if Chad stays then he was leaving. She appreciated Evan's thoughts + would take it in to consideration but if I were a betting woman, I would say Chad goes. 

Now it's time for the rose to be handed out but first she wants to talk to Evan. Oh the drama + suspense in the room. They are discussing his ultimatum. She can't make that choice. She wants to give him the rose but she isn't sure he will accept it. He, of course, will but what about Chad?? Are they just gonna co-exist until next week. Chad is not happy that he got the rose. The other guys are excited because they think Chad is going home. He actually just asked if this scenario was real. He's really not happy. She doesn't like that he's being disrespectful or this side of him. I still think he stays. 

The last one on one date card has arrived and James T got it. He's very excited.  

Seriously all of this talk about Chad + his behavior is getting old. They have a security guard now watching over him. These guys are obsessed and it's boring.
I think Chad is eating a raw sweet potato like I just ate my apple. Daniel is trying to help out Chad but not sure if like he will listen. 

The one on one is going old school. She wants to leave last night's drama behind and have fun with James T. They are going dancing for their first date. What is the surprise? It's like a flash mob of old school dancing. It kinda reminds me of Disneyland. It looks like a lot of fun. They are drinking in a old school car with the rose sitting on the windshield waiting to be handed out. It was sweet talking about how he got made fun of because he has big ears and a long neck and kids in school called him Luke Longneck. I get you James, I still get made fun of because of my big ears haha. And of course he got the rose. I really look forward to the day that someone doesn't get a rose. He's now surprising her with a song that he says is perfect for her. He seems pretty perfect to me. And then they made out. 

It's rose ceremony day. Security guard is still there, Chad is still working out. Don't all these dudes get bored talking about Chad? And do they believe that JoJo makes all these decisions alone.  Chris just showed up. He just talked to JoJo and she decided that there will be no cocktail party that night and they would go straight into the ceremony. But the good news was that there was going to be a all day pool party with JoJo. 

Evan just followed Chris out the door. Oh more drama and suspense. I am assuming it's about Chad. And I was right. There are cameras everywhere so they could go back to see it. I think Chad is a loser no doubt but I don't really think he's dangerous. Chris comes back into the room + wants to talk to Chad. Evan won't say anything to the rest of the guys. Chad denies everything of course. I am so shocked at all the drama amongst all the boys. I am really surprised by this. Chris is trying to help Chad and is encouraging him to make amends. But Chad is not happy about it. He walks into the room with all the dudes and then the show freaking ended!!!!! I have to wait until tomorrow to find out about the pool party drama and who gets sent home!!! 

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