Thursday, 28 July 2016

Sandy Beach Park

Last week after soccer camp, we packed ourself a picnic and headed over to Sandy Beach Park for some fun in the sun.  It was supposed to be a nice day so we might as well take advantage of it considering all the rain we had the week before.

I had only ever been here on my bicycle so I ended up parking at the top of the hill and so we had to walk all the way down.
The girls were hot and had just finished playing soccer for 3 hours so they wanted to have a rest and I thought these benches were the perfect spot for both a rest and photo opportunity.

As we continued down the hill, we came across parking lot #1 which made me glad that we parked up top after seeing how small it was and watching another vehicle have a tough time get out.  And then I saw parking lot #2 which is the one here and I became really annoyed with myself.  Thankfully the girls were not too upset with least not yet. This parking lot is a very very short walk to the "sandy beach" area of the park.  

The girls were hungry so we ate lunch first.  Again, another lame picnic lunch on my part haha.  Actually I didn't even have a lunch.  I had spent most of the morning looking for Finley's wallet that I forgot to pack my lunch and then i had to go get the girls from camp and had no time!!

Finley checking out the water.  It was cold so she barely put a foot in before heading back to the blanket to relax she said. Tough life being almost 8.

The last time we were here, it was Penelope who ventured out first and stayed in the longest and this time it was no different.  Here she is mid skip.

For awhile we had the whole place to ourselves with the occasional floating device passing us by.  But soon, it was packed full of people enjoying the cool water on the hot day.  The girls skipped rocks, collected rocks and imagined rocks being cool things based on their shapes and they made rock castles.  They really had a good time.  We got ready to leave and a ton of kids showed up from the camp that was near by and so it was good timing on our part.

This was part of our view walking down the path towards the hill and Finley saw the long steep hill in the distance.  She remembered it from when we biked to Village Ice Cream which is down the street and around the corner from there.  She still remembers hating it.  In fact, she was like "I remember that hill.  It was horrible." It most definitely was and still is horrible.

This is the playground currently at Sandy Beach Park.  It is incredibly unspectacular.  They are doing phase 2 of their construction plan and I did notice that part of the playground had been dug up so I am hoping that they are expanding it and making it a bit more adventurous.
This was the hill we had to walk up.  Our car was behind that power pole, well maybe a half a block behind that pole.  It was a long walk up and Penelope did ask if they could just wait in the middle and I go get the car.  I told her that wasn't an option and that we were almost there.  I did notice a lady with 2 kids and loads of gear getting ready to walk down the hill.  I asked her if she walked here or drove and she had indeed driven so I saved her from the mistake I had made and told her about the parking lot at the bottom.  Her kids were probably much happier then mine were when they left.  To make up for my mistake, I did treat us all to slurpees on the way home.

We had a great time here and we look forward to coming back before the girls head back to school in August but next time I will definitely park in the right parking lot :)

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