Thursday, 29 September 2016

October Goals

So this is a new first for me setting monthly goals and I hope it is one that continues going forward.  My goal for this is to have a short but attainable list of things I would like to successfully do for the month and then review at the end of the month  - what worked, what didn't, why I was successful or not successful - stuff like that.  

I did my 37 by 37 goals last December and I turned 37 earlier this month and while I accomplished a lot, I didn't accomplish them all.  And it wasn't because I wasn't trying, it's just that I mostly forgot about them over the course of the year.  And let's just be real here, September was a gross month that pretty much went down hill after my birthday for a vast variety of reasons.  So I am hoping this will get me back on track and set me forward on a new path of health, happiness and wellness. 

  1. Having been injured since the first weekend of September, my workouts have been limited so I am aiming to complete 2 scheduled bootcamp classes each week as well as 2 workouts on my own at home.  This does not include my stretching or strengthening because that needs to get done every day.  I am hoping that by the end of October, I am able to participate 100% of all my bootcamp workouts and not have to modify any of the exercises.  
  2. Run.  I need to start running again.  In September, I ran 11.8 km which is my lowest amount of running in a month since I started running 3 years ago.  This made me so sad.  I was on track to kick 2015's ass in regards to the amount of km I ran but now it will take a miracle for me to reach further then that this year.  And that my friends is so disappointing.  But for the record, I am not running because I don't want to run but because my physiotherapist wouldn't let me after suffering a high ankle sprain and slight mcl sprain.  If I had only one of them injured then I could run but you don't want to overcompensate on something else and have a plethora of problems come out of that.  More specifically, my goal is to be able to run 5km consistently without any pain in my ankle.  
  3. Starbucks.  It is by my far my worst habit!!  My second worst habit would be my consumption of salt and vinegar chips but more on that later.  I don't drink pop or juice and I occasionally will have a slurpee or some chocolate milk but other then that I drink water or tea at home.  And I almost never drink alcohol at home unless we have friends or family over for something.  However, I consume my venti soy no water chai latte nearly every day.  I think in September as I write this on the 28th that I didn't have starbucks on 3 days this month.  3!!  Do you know how much money that is on starbucks??  I just did the math and nearly fell over.  It doesn't seem like much when you buy one drink at a time but it sure adds up over the course of a month.  I cut starbucks out of my diet almost exactly a year ago after seeing Madonna in concert.  I went 4 months without touching it but then we went to Mexico in January and we were at the airport at like 5am and my jugo juice was gross so I went to starbucks since it was right there.  I thought it wouldn't matter because I was going to Mexico for 9 days and I wouldn't want it when I came back.  I was wrong, so very wrong.  My goal is to eventually eliminate all starbucks from my diet but for now,  I am aiming for 2 drinks per week.
  4. Meal Planning.  When I do this I do it well but when I don't, we eat a lot of wraps and grilled cheese sandwiches and yogurt for supper or even worse McDonalds.  My goal is to meal plan for the entire month of October and have back up plans for days that get too busy to cook or someone gets sick so that we don't end up eating gross fast food.  
  5. Love Myself More.  I am a huge hypocrite when it comes to this because I encourage my girls to do it and I get upset when they don't but yet I am the queen of doing it.  I don't do it in front of them but I do it silently in my head all of the time.  I am enough and I need to remember that going forward.  This I think will be my toughest task to deal with this month and will be ongoing in future months.
Do you have any goals for October??

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Beakerhead 2016

Beakerhead was in Calgary from September 15th until September 18th and for the first time ever we decided to check it out.  For those of  you not familiar with Beakerhead, it's a smash up of science, art and engineering which just happen to some of our most favourite things - and by some I mean some more then others.  We mapped out the 8 free exhibits and decided to park in Inglewood and do it by bike since it was too far to walk to them all and parking would be a pain.  It was a beautiful day to start the Beakerhead exploring.

Our first stop was right near where we parked in Inglewood.  I wish they could have eliminated the advertising during the event so we didn't all have Opa ads in our photos.  The field was the best spot for a photo of the tentacles so there was no way to get it all in without the ad.  This was one was called "Tentacles" for obvious reasons.  It was designed by UK artist Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas.  Apparently octopuses have massive brains and are one of the smartest sea creatures.  This was according to the sign at this place.  No idea how accurate this is or not.

We then hopped on our bikes for a short ride over to Fort Calgary where they had a view items set up.  This one had a crazy long line so we skipped it but basically you took your shoes off and then went and meditated on a lay bad or as I like to call them vagina beds haha.  This was Saturnian and it is a robotic exploratory whale-narwhal designed to explore the universe.  It looked like a neat idea but not great for kids who have no interest in waiting in lines for something they definitely wouldn't do anyways.  I guarantee with kids on there, it would not have been a positive meditative state.

Beside Saturnian, there was a station where you went and made objects out of play doh and placed it on a display.  Finley made her kitty and Penelope made a mountain with snow on it.  This was a really easy way to encourage kids to show their artistic sides.  The girls really enjoyed this.  

A little further down the green space closer to the East Village then to Fort Calgary, they had a Sandbox For Human Ingenuity.  On Saturday they had a fossil hunt but they missed a fossil because Finley found one on Sunday morning.  

At the same spot as the sandbox, they had robots playing soccer or some kind of ball sport and going over wooden barriers.  It was pretty cool.  They also had popsicles for the kids and one of the Mars Rovers from a long time ago.  It was one of my favourite displays.  This was encouraging to ignite their minds and nurture their passions.  

This was the first display we came across once we got into the East Village near the Simmons Building.  They also had a tent set up that you could enter into.  Basically people have shelter boxes in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes or hurricanes and they grab this box and there is a tent and some supplies and whatever else you want to put in it.  I had no idea these things existed, it was pretty cool too.  

I had met Greg for lunch downtown on Thursday and we ate at CharBar  which is right here and this is what inspired us to come back with the girls on the weekend.  This is the Bass Ship which was built a team of artists and engineers who found a set of mysterious blueprints and went from there.  This is a device used to communicate with ET and all his buddies.  This also had a very long line up on Sunday but essentially you used a computer or something to make the sounds.  It was really neat.  They should have more computers set up to make the line ups shorter and quicker.  Even though we didn't get to make the bass to communicate with ET it was still awesome to see and hear.  

Next we rode from the East Village to Eau Claire where they had a maze that was blocked off by wired fencing filled with plastic bottles.  You had to guess how many you thought were in there and see how close you were to the actual amount.  I won with my pick of 1,000,000 but I was way over.  The actual amount of recycled bottles in the maze were 26, 484.  It seemed like it should have been way higher then that.  Apparently they had security guards here making sure none of the bottles got stolen from the display haha.  Make sure you make an effort to recycle your plastics, aluminums and glass and not sent them to the landfill.  Plastic takes 400 years to break down in a landfill, Aluminum takes 500  years to break down and glass takes 1,000,000 years to breakdown.  Incredible!! The new benches at the Calgary Zoo are made out of recycled milk jugs and it takes about 1000 of them to complete it.  I thought that was really interesting.  

Next we hoped on our bikes and left eau claire behind for Kensington.  Greg and I used to live there and I miss it so much.  This display was called the Rubbish Monster and was done by the same artists as the Tentacles in Inglewood.  This interactive artwork is designed to encourage collaboration between the people sitting on the beach.  It moves up and down and was really cool.  

Our next stop was the original Crave Cupcakes store.  The bite taken out was the only bite I had.  I found it way too sweet and it gave me an instant stomach ache.  Mini cupcakes for me only.  

This display was just past the 10th street bridge and I think it would have been much cooler seen at Beakernight.  It just didn't look all that exciting in daylight.  Armour Equipment held a scaffold art design competition because they believed that scaffolders have an inherent ability to envision and create complicated structures from scratch and that Alberta is home to top talent.  10 entries were received and the winner was Artur Karlov who lives in Edmonton.  He designed Pegasus, a diving winged stallion from Greek mythology because it represents the essence of what the scaffold is: something sturdy and reliable and just like a pegasus would not be ridden just by anybody, no scaffolding requires someone who possess appropriate level of scale.  

Once we finished the scaffolding, we took the bike lanes back to Central Memorial Park.  It was our first time riding on them downtown and it was pretty cool.  Finley said it was one of the most amazing things ever and we all agree.  Calgary needs more of these and they need more bike only lanes in the parks to make it safer to get through the areas.  The light signals for the bike lines are green bikes and red lights.  So awesome!

We decided to skip the 2 displays along 17th and make this our last stop.  It was getting windy and cold and I wasn't even supposed to be riding my bike yet with my ankle injury and i was starting to feel some pain.  This was called Nibbles and consisted of inflatable rabbits that stayed in place and then flowers and carrots you could carry (although most kids were dragging) from bunny to bunny.  This was done by an Australian artist by the name of Amanda Parer.  She explores the natural world, it fragility and our role within it.  

I am so glad we decided to finally check out Beakerhead and disappointed at the same time that it took us so long to do it.   Our kids loved it so much and we really enjoyed it too.  It was also a great opportunity to explore the city by bike and see things you don't get to see to often living down in suburbia.  Next year, I want to take the girls to Beakerhead during the day and then ditch them to go back and see Beakerhead at night, I think that would be really awesome too.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Fit Week In Review

Another week of no fitness but it didn't start off that way.  Last Thursday, I got the go ahead to go for a 15 minute run of 3's and 2's on Monday as long as I felt no pain beforehand.  

I woke up on Monday and felt great but delayed my run until that evening for whatever reason.  I was so excited to put on my running clothes and shoes and head out even if 15 minutes with so much walking was barely run.  At least I was out doing something I loved.  I was a little tight in the achilles/lower calf area when I first started out but it didn't last too long.  I ran relatively fast during my 3 minutes and the 2 minute walk breaks felt like an eternity but I felt good and that was all that mattered.  I was beaming with optimism and excitement that at my next physio appointment, Shari was gonna give me the green light to run and do bootcamp and no more follow up appointments.

The next morning I woke up and didn't feel any stiffness or pain in my knee or my ankle and I was so excited.  That was until I got up and walked on it.  The knee had no residual pain but my ankle sure did.  It hurt so bad and the pain went almost exactly the whole circumference of my ankle.  I was deflated, devastated, on the verge of tears.  I wasn't expecting this setback and I basically let it takeover my entire week. I was grouchy and upset even though I knew very well there were many exercises for strengthening, conditioning, and stretching that I could do.  I knew there were lots of core movements I could do without using my ankle.  But I didn't.  I wallowed in self pity until my next physio appointment that Thursday.

On Thursday I showed up at Physio still not in a great mood but willing to work really hard to get back on my feet again.  We did lots of balancing and strengthening with the resistance band and then she did the ultrasound + electrode therapy on both my knee and ankle.  The knee was feeling better but there could still be some swelling that I can't feel and this helps get rid of it.   When we were finishing up she told me I had to stay off my feet until Monday and then I could start bootcamp and running as long as I had no pain during or after my workouts.  And I had to promise that I would stop either activity immediately if I felt any such pain.  Given how sore my ankle was following physio and the following days I wasn't holding out much hope.

As it turns out, staying off of my foot until Monday didn't end up being that difficult seeing as how Finley brought home a cold and both Greg and I happened to catch it.  Mine was mostly in my sinuses so it wasn't too bad but Greg's was in his chest and he coughed and snored a lot.  So I didn't sleep much Thursday or Friday night which led to some very lazy days on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday he seemed to be feeling better and I was too which is a good sign as we have a very busy week going forward.  

As I write this Sunday evening, my ankle is feeling not too badly.  I am eagerly looking forward to bootcamp and not just for the exercise but because I love the people I work out with and I miss them all so much.  A month without bootcamp does not make for a happy Becky.  A month without both running and bootcamp makes for an even unhappier Becky.  I am trying not to get my hopes up if I can't make it through a whole class or if I wake up Tuesday morning with a sore ankle and unable to run.  But that is easier said then done.  I have another appointment with Shari on Thursday which I hope will be my last and that I can ease in to my runs and bootcamps and slowly get back to where I was.  Fingers crossed.  

Hopefully next week's fitness review will be have a happy vibe and not the sad, miserable ones that you have read for the last month.  Greg is hoping more so then me that I get the green light as I am still not a happy person having not worked out since my birthday!  Hope you are have a fit week!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Best Friend's Birthday + Body Art

I called The Arthouse and they took walk in's and weren't too busy so we left our suburban bubble and headed downtown.  We (meaning mostly Michelle) were a little nervous but there was no turning back once we were there.  Michelle went first and I must say that watching someone get pierced is far worse then actually getting it done.  I was mesmerized by the whole thing and didn't take a single photo which I felt bad about especially since Michelle ended up taking photos of me getting it done.  

When it was my turn, I was a little worried when she brought out tools that she didn't use on Michelle but that is because I chose different jewellery then she did.  I love my face in this photo as you can see the needle going into my nose haha.  Our piercer was awesome and she had the best hair too.  It only hurt a tiny bit and wasn't even that painful just kinda weird and awkward. But soon it was over and we were done.  Easy Peasy and reasonably expensive too!!

And we were done.  Michelle went with a tiny clear stud and I went with a hoop.  I really wanted the hoop and was hesitant when I got there if I could even pull it off but Michelle said I would be able to and the piercer was confident that I could too.  Worse case scenario I could change it out later if I hated it.  But I really like it even if it feels kinda weird on my nose, it's like I constantly have something on there that I need to itch off.  

The funniest part of the day was seeing Michelle walk down the stairs in her heels.  The stairs were made of metal with holes in them which is not exactly ideal when you have heels on haha.  Thankfully she made it down in one piece.  

We then headed back down south for lunch at Moxies and more importantly Bellini's.  Moxie has $5 Bellini's on Wednesday FYI.  It was a great way to end a super fun afternoon with one of my best friends.  But soon the last slurp was slurped and we both headed back to our regularly scheduled world of school pick ups and other domestic duties.  Penelope didn't even notice the new body art until Finley shouted when did i get that ring in my nose.  Finley thought it was ok and Penelope said I look like Aunty Kristy now and why didn't get the other nostril done to match hahaha.

Happy Birthday again Michelle and thank you for letting me spend part of your day with you!!!  See you tonight for another celebration!!  Here's to another great year!

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Recipes: Pumpkin Muffins and Bread

Today was supposed to be a post about Beakerhead but that will have to wait until next week because I was too tired to blog anything yesterday and tomorrow and Friday's posts are already done.  So today it is all about pumpkin, which just happens to be my favourite season.  On Monday while I made supper I also made muffins and a loaf which is why I have no photos other then the finished one because I was too busy multitasking with baking and cooking.  

The pumpkin muffins were ok.  The girls loved them which is most important but Greg said they were too healthy, which he is not wrong.  There is no sugar in them at all.  They would have been really good with butterscotch chips I think.  I must add those to my next batch of pumpkin muffins.  The loaf was really good but it had a tiny amount of brown sugar and mini chocolate chips.  Here are the recipes!

Pumpkin Muffins
Source: 100 Days of Real Food Facebook Page

1 ½ cups whole wheat flour
1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice blend
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
2 eggs
½ cup honey
⅓ cup melted butter
1 cup pumpkin puree

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. Using a whisk or fork, whisk together the flour, spice, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
  3. Make a hole in centre of flour mixture and drop in the eggs, honey and butter.  Mix together until well combined.  Fold in puree.  Do not over mix.  ***
  4. Pour into muffin pan so evenly distributed.  Bake until golden brown and toothpick comes out clean about 18 - 20 minute
*** I did not do this.  I made it all in one bowl in my kitchen aid mixer but was careful not to over mix.  I had already made my pumpkin loaf and was making supper and didn't want to dirty any more dishes.

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf
Source: Running With Spoons

2 large eggs
½ cup canned pumpkin puree
¼ cup plain greek yogurt
6 tbsp of coconut palm sugar or brown sugar**
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp nutmeg*
1 tsp baking soda
¼ tsp salt
1 ¼ cup whole wheat flour
⅓ cup chocolate chips

**I used brown sugar because I did not have coconut palm sugar
* I did not have any nutmeg so used all-spice which I think contains nutmeg. 

  1. Preheat oven to 350
  2. In a large mixing bowl, lightly beat in the eggs until the yolks break apart.  Whisk in the pumpkin, yogurt, sugar, vanilla, spices, baking soda + salt mixing until smooth*
  3. Slowly spoon in flour and gently stir in until just combined.  Fold in chocolate chips.
  4. Pour batter into loaf pan, spreading it out even and top with a few extra chocolate chips.  Bake 40-45 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into centre comes out clean.
  5. Remove bread from oven and let cool in pan about 10 minutes before transferring it to a cool rack.  

* I used my kitchen aid mixer and did it all in there.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Netflix TV Favorites

Pretty Little Liars - I am currently watching this show and I don't mind it but I cannot believe that they have made 7 seasons so far of this show.  I actually googled for spoilers because I was so impatient but I was told not to believe everything I read so I am undecided if I will continue with it or not.  

I thought I had watched a lot more TV shows that what I have listed here but I guess not.  I have loads more on my list that I need to get around to watching one of these days.  My list is as overwhelming as the selection on Netflix itself hahaha.  

What are your favourite TV shows currently on Netflix that I may have missed and need to watch??

Monday, 19 September 2016

Fit(LESS) Week In Review

She said I still couldn't do any running so I asked about bootcamp and she told me she would rather I run then do bootcamp so we came to a compromise where I could run for 15 minutes doing 3 and 2's (run 3, walk 2) as long as I went for a long walk first to see how my knee and ankle felt.  

I mowed the lawn on Sunday and that kinda bothered both my knee and my ankle and then I biked Beakerhead which I technically wasn't supposed to do either but it didn't bother my ankle or knee too much and I made sure I was very careful with it riding in low gears and not hard and making sure I used my left leg more.  

Since I am writing this Sunday night, I will see how I feel in the morning and decide then if I think I feel up to giving a run a shot.  I have physio on Thursday and am hoping I get the all clear to resume running and bootcamp.  Greg told me that he also wishes this because apparently I am much more grouchier when I can't workout or run.  

I also made the decision to drop out of the Harvest Half which was half marathon #3 of the year and #9 in just over 2 years.  It sucked and I was quite upset about it but it would be virtually impossible to complete the race without risking injury to another part of my right leg.  Or any other body part for that matter.  I will just continue to work hard so that I can stronger and faster and stay injury free for 2017.  2016 was a tough year for my running and I am looking forward to starting fresh soon.  

Thursday, 15 September 2016

The 2016 Fall TV Season

2016 Fall Shows:

I set my PVR to record all of the shows below but that does not mean I will add them to my regular programming.  Some pile up on my PVR and never get watched or they get cancelled and there is no point in watching it then, or I will watch at least one or two episodes before I realize I don't like it or I love it and it stays.  You just never know.  The above was just shows I watched but below I included those that I will record for Greg too.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

iOS 10

I had been waiting for the iOS 10 to be released rather impatiently.  I hadn't really read what it entailed until I was updating and the screen pops up to tell you what is being updated but I had been looking forward to finally having the female runner emoji.  Why it took Apple so long to have female emojis for this is beyond me.  When it was first created shouldn't both a male and female have been created at the same time just by default??

Anyways, I set my alarm for 10:59am on September 13th so I could be one of the first to download the update because sometimes it could take forever to download.  From the time I accept the install update until I could use my iPhone again took exactly 45 minutes.

Despite wanting to see the new female running emoji, my first stop post update was in Apple Music. I had heard that they streamlined this and hearing that made me happy.  It did not disappoint.  Look how easy it is to access the music already on your phone? Right on the home screen is where it always should have been.  They also made the font larger too which is good considering how iPhones are ruining people's eyesight hahaha.  Also a cool feature is the lyrics portion.  So if you have the song open and can see the album/single cover large on your iPhone, scroll down and select lyrics and there they are, although not all lyrics will appear due to legal rights and stuff like that.   Another thing Apple Music has done is optimize music storage on your iPhone.  Apparently it will scour your iPhone for songs you don't listen to and undownload them.  You will get to listen at home or while on wifi but not when you are not connected.  This is a fabulous feature if you have the smallest size iPhone and was a big reason that when I upgraded to my iPhone 6 last year I got the 64gb one.  

My next stop was going to be iPhoto since the update screen told me that was being updated too but instead I went to the Home app which is a brand new feature that Apple made for iOS 10.  Home is designed to start building your connected home by adding lights, locks, thermostats and other enabled accessories (as per the app itself). We don't have anything to build yet so this was moved to the folder that I call iStuff that contains all those Apple apps that come on our phone that we cannot delete so they go here to die - as shown below

But guess what???  With the new iOS 10 update, you can finally delete all those unwanted apps that you will never use.  I mean what is iTunes University anyways?  Can you tell this has made me very happy?!?!? Hitting the X on all those dumb apps made me almost too happy.

I also noticed that I had 13 apps waiting to be updated which I am guessing is because of the new operating system that was released today.  This will probably continue in the coming days and weeks as app developers try to make their apps iOS 10 friendly.  I have only had a problem with my blogger app so far and it kept kicking me out.  Also, when I uploaded a photo it would show on my draft on my macbook but not the draft on my iPhone. Hopefully this is a quick fix or just a simple glitch.  I  have it set in my settings that my apps should automatically update when connected to wifi but they didn't this time because iTunes terms and conditions changed and you have to go back in there to agree to them before any apps will download. 

 Notifications show on the home screen when locked in white as do the notifications on top of the screen  when phone is in use.  The tapping sound for when you are typing out something has changed and the sound your phone makes when you are deleting is also different and the lock sound when locking your phone has changed too.  All things can be controlled in your settings because Greg hates the sounds and has them all turned off.  Also, instead of having the black screen when it's locked telling you about notifications and widget updates, it's now a swiped screen - as shown above - which makes it so much more easier to access.  I also like that they have gone light with this too instead of the black background on the old one.  The control panel that  you can access when your phone is locked or unlocked while scrolling up from the bottom of the phone has also changed.  One screen shows the normal stuff and then when you swipe you get access to music controls.  Another nice feature.  

You can now customize widgets from your favourite apps to show up on your screen without unlocking your iPhone.  It defaults to up next, alarms set, siri app selections, news, weather and maps destinations but you can change this.  You could add lululemon, TSN, basically anything your little heart desires.  According to MacWorld, these widgets are animated, expandable and can even play videos and other multi media. To add a widget, use 3D Touch on your favourite app icon and tap add widget.  (** I think this might be an iPhone 7 thing as I couldn't figure it out on my iPhone 6.  I do know that  you can change your widgets in settings)

Finally, I made it to iPhoto which I must say I just don't love.  Although, to be fair, I have never been in love with any photo update at first glance ever.  My biggest complaint, or really only complaint is that the albums are in blocks and not list format, which is what I prefer.  Basically, the old way.  They have also added a memories feature which they scour your photos and somehow pick a few and add them to their memory feature.  I set this feature up and had a chuckle when I saw what they considered memories - items I am selling, prints of random things I want printed for gallery walls.  I have no idea how they could improve this feature because how does a phone know what you love and what you don't.  Also, now when you have music playing, it won't stop when you open up the camera and/or video app!!  This is a great fix!!!

iMessenger has had all kinds of upgrades and of course, the most important one is the new emoji's!!!  I am loving the female runner and the unicorn.  I thought there was supposed to be a fingers crossed one but I can't seem to find it.  Also, if you are just sending an emoji and no text, the emojis are much larger.  And if you are texting about being tired, iMessenger recognizes this and offers you the tired emoji in the predictatext box.  So awesome!!!!

Another feature in iMessenger is the digital touch.  If you go into messenger and select the heart beside the text box, you get the digital art work station.  It's pretty cool.  You can draw whatever you want or if you touch the screen a certain way you can  get pre made drawings.  I have yet to figure out the pre made drawings though and always end up with a circle.  When you send the art work to your selected recipient, you send a black screen and they watch it draw as you drew it.  It stays for 2 minutes then you can keep it which is shown in tiny letters below the drawing.  If you don't hit keep then it disappears.  Now what happens if I send a drawing to Greg and he ignores my text messages all day will he see it when he finally looks at it? I don't know my friends.

Some more features of iMessenger occur when you go into iMessenger and select the A button beside the text box.  Here you can do several things.  The first is that you can send music to any of your text buddies.  I sent a song to Finley to see what happens when she receives it.  Because I subscribe to apple music when she gets it and opens it, it takes her to iTunes where she can sample the song or buy it.  Not that great a feature I guess right?   Another cool feature that I really like is the images screen.  It has a bunch of present memes so to speak ready at your disposal that you can send to any of your friends.  And because I was telling a friend how tired I was, it gave me all kinds of options for tired and sleepy memes.  LOVE it!!!  Another is that when you send someone a link, you get a preview screen like when you share something on Facebook.  This is a neat feature as well.  

Apple Pay in Safari has become a new feature with the new iOS update.  I use Apple Pay (wallet) on my iPhone already and having the ability to use Apple Pay on supported mobile websites is music to my online shopping ears.  Nothing worse then laying in bed trying to buy something online that has no paypal option so you have to get up and go downstairs and grab it.  No, Just me? I stole this off the Apple website because I thought it was funny when I saw who the payee was.  Glad it's not just me lulu obsessed.  I am excited to try this feature out soon!!!

Apple also updated their maps and it looks a lot like Google Maps if I don't say so myself.  It will have real time traffic updates as well as the ability to search for a gas station or something on your route.  I have a love hate relationship with Apple Maps and I am not sure if this will be a good thing or make an already incompetent mapping app even less competent.  

This one I stumbled upon by accident as I was setting an alarm to remind me to go pick up the girls from school because I was busy folding towels.  Seriously, I can't even make this stuff up.  So you go into the app and you pick what time you want to be woken up at and sets an alarm for that time on the days that you pick and then asks how many hours of sleep you want and asks you to pick some of the worst soft alarm sounds ever.  Most likely you will sleep through all of these sounds and will go back to the old alarm clock where you can pick songs that will scare the crap out of you like I do haha.  

I actually forgot that this app even existed until I read about it on MacWorld.  I had no idea where I 
"stored" it and had to use the search feature on my iPhone to locate it.  The new update to the app is that allows you to be an organ donor easier.  You just open up the app and go to Medical ID and enter in all the relevant information and save it and voila done. Your Medical ID can be viewed when your iPhone is locked by tapping emergency then Medical ID.  I have enabled this feature this afternoon.  It also counts your step and distance as long as you have your iPhone in your hand or somewhere on your person.  So it's kinda like a fitbit.  I can't wait until I get the clear to run again and I am going to test out this feature.  You can also link it to MyFitnessPal for nutritional information as well as to any fitness apps you might have.  This health app is actually quite convenient; I just might need to move it to my Health folder on my iPhone. 

I didn't notice any real change in my mail app but apparently they have put in an unsubscribe button at the top of the email if it is sent from a mailing list.  I can't wait to try this one out.  I hate all the crap I get in my in box.  

Well that's it for my iOS 10 review.  I am happy with all the features that I use regularly and even got to experience a new app.  The news was saying that some users were encountering major problems upon updating to the new operating system but I have been lucky enough so far to escape them.  If you want to read more about the new features that I have listed and those I missed, you can check out Apple's page here.