Monday, 1 August 2016

Fit Week In Review

On Monday we had bootcamp and it was moved to Fish Creek because of the 30 minute monsoon that hit us.  They have covered food shelters there that are perfect for working out in rainy conditions.  We did cards which is when you do the face value of whatever exercise belongs to the kind of card you pulled up and the joker is always 50 burpees.  We did tricep dips, jump squats, walking lunges and bicycles.  My partner and I made it through the entire deck with 2 of the last 5 cards were the jokers!!  The very last card was burpees and I did 25 out of 50 because it was thankfully time to stretch!

STEPS TAKEN: 12, 025


Tuesday morning I was up early and headed out to get my run in.  I got 6km in while watching the sky change from night to morning.  I am glad I ran early because I was pretty sore for the rest of the day.  


I was supposed to have bootcamp today but my legs were so sore it hurt to walk.  I contribute this to my 18k on Monday, a tough bootcamp on Monday and another run on Tuesday.  I still had a 10km and my last long run before seawheeze on the weekend so I made the executive decision to stay home and have ice cream with my mom and sister who were visiting.



Thursday was another early morning that saw me get 10km in.  It was a really good run and I felt really good.  I had some good momentum towards the end of the run.

STEPS TAKEN: 17, 254


On Friday, I took a rest day and spent it mostly stretching, rolling and strengthening.  I discovered I had a massive knot on my right leg just to the left of my knee above the knee cap.  It was the muscle not my knee which was a good way to view it.  I used my lacrosse ball to dig into the tissue and loosen it up.  I got it a little loose but it was not where I had hoped it to be.  I just kept my fingers crossed that it wouldn't inhibit my run the following day.


On Saturday, I had my alarm set for 430 so I could get my long run over and done with.  I woke up on my own at 4:18am and played on my iPhone until about 430.  I was going to get dressed when I noticed it was still pretty dark out thanks to the cloud coverage.  Soon the wind picked up, the lightening started and thunder rumbled in the distance. Thankfully no rain!  I didn't want to fall back asleep for fear I would sleep in so I put my headphones on and listened to some music.  Finally at 5:55am, I was out the door and headed on my run.  My goal was 22km - which is the furthest I had ever run at once - and I did it.  The tightness in my right knee and left piformis held out for the most part but the balls of my feet ached again.  I am starting to think I got a bad pair of intuition 2.0s because my feet have not been well since I switched to a new pair.  The first half of my run was cold and windy and the last 5km was sweltering hot. I also crushed my previous best month for km run (last month) and so I was very excited by that.

In July 2015 I ran 99.78km and in June 2016 I ran 102.85 and July 2016 I ran 117.79km!!  I was so excited when I beat the goal and I can't wait to crush it again soon! 

Saturday afternoon I really just wanted to go back to bed because I was so tired but I knew that was the last thing my body needed so we went to South Glenmore Park where I spent a long time walking around the reservoir.  It was good for my recovery!!

STEPS TAKEN: 42, 393


Sunday was an easy day. Finley and I walked to Starbucks and then for a walk around our neighborhood. Then we spent the day playing with our new rescue kitty Pizza but more on her/him later. 

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