Monday, 29 August 2016

Fit Week In Review

So after a 2 week hiatus, the Fit Week In Review is back.  It was a decent week all things considering so here it goes.


On Monday morning I ran 5km.  I forgot to take a photo until after I was changed and in the bath tub so here is a photo of Luke Bryan's butt courtesy of Country 105's twitter feed.  This is better then anything I could have posted.  It was a slow run as my shins were still sore from my weekend biking adventures.  I also did a :60 plank and spent 3 hours walking around Pearce Estates Park, Inglewood and Reader Rock Gardens.  It was a pretty good day.


With fall approaching, it's been staying darker later every morning making it very difficult to get runs in before Greg leaves to work.  Thankfully school starts Thursday so I shouldn't have any problems with that.  I only got about 3km in Tuesday as it was really hot running at night and I wiped out pretty hard and cut up my hand, elbow and shoulder.  I knew it was going to happen so I braced myself for it.  It could have been worse otherwise.  Although it didn't prevent me from running, the sweat was getting in the cuts and making them burn and the sidewalks were busy with people and I was terrified of wiping out again while running around them.  I came home and did :90 plank.

Today I had grand plans to go for a run in the morning and even had my headlight ready to go but I chose sleep instead.  Then I had planned to go after supper but I had spent all afternoon at Michelle's house and I had a cider and cider makes me sleepy so no run happened at all.  But I did do another :90 plank.


On Thursday morning I picked up an agility ladder.  I was so excited as I had wanted one forever and I found one on our local buy and sell pages.  But when I got it home, it was much shorter then I had wanted it to be.  I think might give this one to Penelope as she uses this at soccer practice and make one for myself.   I think it could be an easy project but we will see, I am not the most creatively or craftily person in the world haha.  I had planned to do a ladder workout but all I ended up doing was these plank walks so Penelope could take the photo of me because I got hit with a massive migraine and spent the entire day and night in bed starting right after lunch.  It was not pleasant.

On Friday I was just planning on doing a workout and not a run.  I don't normally run the day after migraines because I end up throwing up in Fish Creek and that my friends, is never fun.  But I figured since I waited until supper time to do it I would be ok.  I got 5km in but it was tough.  I was still dehydrated from lack of both food and liquids the day before and I didn't drink enough today to make up for it.  I was sweating profusely and my head started throbbing but I made it home without throwing up which is always a good thing haha.  I came home showered and had supper and then did some stretching. 


I bought a bosu ball second hand and decided to do a bosu ball themed workout this morning.  I had done bosu burpees at bootcamp once but other then that I have had no experience with it.  However, I saw some pins on Pinterest that made me want to get one.  I took a photo of my workout on the whiteboard but it was too light to clearly show up so here it is:

10 bosu crunches
:60 bosu plank
10 bosu burpees
10 bosu balance squats
50 bosu mountain climbers
10 bosu single leg dead lifts/leg
10 bosu front lunges/leg
10 bosu side squats

Repeat as many times as you want.  I did it once and I was done.  It is so hard to do these things on a  bosu ball especially if you lack balance and coordination like I do haha.  It was fun though and I enjoyed the different workout.

After my bosu workout, I spent a lot of time stretching.  I got a massage a few days before the SeaWheeze and ever since then I have had severe pain and stiffness behind my heel.  So it's kinda like my calf, ankle, achilles and heel since I have no idea where it starts and ends.  I don't notice it when I am walking or doing normal things with my feet but I notice it when I run.  Actually, the second I put on my Altra Intuition's I can feel the tightness start immediately which is very discouraging.  So I really have to make a point of stretching my calves and most likely it all starts and ends with them.  While I am fantastic at stretching and rolling out every other muscle and body part on my body, I am intrinsically awful at doing my calves.  Greg gets on me about it all the time but I rarely listened but now I really have to.  I have spent hours researching ways to get these to loosen up and hoping I can resolve it by actively stretching and not have to visit Shari.  I have 5 weeks until the Harvest Half so fingers crossed I can get it under control by then.  Another thing I noticed I do with my feet is that when I run or wear normal shoes I clench my feet and toes up but when I wear flip flops I clench my feet down and it's causing major pain in my toes and the ball of my feet - especially on my right foot.  I don't know if I need to eliminate flip flops to see if  that helps or not.  The internet is not a good resource to stretching out toes other then tennis balls or golf balls.  I don't have a tennis ball and I can't find my golf ball and my lacrosse ball does not do the trick for this.  Perhaps a trip to walmart to get a tennis ball will be in order today.  

So I ended up going to Walmart this morning and I bought both tennis balls and golf balls.  The tennis balls were too big for my small feet so I need to return them.  The golf balls were the perfect size but they were all plastic, hence the $3 price tag for 12.  I put my foot on it and it nearly squashed it hahaha.  However, I just kept using my lacrosse ball to loosen up my toes and I did tons more stretching.  I went out tonight and my feet hurt so bad I thought I was going to cry at some points and I was feeling very discouraged about my run the next day. 


I woke up really tired this morning and not wanting to run at all but I figured if I get it done now, it is out of the way and I can spend the rest of the day doing nothing or something completely different.  When I put my shoes on,  I was surprised at how good they felt.  Yesterday when I put my shoes on to do my bosu workout,  my heel/ankle/calf/achilles hurt so bad but this morning it was almost like it never happened.  Almost but not quite but still like a thousand times better then the day before or even the last week.  I ran a really good 8km and my feet didn't hurt.  So now I need to really focus and be consistent in my calf and achilles stretches so that it goes away completely and never comes back!!

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