Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Bachelorette Recap **Spoiler**

Who's gonna go home tonight?!

It starts off with chad trying to make peace and Evan demands an apology and a new shirt. Chad offered him $20. It was great. I really don't like Evan. James T says as long as they all get along its all good. But we all know the producers have other things in mind as we have seen from the previews. But how much is real and how much has been manipulated by them? 

JoJo shows up and is greeted by Chad. She ventures outside and it's time to start the pool party. Lots of shots and booze flowing. Everybody is having a good time. They all dive in and Evan comes up and is bleeding. Of course they all think it's Chad but he was no where near him. Make out session #1 of the day with Jordan commences. She doesn't know if he likes her as much as she likes him. I still find it weird how the star of the show makes out with 10 people a day likes it a normal part of life. Greg thinks it is and I am just old. 

Now Chad + JoJo are hanging out and he tried to explain his actions from the day before and then Evan steals her away. I mean, who didn't see that coming?!?! Chad is right though, most of these bachelors are acting like high school boys and not potential husbands. I kinda like Chad when he's not being so threatening but all his threatening to hit and beat these guys up just isn't cool.

Chris shows up and ends the pool party and quickly leaves with JoJo. Chad seems pissed and it looks like he's gonna cause a scene. He asks to talk to Derek and Evan asks if he needs back up. This made me giggle. Chad could squash Evan with his pinkie finger. Chad + Derek go talk and wants to clear things up. But he goes about it in a funny way but in a way that is so spot on Chad. All the boys are spying on the situation. Derek thinks Chad isn't into JoJo and just trying to get in front of the camera. Nothing dramatic or exciting transpired from their boring 'confrontation'. 

The boys are all dressed in their best suits for the rose ceremony.  JoJo arrives in a very sparkly dress. Chris asks if she knows what she is going to do. She thinks she does but I am not convinced. Evan probably thinks Chad is going home because of what he told JoJo yesterday. But if she keeps Chad does Evan give the rose back and leave like he said? If not, he's gotta go next week because he's clearly not someone who keeps his word and to me that's a deal breaker. They all want Chad to go home. 

The distributing of the roses has begun with grant getting the first one of the night. You know Chad will be last to be picked just to make it more suspenseful. Daniel the Canadian stays another week! So does Alex. I don't like Alex. We are down to the final rose - will Chad stay or go home? The question everyone in North America is asking themselves right now. Chad got the last rose as I suspected he would.  Evan's pissed but he's not making himself go home. 

JoJo wants to leave the drama behind and start fresh and to do that they are moving out of the mansion and going somewhere exciting. It's not in LA but that's all we know. After the commercial we find out they are in Pennsylvania. We see where they are staying and date cards have arrived.  They are staying in a really cute area of the state and at a really nice resort.

 Luke gets the first one on one date in the new digs. I like Luke. They went dog racing without the snow. It would have been a cool first date. They arrived at a wood burning tub and they need to cut the wood to heat it up. Her bikini was pretty cute. I really like it. The feeding of the strawberries might have been the cheesiest things I have seen and that's saying a lot haha. She honestly has the best time with all her dates 😂😂😂😂. They had an emotional, intimate connection over dinner and she gave him the rose. He was my next pick after Jordan.  She has one more surprise for him and it looks like a concert of some kind. It was Dan + Shay performing while they danced and of course kissed. 

Date card #2 arrives and it's a group date. Chad + Alex weren't included and they think it will be a 2 on 1 date with one of them going home immediately following the date.. The group date heads to Heinz Field via a boat. This is where the Steelers play. Ben the quarterback was standing on the field. Heinz Ward and some other steeler show up. They are all fans of the show. It was great seeing Evan struggle on the field. It would no funny if Jordan struggled hahaha. It was great seeing them so competitive.  Man I really don't like Evan.  Not even a little bit. Jordan was definitely showing off but I mean I would too if I were him. Evan is bleeding again. At least they can't blame it on Chad this time. Team blue wins + gets a date with JoJo. Team white is feeling pretty defeated in more ways then one. 

Team blue goes to a cocktail party and they are eager to spend time with JoJo and they discuss the struggle of her dating all the other guys at the same thing.  She always had so many questions every time she sees Jordan and it is really starting to stress him out.  He tries to open up to her but not sure if it's enough for her. He holds back unlike a lot of the other guys. I was wrong. It was enough for her. Now it's time for the rose and my money was on Jordan and I was right!!!!  

Meanwhile, we check back with the 3 dudes not on the group date and it was super tense. Poor Luke is stuck in the middle. Luke is looking super hot in that beanie. 😍😍.  Eventually team white shows back at the house. They are still glum. The two on one date card arrives. One will not be coming back. This is appearing to be drama filled but I think it won't be nearly as exciting when the time comes.

Suitcases are packed and ready for the 2 on 1 date. Who will be going home? I don't care much for either guy to be honest. They are going hiking and taking in nature. I do agree that Chad has a better connection with JoJo then Alex does but all the threatening of the other bachelors is just not cool.  This date was so awkward and full of tension. Alex had one on one time with JoJo first told her all about the drama at the house, all of his threats and specifically how he threatened he was going to find Jordan after the show and kick his ass.  As you can imagine, threatening Jordan (or probably threatening in general, but more so Jordan) was the breaking point for JoJo. It's not looking good for Chad.  JoJo mentions that Chad's mom died about 6 months and yes I understand that people grieve in different ways but promoting violence is not how a nearly 30 year old man should be acting even when grieving.  Chad walks over to where Alex is + tells him he's not very happy with him. He's not mad, just disappointed. And then he threatens him with violence. I don't understand why he constantly needs to resort to violence.  It's really not cool.  JoJo returns to the blanket and the rose magically appears at the bottom of it. I am pretty sure that Chad is going home and rightfully so.  His talking of threats and violence could be just an act or a cover for something but this is not a quality you want in any person - especially a potential future husband.  

Some guy comes and gets chad's suitcase and the boys rejoice and the alcohol is freely flowing. Alex and JoJo are making out somewhere and Chad is shown back at the resort banging on the doors wanting to get in.  The guys just stand there watching the door as the show ends.  They then show a preview for the next episode ( in 2 weeks!!) and it looks like some pretty insane shit goes down or at least that is what they are making it out to be.  I am a little disappointed that I have to wait 2 weeks for this episode (who have I become ?!?!).

Since there is no episode next week, I am going to do a post on Unreal which is a television show based on shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.  

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