Monday, 8 August 2016

Fit Week In Review

***As you can see when you went to uniquely becky's old address, I have changed my name + address to sweat with becky.  I will elaborate more on this in tomorrow's post***

This was a rough week to say the least and there wasn't much exercise going on but the week did start off good.

It was a holiday so not bootcamp and I didn't do anything physical at all.

STEPS: 7, 923

Today was a tough run mentally but managed to get in 5.3km.   I ran a crappy route and just couldn't get my head into the game.  These runs suck at the time but they make you stronger in the future because you know you didn't give up.

STEPS: 13,496


Today I did a double bootcamp class.  The first one was great because it was raining and cool.  The evening one was so hot and muggy and gross.  I was so hot.  It felt good to get two workouts out to make up for Monday

STEPS: 10,578


I got hit with a severe UTI and basically couldn't do anything physical because I hurt all over.  Thankfully Advil helped with the pain and the antibiotics FINALLY kicked in late Saturday and I was able to get at least some stretching in that evening. It was a tough 3 days for sure.

FRIDAY STEPS*: 10, 707

* My fitbit died on Friday and didn't charge it until Saturday afternoon so I lost a lot of steps :)


Sunday I felt well enough to run 10km.  It was cloudy but so hot and muggy and the mosquitos were gross.  The minute you slowed down you were covered in them.  It was not pleasant.  My legs felt really sluggish but I don't know if it was because I haven't ran since Tuesday or because of the heat.  By the time I finished my run, I felt like I had ran a half marathon.  We are just not used to that here in Calgary.  

STEPS: 13,825

TOTAL WEEK:  68, 208

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