Thursday, 18 August 2016

Happy 6th Birthday

Dear Penelope,

Today you turn 6 years old and have been anxiously awaiting this day for a long time. You are eager to be big like your sister + to start grade 1 in just a few weeks. 

You are smart and fierce and immensely stubborn. Your temper is one to rival mine. But you are also so sweet and thoughtful to everyone around you - especially to Finley. 

You love watching the new Disney princess Avalor show on tv and watching Mia and me on Netflix. You love playing puzzles and games and go fish. You love to read and splash the cat is your current favorite series to watch. Your bed is always full of books each morning because you love to read before bed. You love all things about Mexico and the Spanish language. You spend hours learning new words to speak and get mad when we don't know what you are talking about. 

You love having baths and washing your hair. This is a complete 360 from last year at this time when you screamed for your life anytime you went near a bathtub. You like braids and pigtails and wearing headbands. 

You love to play soccer and practice almost every day. You want nothing more then to be the next Christine Sinclair. You love doing yoga and every day you create a bootcamp class to do. You make sure you keep your muscles loose by lots of stretching and rolling out. You like biking and hiking and even backpacking. Although i think that is mostly because of all the treats you get. You love living a healthy, active lifestyle that makes me so happy.

Your favorite color is rainbow but are loving a lot on the color purple and gold. You love wearing dresses and leggings but you hate jeans and jeggings but you did promise me that you would wear the rainbow jeggings if I bought them for you to go back to school.  You love your rainbow kitty cat dress and anything else that has kitties on it. You still very much love giraffes. 

You still love to color and be creative and your love for doing it on walls, dressers and anything else you shouldn't has become less and less of a problem. You love all things shopkins and spend hours playing with them, playing your shopkin games and reading your shopkin stories. I love how much you love your shopkins but i don't love when you decide to play with them all at once. 

Your daddy and I are sad you are growing up oh so quickly but we love the sweet but fierce little girl growing into a strong, big hearted big girl. You possess such strong leadership skills that I can't wait to see you make your mark on the world. 

Happy Birthday Penelope!!


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