Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Haysboro Natural Play Space

Last Monday, I picked the girls up from soccer camp and surprised them with a picnic lunch at the natural park in Haysboro, which wasn't too far from the site of camp anyways.  Natural playgrounds are designed to encourage to use their imaginations as well as be more connected to nature.  This one is located at 1204 89th Ave SW.  We have also been to the natural playgrounds located at St. Patrick's Isand and the East Village which are both super fantastic.

This was on top of one of the hills and was where we sat and had our picnic.  You can roll down the hill for extra fun and excitement.  

As you can see almost all of the equipment is made out of natural materials with some additional supplies.  There are logs scattered throughout the park for additional seating. 

Enjoying our lunch.  It was definitely nothing fancy as I kinda threw it all together last minute.  I need some picnic lunch ideas, anybody have some good ones to pass my way?

This one was probably the favourite one of the girls.  It was a balance beam made out of rope with some rope and posts for balance.  

Finley had no problem getting into what they called the spiderman apparatus but Penelope struggled and it made her so mad. 

This park also has metal slides like St Patrick's Island does but these ones have no awning over them like the other park.  Last summer after St Patrick's opened, kids were getting burns from the hot slide heated by the sunshine so it's covered now, which also helps with the mud.  This park has no awning and while it was quite warm that day, the kids didn't complain once about the slide being too hot.

They have some built in rocks that serve as a seating area.  It is in an oval shape and has good views of the park so you can see your kids.  

The swing set is kinda basic but it was the busiest part of the park.  It had 2 bigger kids swings as seen here and then beside it, it has 2 baby swings too so nobody is left out. 

By the time we left the park, Penelope had mastered the art of getting up and down from this piece of equipment and was quite happy about it.  This is a fun little park that is most likely different then any park currently within your community unless of course, your community has one of these.  We had a really good time there and the girls are already asking to go back again.  

You can find a complete list of natural playgrounds HERE

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