Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sandy Beach Park

Last week after soccer camp, we packed ourself a picnic and headed over to Sandy Beach Park for some fun in the sun.  It was supposed to be a nice day so we might as well take advantage of it considering all the rain we had the week before.

I had only ever been here on my bicycle so I ended up parking at the top of the hill and so we had to walk all the way down.
The girls were hot and had just finished playing soccer for 3 hours so they wanted to have a rest and I thought these benches were the perfect spot for both a rest and photo opportunity.

As we continued down the hill, we came across parking lot #1 which made me glad that we parked up top after seeing how small it was and watching another vehicle have a tough time get out.  And then I saw parking lot #2 which is the one here and I became really annoyed with myself.  Thankfully the girls were not too upset with least not yet. This parking lot is a very very short walk to the "sandy beach" area of the park.  

The girls were hungry so we ate lunch first.  Again, another lame picnic lunch on my part haha.  Actually I didn't even have a lunch.  I had spent most of the morning looking for Finley's wallet that I forgot to pack my lunch and then i had to go get the girls from camp and had no time!!

Finley checking out the water.  It was cold so she barely put a foot in before heading back to the blanket to relax she said. Tough life being almost 8.

The last time we were here, it was Penelope who ventured out first and stayed in the longest and this time it was no different.  Here she is mid skip.

For awhile we had the whole place to ourselves with the occasional floating device passing us by.  But soon, it was packed full of people enjoying the cool water on the hot day.  The girls skipped rocks, collected rocks and imagined rocks being cool things based on their shapes and they made rock castles.  They really had a good time.  We got ready to leave and a ton of kids showed up from the camp that was near by and so it was good timing on our part.

This was part of our view walking down the path towards the hill and Finley saw the long steep hill in the distance.  She remembered it from when we biked to Village Ice Cream which is down the street and around the corner from there.  She still remembers hating it.  In fact, she was like "I remember that hill.  It was horrible." It most definitely was and still is horrible.

This is the playground currently at Sandy Beach Park.  It is incredibly unspectacular.  They are doing phase 2 of their construction plan and I did notice that part of the playground had been dug up so I am hoping that they are expanding it and making it a bit more adventurous.
This was the hill we had to walk up.  Our car was behind that power pole, well maybe a half a block behind that pole.  It was a long walk up and Penelope did ask if they could just wait in the middle and I go get the car.  I told her that wasn't an option and that we were almost there.  I did notice a lady with 2 kids and loads of gear getting ready to walk down the hill.  I asked her if she walked here or drove and she had indeed driven so I saved her from the mistake I had made and told her about the parking lot at the bottom.  Her kids were probably much happier then mine were when they left.  To make up for my mistake, I did treat us all to slurpees on the way home.

We had a great time here and we look forward to coming back before the girls head back to school in August but next time I will definitely park in the right parking lot :)

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Haysboro Natural Play Space

Last Monday, I picked the girls up from soccer camp and surprised them with a picnic lunch at the natural park in Haysboro, which wasn't too far from the site of camp anyways.  Natural playgrounds are designed to encourage to use their imaginations as well as be more connected to nature.  This one is located at 1204 89th Ave SW.  We have also been to the natural playgrounds located at St. Patrick's Isand and the East Village which are both super fantastic.

This was on top of one of the hills and was where we sat and had our picnic.  You can roll down the hill for extra fun and excitement.  

As you can see almost all of the equipment is made out of natural materials with some additional supplies.  There are logs scattered throughout the park for additional seating. 

Enjoying our lunch.  It was definitely nothing fancy as I kinda threw it all together last minute.  I need some picnic lunch ideas, anybody have some good ones to pass my way?

This one was probably the favourite one of the girls.  It was a balance beam made out of rope with some rope and posts for balance.  

Finley had no problem getting into what they called the spiderman apparatus but Penelope struggled and it made her so mad. 

This park also has metal slides like St Patrick's Island does but these ones have no awning over them like the other park.  Last summer after St Patrick's opened, kids were getting burns from the hot slide heated by the sunshine so it's covered now, which also helps with the mud.  This park has no awning and while it was quite warm that day, the kids didn't complain once about the slide being too hot.

They have some built in rocks that serve as a seating area.  It is in an oval shape and has good views of the park so you can see your kids.  

The swing set is kinda basic but it was the busiest part of the park.  It had 2 bigger kids swings as seen here and then beside it, it has 2 baby swings too so nobody is left out. 

By the time we left the park, Penelope had mastered the art of getting up and down from this piece of equipment and was quite happy about it.  This is a fun little park that is most likely different then any park currently within your community unless of course, your community has one of these.  We had a really good time there and the girls are already asking to go back again.  

You can find a complete list of natural playgrounds HERE

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The Bachelorette Recap **Spoilers**

The show starts off with the rose ceremony and first rose goes to Jordan.  Second rose went to Robbie and that made my sister very upset.  Who gets the last rose?? Chase or Luke??  Luke went home and this made my sister even more upset.  Now they are saying their sad goodbyes....  JoJo seems quite upset over saying goodbye to Luke and he is also just as upset but very much in shock.  Actually I think he is more mad then upset.  

Greg and Kristy are arguing about the show so I may miss a lot....just a heads up

She misses him already.  This is going to be quite possibly the worst episode of all time. 

They are in some exotic location that has nice beaches.  Thailand maybe?

She meets up with Robbie at some crazy market and is so excited to see him.  Although she hasn't told him that she loves him, he feels it from her.  I just don't see it happening though.  I still can't believe she sent home Luke.  He was in my final 2 with Jordan.  Kissing in the rain how romantic and oh so cheesy.  Producers must have loved how mother nature cooperated with them.  And I was right, they are in Thailand.  The red dress she was wearing on the night date with Robbie was on point.  I loved it!!  I kinda tuned out during dinner until Robbie brought out some letter that his dad wrote him about JoJo and the confusion about his ex girlfriend.  She is touched and he tells her to keep it to remind her that he loves her.  So corny.  He tells her that he loves her again but she doesn't say it back to him.  But does make out with him of course.   He gets the fantasy suite invite that Chris has given to JoJo him.  He is excited because he doesn't have to dream about her tonight because he can dream beside her instead.  It's now morning and they wake up together happy and i guess in love???  They are having breakfast in bed in between kisses.  She says she is in love with him and almost told him that she loved him last night but didn't.  She wants to be cautious.  She gets dressed and leaves to go hook up with the next guy she is gonna take to the fantasy suite.  

Next up is JoJo's date with Jordan.  He shows up to the beach in a boat and they are excited to see each other.  He missed her.  They are going on a steep, challenging hike and it should be fun.  She's not in love with him yet but she will be hahahha.  It looks like an intense hike.  They made it to the halfway point and the views are pretty nice.  They go into a cave which would be pretty awesome.  They walk down into it.  It looked utterly amazing.  I need to go hike Thailand now.  They are getting closer to the temple so she has to cover up since you can't show your shoulders.  They can't kiss because it is sacred and they want to respect it but it is really hard for them to not be all over each other.   So they say.  They have a passionate connection but she wants to make sure they have an emotional connection too.  They chit chat about family and other stuff and kinda tune out but it goes to commercial with JoJo wondering if this is indeed too good to be true.  It is now dinner time and her dress tonight is not even close to being as nice as the red one with Robbie.  They are talking what their future would be like.  What does the next year look like??  He has no idea and that makes her nervous.  He wants to spend the rest of his life with her.  She brings up Ben.  Nobody should ever bring up their ex up as much as she does with new boyfriends.  Like how can you be moving on and wanting to fall in love and get married when you are still not clearly over the other guy.  Jordan reassured her that he is in love with her and she is happy with this so  hands him the invite to the fantasy suite.  Is the same suite that they use with all 3 guys??  That would be so weird and gross even for this show.  He says yes of course.  They are walking to the suite so we should see shortly if it is the same.....oh and thank goodness it is different.  He shuts the door and then we go to commercial.....  It is now morning time and there is breakfast waiting for them outside the bedroom and for the second time in a row she said "we're eating our first breakfast together" haha can't wait to hear that again later with Chase.  She gets dressed and leaves because she has her final date.  

And now it's Chases's turn for one on one with JoJo.  Her outfit is pretty cute.  He shows up on a motorbike and she is surprised.  They of course missed each other.  There is tons of fish where they are and Chase touches it and picks it up which traumatizes JoJo.  She loves his playful personality.  They are cruising on a cute little boat around Thailand.  Looks quite pretty. The wild monkeys would be so awesome to see.  

Robbie shows up to the suite that JoJo lives in.  This very much upset my sister haha.  It seemed like a dick move to show up in the middle of a date with another guy.  I didn't like robbie before but I like him even less now.  She loves Robbie and Jordan and could see herself falling in love with Chase.  Tough first world problem there JoJo.  

Not loving the dress she is wearing to dinner with Chase.  She had a great time and tells him that.  He tells her that he is scared about the whole idea of this and all the other guys and stuff.  Makes sense to me.  It would be hard to love someone knowing that they are still hooking up with other guys and even more so, knowing that she could choose one of them over you.  She gives him the fantasy suite invite.  And he of course says yes.  I like Chase but I still don't think she chooses him.  He tells her that he loves her and she thanks him.  She is surprised that she doesn't feel the same way about him.  She is doubting her choice and so she leaves him temporarily to go outside to breathe.  And this prompts my sister to like JoJo a lot less haha.  She knows she has to say goodbye and she doesn't know how to do it.  She comes back in to talk to Chase.  She tells him she has been waiting for him to tell her that he loved her and that she basically doesn't feel the same way about him.  He seems to be handling it better then Luke did that's for sure.  Although he just did chug that wine glass.  Ok now, he is getting upset.  He is actually shattered friends.  He is regretting everything he said to her.  He is handling it just as bad as Luke did, if not maybe worse.  She again as upset as she was when she sent Luke home.  He gets up, hugs her and then they leave the not so fantasy suite.  He's definitely bitter about getting the fantasy suite card and then being sent home.  He compared it to having your pants kicked down and getting kicked in the nuts.  That might be the best line in the history of this season of the bachelorette.  

Seriously  I had no idea it would be Jordan and Robbie as the final 2.  I doubt anybody saw that coming.

JoJo feels very confident that she has made the right choices in terms of her final 2 bachelors.  She now goes to see Robbie and Jordan.  She is telling them that she sent Chase home and then low and behold he shows up and he wants to talk to her.  I wonder how much product Jordan uses in his hair so his pouf doesn't move.  Back to Chase.....he cares too much to let it end this way.  He doesn't want a second chance but that he is proud of her and thinks she is amazing and that he isn't mad at her for what she did.  He wants what is best for her even if it isn't him.  And that is heart is open for her if he realizes down the road that she did actually love him.  He leaves and of course now JoJo is crying and upset that she didn't fall in love with him.  They must use a lot of make up to keep her puffy eyes under control considering all the crying she has done.  

The rose ceremony begins and gives her last 2 roses to the last 2 guys.  

Next week is the finale.....GO TEAM JORDAN!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is the bachelors tell all which I have not watched before but need to so I know if Evan is gonna ask for money from Chad to replace the shirt that he ripped hahahahahahahahah.  I don't know if I will blog about that so you will have to check back Wednesday morning to see.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Fit Week In Review

I had grand plans of following one of those weekly workout things that you can find on pinterest because Shannon is on vacation this week which meant no bootcamp.  I found an all body workout and an abs one and saved them on my iPhone so they would be easy to access.  However, it basically never happened but it wasn't a complete wash.  I did get some stuff in.

On Monday I had a sore spot that started in my bum and led into the side of my leg.  I spent most of the trying to loosen up the tightness but it sucked and it hurt a lot.  Greg used my lacrosse ball on it and I nearly died but it worked a lot.  I spent a lot of my day doing the double pigeon and figure 4 poses as they seemed to help a lot.  

Step Count: 8, 325


Tuesday morning I dropped the girls off at soccer camp and headed to the Running Injury Clinic to get my left leg looked at.  I was optimistic Shari could fix me up because she has done too many times before hahahaha.  It turns out that it was just Pirformis Syndrome.  The performis muscle is a tiny muscle located deep in the bum, underneath the gluteal muscles.  It is the most well known of the muscles known as the hip rotator cuff.  Shari massaged it really good and stretched it out and then used the current machine on it.  It felt so much better when I left.  I have to keep rolling it out with the foam roller or my lacrosse ball since there is a large knot in it and I need to calm it down.  I also have to do lots of monster walks which is squat walks with an resistance band loop which I usually do daily too.  It shouldn't affect my running the sea wheeze at all unless I hurt myself somewhere else which isn't completely unlikely since I am the clumsiest person in the whole world. 

I didn't feel like going all the way home after physio and then back near this way to get the girls from soccer camp so I decided to leave my car parked at Glenmore Landing and head out for a quick run.  I didn't tape my right knee and I instantly regretted it.  I only ended up running 1.3 km but it was nice to get out there and enjoy the nice weather.  The tape went back on that night before we went Pokemon hunting in Fish Creek.

Step Count: 17, 645


I got up early today and went for a run.  I could have slept in and gone when the girls were at soccer camp but truthfully I had been busy their first 2 days of camp and I was craving quiet alone time at home.  I ran 5km with a pace just under 7 and it felt pretty good.  My right knee was a little sore thanks to me not wearing tape yesterday and my left hip felt ok.  I could feel the tightness in it a bit so I made a mental note to work it pretty hard today when I did my stretching/rolling/strengthening exercises.

I can't lie, it was tough getting in my stretches and rolling today.  After soccer camp, we had a picnic lunch at Sandy Beach Park and spent the afternoon outside in the hot sun.  Eventually though, I turned on netflix and i buckled down and got it in. Yay me haha.  The knot doesn't seem to be as deep and has spread a bit which I think is good.  

Step Count: 15, 491


Thursday was spent the same as Monday with mostly just stretching, strengthening and using my lacrosse ball on my  hip.  I carry this ball everywhere I go and if I have a few spare moments I am digging it in to the muscle to loosen it up.  I don't want to have any hip pain when I run in the morning!

Step Count: 7,719  


Friday I ran 10km free of any pain or discomfort which was really good.  I felt solid the whole time.  

Step Count: 22, 439


Saturday the girls and Greg went backpacking in Kananaskis and because I had a long run to do on Sunday morning, I stayed behind.  I spent 6 hours cleaning every square inch of our house and then I took a break and went for a nice long bike ride around the neighbourhood before stopping to get some groceries at Sobeys.

Step Count: 17, 376


On Sunday I was up and out of the house by 530 for my 18km run.  I wanted to get it over with before it got too hot.  I ran really well my first 10 km and then my pirformis flared up a bit but nothing like the last 2 weeks.  I cancelled my physio appointment for tomorrow and will keep stretching and rolling it out before my last 18km run next weekend.  If it is still bothering me then I will go see Shari again before the SeaWheeze.  18 more days until we run!

Step Count: 23, 750

Weekly Step Count Total: 112, 645

Friday, 22 July 2016

Five (Six) On Friday

ONE:  I was randomly walking through my neighbourhood walmart looking for a veggie spiralizer (which they had none!!!! where can i find one??) and I came across this beautiful Pioneer Woman collection.  I really wanted to buy it all but I don't need any of it since all of my plates and serving dishes are white and they don't really work with all this pattern.  I did buy 2 of the tea mugs though and I so desperately wish they had a mug in that yellow pattern bowl on the third and forth rows.  How beautiful are they??  I might go back and buy those teal dessert bowls...

TWO:  Pokemon Go finally showed in the Apple Apps store on Sunday and Greg was on there trying to connect to the Pokemon server to get his character.  He finally got it and was very excited and soon he had the girls convinced that it was the best thing ever.  They have spent hours hunting down pokestars, pokestops and hatching eggs and they are loving every minute of it.  They went out in the rain on Sunday and ran into others doing the same.  This also happened later that night on our way home from Sushi.  I drove home and they walked home in the rain while hunting away.  On Monday, they went hunting after supper and ended up getting caught in a crazy storm that hit our area pretty bad so I had to go pick them up as they took cover in Subway.  Ironically enough they caught 2 of them while waiting for me in there.  On Tuesday night, they insisted I join them and we went to Fish Creek and it was full of people and families doing the exact same thing.  It was fun seeing the kids so excited.  I don't have the game on my iPhone and I am the least gamey person in the whole world - I don't even have a single game on my iPhone or iPad!!  - but I love the whole idea behind Pokemon Go.  People are getting out of the house instead of being inside playing on their phone or gaming systems and they are meeting other gamers doing the same thing.  I have seen SO many people randomly walking around our neighbourhood, in all age groups, doing this.  With so much crap going on in the world right now, it's really great to see something bring so many people together. 

THREE:  We finally caved and bought a new washer when we got back from BC.  It was leaking more and it beep that it would be done washing and then you would open it and water would come gushing out or it would just keep your clothes locked in the washer and I would have to go downstairs to turn the breaker off to reset the washer to get my clothes out of it.  We bought the LG because Greg had looked on consumer reviews to see which was best.  We had our current one for 8 years and it had problems throughout the time with us so we knew we didn't want another one of those.  I had seen an advertisement for a Samsung one that had a secret door in the middle of the big door to throw in clothes that you forgot to put in the first time.  But Greg wasn't sold on it and I would have had to wait until August 3rd to get it and that wasn't an option for us at this point.  We had to tear out the counter that Greg  had installed because this washer was 3 inches taller or something like that.  I was very sad.  It still isn't properly back in yet but at least it is functional again.  We didn't get the dryer when we replaced the washer because I thought that because they were both white, it wouldn't matter and why spend another $800 if you don't have to.  However, once it arrived and it was all set up, I immediately regretted it.  That being said,  we are still holding off in buying one since we have a disney trip coming up and then christmas and I am pretty sure  we will need to replace our dishwasher and our water heater so trying to make good financial decisions and not deplete our savings accounts recklessly.  I am very happy with my new washer even if it doesn't match our dryer. It is fancy, has a nice sound when a load finishes and it gets my clothes very clean without holding them hostage and no leaks!!!!

FOUR:  I never did write a post on the girls soccer season that finished up the end of June.  Both girls were on the same U8 team and made so much progress from the beginning to the end of the season.  Penelope was the youngest player out of all 4 girls teams but by the end she was blocking and scoring goals.  Finley, we discovered, plays much better when her sister is not around.  Penelope missed one game because she wasn't feeling well and Greg said the difference in Finley's play was insane.  She is constantly competing with her sister and it affects her play for sure.  We now know going forward to make sure they are never on the same team again although I don't think that we will bump Penelope up a level anymore since she is now playing more competitively at this level then the other outdoor leagues.  Both girls will be playing developmental indoor soccer this fall - Finley will be un U10 and Penelope in U8.  Our last game was flooded out due to an insane rain storm that flooded the streets and fields where we play so there was no photo of them receiving their trophy's so here is a photo from the soccer tournament they were in earlier in June. 

FIVE:   Right after we got back from BC, the girls had eye appointments on Monday morning.  Both girls did really well and Finley was excited she got to do the big girl eye exam and read sentences.  For the 2nd year in a row, Finley's eyes saw no change which is good.  I mean, it would be great if they got better but we are happy that they haven't gotten worse.

Penelope's prescription changed but that doesn't mean that her eyes are getting worse just that she is getting more accurate with her testing and they didn't want to go full throttle with her full prescription when she first got glasses 3 years ago.  A lot of kids her age are very inconsistent with their responses but Dr. K did each test 3x and she got the same results each time which is really good!

SIX:  And I have one more so I guess it is Six On Friday hahaha.  Last week was Stampede and I went to 2 concerts.  The first one was Thomas Rhett and the second was Zac Brown Band but I added the photos incorrectly and I don't want to change it so I will start first with the ZBB.

This concert was amazing.  ZBB are just insane live.  They put on such an full, fantastic concert.  I was mesmerized the whole time.  They did tons of their own music plus some great covers like Bohemian Rhapsody, Enter Sandman (this photo below is from that one), S.O.B, and surprisingly enough, Into The Mystic which was mine and Greg's wedding song.  We had the Van Morrison version though but this was pretty great to see.  I honestly never ever thought I would ever see my wedding song sung live anywhere, let alone by ZBB. I also had no idea that there were so many members of the band, I think we counted 8 or 9 which is just crazy.  It might just be the biggest band out there these days.  Although swing bands might have more but I mean mostly main stream artists.  If you ever get the opportunity to see them live, go do it.  It is seriously worth every single cent. 

On Tuesday night, we went to Thomas Rhett at the Cowboy's Stampede tent.  It was a disaster trying to get down to the grounds.  We had yet another storm with flash flooding that caused the trains to be stopped at Heritage because Southland was under water.  So because I needed Greg home so I could go, I drove to the Heritage Station which took me an hour from my house.  This is like 3x as long as normal.  The lights were out at the Anderson and whatever that street is between the mall and Willow Park so there were delays in either direction for miles and miles and miles.  Once I got Greg, we attempted to head back south so Michelle could pick me up but we were never going to make it back home in time so we drove back downtown and had supper at our favourite vietnemese place and waited until my friends got downtown. It then took Greg more then an hour to get back home.  But it was all worth it.  At least for me it was.  The rain stayed away and the concert was awesome.  Cole Bradley kicked it off.  He is 18 and from Calgary and was really really good.  Next up was Brett Kissel who was most recently on tour opening up for Garth Brooks.  He was so good.  I knew a few songs before the concert but left a much bigger fan.  I downloaded all of his songs on Apple Music the next day.  Finally Thomas Rhett came on.  And if you know me, you know how much I love Thomas Rhett.  He is one of my most favourite singers around!!  He was so good and even though he was hard to see at times, it was so worth it.  Kelly and I kept pushing our way into the massive crowds and eventually by the last few songs, we were pretty close.  I hope he comes back to Calgary so I can see him in a much more "normal" setting hahaha. 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Myra Canyon Provincial Park/KVR Trestle Trail

**This was supposed to post last Thursday but I forgot to publish it**

The whole reason we went on holidays in the Okanagan was because of the KVR Trestle Trail.  Once a month, Greg meets up with some people he used to work with at WP and someone was telling him about it.  Then a guy he works with currently told him it was really good so he looked into it and reservations were made.  

The KVR trail goes throughout the Okanagan and we encountered on other parts of our trip as posted in earlier blogs last week.  This particular trail we were riding was in the Myra-Bellevue provincial park.

It's a long narrow road to get from civilization and it gave me a headache.  When we got to the top finally, it was so cold and windy and spitting.  We were all in shorts and I was not wanting to participate in the least.  But I pouted and got on my bike and tried to make the best of it. 

This turned into a park only because people would bike and hike the abandoned trestles and a few fell to their death so they formed the Myra Canyon Restoration Society and made it safe for people to use. 

Crossing our first trestle.  There are 18 trestles in total but we didn't cross that many.  I am not sure how many we crossed but I know it wasn't that much.  All the bridges were originally made from wood and but have been rebuilt surrounded by steel.  I know they didn't want to close the bridge in the 1960s so they kept the bridges opened and built around it so that it would be fire proof and more stable.  I don't know if this was the case for all of the bridges or not.  The retaining walls were made of stone but at the beginning of the trail, there was a portion made out of wood that was destroyed by a forest fire in 2003.  It was replaced by Gabion blocks faced with timber to recapture the historic value of the structure.  

We were lucky enough to bike through 2 tunnels which we all loved.  They originally wanted more tunnels but in a lot of places, the rock wasn't stable enough to make them so they blew it up instead and in some areas you rode between the rock which was also really cool.

These are telegraph poles that are on the edge of the bank that carried the telegraph wire, which ran over glass insulators.  This was one of my favourite things to see. 

These are some of the original railroad rails.  These were upgraded 2x over the course that the train ran them with the last one happening in 1950.

Going into the second tunnel

The only s shaped trestle in the valley

Family selfie at the 6.5km mark of the trail and where we turned around and incidentally, was the largest and longest trestle in the valley.  

Another view of the largest trestle in the valley

The girls on the first trestle.  Greg captured this  by riding around the one side which had a path from before the trestle was safe to cross. 

Ironically enough, as much as I hated the thought of doing this and how much I didn't want to do this bike ride, it ended up being my most favourite part of the entire trip.  Anybody who is the Kelowna area should absolutely do this trail and if you don't have a bike, you can hike it or  you can rent bikes at the top.  It's wide enough to take  your chariot or bike trailer too!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Bachelorette Recap **Spoilers**

I saw a preview on Facebook and if what I saw is to be true, then I have been waiting for this episode all season long.  Let's go see if I am right or not....

It's hometown date episode and the 4 boys left are Jordan, Luke, Chase and Robbie who, by the way, could all pass as brothers they look so similar to each other.  She definitely has a type. 

They kick out the hometown episode in Colorado with Chase.  And they found a spot without a single drop of snow on it and laid a blanket down so they could have a heart to heart chat about his divorced family.  And then they kiss because that makes everything better on this show.  She's very happy that he opened up to her because he really hasn't been doing that at all.  He takes her to his house and then his dad shows up to meet JoJo.  I love how the dad is like do you actually get to spend some time together hahahahahahha.  Even he thinks the whole concept of this show is weird.  Chase says they do and that when they do it is just "out of this world".  I wonder how awkward it was for his dad to have his divorce from Chase's mom brought up like that since it happened like 20 years ago and probably isn't something they discuss much at all, if any, anymore.  And then to ask him why it didn't work out the first time round but it is the second time.  The dad didn't seem surprised at all by these questions or flustered so my bet is that he was prepped ahead of time.  Then the dad and Chase had some one on one time together.  I lol'd when he had to confirm that what he and JoJo had was "real".  

Now Chase and JoJo are off to meet the rest of his family.  It's so weird how huggy they are all with her.  Maybe it is just me hahaha.  They are sitting down for dinner and he's like i hope you guys see what I see in her....who says like that in front of said girl while at the dinner table??  So awkward.  JoJo giggles because she is probably (maybe??) embarrassed by this and his mom says she has a spectacular laugh haha.  Although if you have been on The Bachelor and now on The Bachelorette you probably have a low sense of embarrassment at this point.  Mom and JoJo go for a little one on one with some wine in the snow,  it;s amazing how mild it must be there for them to have no toques or jackets on, sitting on a deck in March.  I kinda tuned out for the rest of their conversation because I am bored by all of the "divorce" talk.  I don't think my views on marriage or relationships was shaped much at all by parents divorce.  I certainly was never cynical about any of it anyways.  And the chat between him and sister was the same.  I don't think it matters whether or not you come from a broken home if you can or cannot say the "love" word.  I think it is just a lame excuse.  But that is just my opinion.  I was really annoyed at this point so I fast forwarded to him talking to his mom which I assume is also going to be boring.  JoJo and Chase make out in the snow but not cold weather.  He tells her that he is falling in love with her and her response is you never say stuff like that hahahahahha.  She will miss him she says and they hug and then she leaves.  

All the previews of JoJo in that dress and she is crying - is she upset over a boy or because her dress is so ugly.  Sorry friends if you are liking it, but I am definitely not.  

So it is a commercial break and I read about the Jordan - Aaron relationship fall out and I have no idea if it is true or if it will come out in the next segment so I will talk about it here.  Apparently Aaron's fiancee Olivia Munn (actress; I only know her from The Newsroom but I am sure there is others) set up Jordan with her personal trainer (don't remember her name.  Britney or Jessica maybe??) and apparently Jordan cheated on her and Olivia took the trainer's side in the break up and Aaron sided with her and that upset the family so now Aaron has no relationship with his family because of this.  No idea how true this is but apparently when the jilted (and perhaps fame seeking) ex girlfriend posted on her IG account that Jordan cheated on her, Olivia liked it.  Ok commercial is over....

JoJo is surrounded by deer in Jordan's hometown in Chico, California to meet his family.  I am not sure if she is more excited to see Jordan or all the deer!!  They are excited to see each other and they have apparently missed each other.  She seems more excited to see him (or the deer??) then she was Chase.  But I don't think Chase is a real contender imo.  He lives in Nashville but this is where he calls home because it is where his family lives and he loves it there.  They hit up his high school first because that it where it all started and the school had a Welcome Home Jordan + JoJo with a rose on their electronic sign outside the school.  Not sure what they are actually called but we will go with that as I am sure you know what I am talking about anyways haha.  They both love it and kiss because of it.  There must not be anything in Chico if they are walking around his school campus and meeting one of his favourite coaches of all time....  He went around and introduced her to all his teachers because he loves her and he likes sharing this aspect of his life with her.  This is so strange to me.  Do "real" couples and people do this?  I never thought for one moment of my life to do this with Greg????  And then they are making out in the library between the aisles.  Quite possibly the cheesiest thing I have seen in a long time which says a lot considering I watch this show haha.  All 3 Rodgers brothers have their photos on the walls in the gym room and he seemed quite disinterested when JoJo pointed out a photo of Aaron.  Although that could have been all the work of camera angles and producers, we don't know for sure.  JoJo is worried that his parents are too skeptical of the whole bachelorette thing and won't like her.  She is also the first girl that Jordan has brought home since his ex, which I am assuming is Olivia's personal trainer.  This also makes her nervous.  Her being JoJo of course haha. 

JoJo is bringing flowers for Mrs Rodgers and I can't tell if that is her purse that Jordan is carrying or another gift of some kind.  I am totally loving the colour and style of the Rodger's chico home!!!  That green is amazing.  All 3 Rodgers boys look so much a like even with Luke's beard.  They seem like a pretty normal family but of course there were 2 painfully obvious empty seats at the end of the table that were a sad reminder that Aaron and Olivia were missing from this family.  So cheesy.  Luke and JoJo go chat alone and she brings up Aaron.  She says that it seems like Jordan misses him and is in pain over the situation but doesn't like to talk about and Luke confirms that sentiment and that it is like that for all of them.  He is optimistic that it will come full circle and God will bring them back together like they should be.  Luke is impressed that Jordan shared this with her so that must mean he is really into her.  ***Insert cheesy eye roll here***  Aaron is blurred out in the photos they show of him so he must not have ok'd ABC to use his likeness on the show.   Now Jordan and Luke are chatting on the porch.  I am still loving the colour of their house.  JoJo now is chatting with his dad and he talks about how happy Jordan is and is intrigued by the whole bachelorette thing.  Nothing monumental to speak of either way.  Kinda boring but I don't fast forward it because I like these two together.  She is falling in love with him  she says.  I don't recall if she has said that about any of the other remaining dudes.  This makes me happy.  Now, Jordan and his ma are talking one on one.  I wonder if Luke's girlfriend is disappointed she's not getting any one on one time with the bachelor or bachelorette haha. 

The visit is winding down and Jordan and JoJo are getting ready to say their goodbyes to each other.  Jordan says he loves her and wants to be with her but JoJo is still scared that if it is them in the end, does he really, truly want it to be forever.  She wants to tell him that she loves him but she's so scared because of what Ben did to her in the bachelor season which I did not and will not ever watch.  He promises her that he won't hurt her and that he won't propose if he didn't believe it didn't work.  I trust him because I love him hahahahha. 

And now it's Robbie's hometown date and I am not really into him at all.  I don't think he's really over his ex girlfriend who he only broke up with a few months previously and I don't think they have much of a connection.  It is going to be Luke and Jordan for the final 2 bachelors imo.   But back to the boring hometown date with Robbie....

Robbie lives in St. Augustine, Fl.  He is referring to her as his girlfriend.  I don't know how accurate that is considering she has 3 other dudes she's hooking up with.  He is hoping for her to tell him she loves him but I don't think it is gonna happen.  OMG a horse and carriage.  For real???  This takes the cake for cheesiest moment of the show officially.  I had no idea that it was so european like.  I have no idea where it is exactly in Florida but I would like to visit it perhaps. She has moments that she thinks she is falling in love with him (boo) but is conflicted because of the ex girlfriend.  I tuned out during their one on one chat about ex's and what not.  Apparently reading about the RNC on twitter was far more fascinating for me.  Sorry friends.  

She is taking flowers to his mom too.  Did she take flowers to Chase's mom too and I missed it??  And he has gifts too.  I must have missed it with the first guy.  The whole family is waiting for her and him to arrive.  He has a huge family.  They all love her of course.  Has there ever been a case in the history of either show where the family hated the bachelor/ette??  Chase is now chatting with his little bros about JoJo.  Every one on one with a brother or father or mother is the same.  The dude tells them he is in love and the other people are like oh i can tell.  I need something more exciting then this....back to twitter I go....hahaha.  JoJo is now chatting with his mom and they are talking about how in touch he is with his feelings and how much they love that.  He sounds like a real mama's boy.  The ex girlfriend is brought up to absolutely nobody's surprise, she asks the mom what her thoughts are about it.  His mom says she has nothing to worry about because if he thinks he is ready then he is.  JoJo takes her word for it and tells her that she is falling in love with him and is very excited by this relationship.  Despite this, I still don't think he makes it to the final 2.  

The mom goes to find Robbie because she is worried about rumours she heard about him breaking up with the ex girlfriend just to be on the show.  How come this wasn't plastered across Facebook or like Jordan's ex claims were??????  Robbie is shocked that the ex's roommate would say this stuff online and in real life.  He is getting upset about it because JoJo has concerns about this and he's worried that it would damage his future with JoJo.  He is in love with JoJo; his frustration is showing.  Robbie goes to find JoJo who is chatting with his sisters over wine in someone's bedroom to discuss the rumours floating around about him and his ex.  She is scared by this revelation because of previous ex's.  She is frustrated and is demanding he be honest with her and he looks worried and of course, it goes to commercial.  Thankfully I can fast forward it.  Of course it was all not true and that it was over long before it officially happened.  He hasn't spoken to her since and has no intentions of ever doing so.  She believes what he says to be true and trusts him completely because of how she feels about him.  

And now we are onto the final hometown date (thank goodness) with Luke in Texas who is the only guy who hasn't told her that he loves least not yet anyways.  She is very excited to see him.  She is from Texas so they have that in common.  He's a strong contender to Jordan for sure.  She had no idea where she was going so the flowers are all clearly put in the vehicle by producers and not picked by her specifically.  He does the opposite of the other guys and starts the date off with the family instead of one on one time. I am so bored by all of the family visits because it is really the same stuff reiterated by each family over and over and over.  I just need to get to the rose ceremony.  I wonder if he normally has a couch in the middle of his field? hahaha  also I think the whole heart in flowers and candles was incredibly lame.  I am beginning to think I am not really a romantic at all haha. 

Rose ceremony time!!!!!  I really am not liking that blue dress at all.  It reminds of something you would see on the WWE or something.  She's crying and is upset and has no idea what to do.  Greg is currently googling Jordan Rodgers NFL career.....  First rose goes to......and Luke interrupts her and wants to speak privately with her.  I was hoping for drama but there was none.  Was she going to send him home if he hadn't intercepted and told her that he loved her? I don't think so but who knows...

Are you effing kidding me?!?!  No roses given out at all?????  I have to wait another week???????  I hate this show officially now!!!!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Fit Week In Review

I was hoping that the return from our Okanagan holiday would mean the return of my fitness routine but Stampede kinda derailed all of that haha..


Normally I do the reviews Monday to Sunday but to make me feel a little better, I am doing Sunday to Sunday haha.  On Sunday, I ran 16km with one of my best friends and it was pretty good until we finished and my left leg hurt.  This is surprising to me at the time because all of my problems are on my right side, never my "good" side.  Because it is up on high on the side of my leg, I assume it is my it band because I have had some tightness on that side in that area a few times before.  When I get home though nothing is tight but yet it feels so painful.  I sit and roll around on my orb ball and realize that the pain is originating in my glutes so I spend a lot of time doing that and it sons feels better.  Greg thinks that because I ran a lot slower then I used to that I changed my gait and it caused me problems.  I am just happy it is feeling better.....

I have bootcamp on Monday usually but Greg has a Stampede event so I can't make it to the evening class and I couldn't do the morning class because the girls had eye appointments.  So instead, I eat fast food, drink Starbucks and hang out with Michelle and her kidlets and make up for the 10 days we were apart haha.

Today I had huge plans of getting up early to go running but when my alarm goes off at 445am, it is so dark outside because of the cloud and rain.  By the time it is light enough to go for a run before Greg has to go to work, I have fallen back asleep.  I had planned to go after lunch with the girls on their bikes but it rains like crazy and they don't love this idea so nothing gets done today. 


Somehow I made it to bootcamp Wednesday night.  I had spent most of the day dying in bed thanks to too many Budweiser Apple's and raspberry Bacardi Rum lemonade's digested at the Thomas Rhett concert the night before at the Cowboy's Stampede tent.  I was literally in my pyjamas at 630pm when Greg suggested I head to bootcamp to sweat out the toxins, which was exactly what Shannon said when I got to bootcamp.  After warm up completed, I thought I made a horrible mistake because I was hot, my head was hurting and thought death might be a better option at this point.  Shannon keeps me going and when the class finally finishes, I feel pretty good all things considering.  I was quite proud of myself for going and finishing it!!

I didn't do much this day.  I don't remember really.  I might have done some stretching or something but nothing else.  


On Friday I get up early and run 8km.  I overdressed because it was still raining when I got ready but had quit by the time I got going.  I was happy my run went well and I had no pain at all in the left leg.  I had planned on doing a double double and doing 9am bootcamp but it was raining really hard and the girls were complaining about going even though it was in a shelter and I knew that the class would suck because they would be whining or fighting.  It wasn't worth it. 

Another lazy day where we as a family did nothing all day.  I don't remember the last time all 4 of us did that!!


On Sunday morning, I got up bright and early and headed out for my run.  I had wanted to challenge myself to run 22km which would be my longest ever but I decided to go with 18km and I am glad I did.  I barely survived this run.  My left leg got tight in the bum area and along the side of my leg again. It seems ok when I run fast but acts up when I run slower.  I have no idea what is causing it or even what it is.  When I tried googling where the pain is, I got the same result but only half of the symptoms were there and got me no where.  I spent today (MONDAY) stretching, rolling and strengthening but the pain is still there.  It's not like it was, but I can feel it.  I have physio tomorrow morning and I am hoping Shari can work her usual magic and get me going so I don't fall too far behind in my SeaWheeze training which is in less then a month!!

So not a great week but at least I was kinda active!!  Hopefully this week is better for me even with Shannon on vacation!