Friday, 2 September 2016


Today I turn 37 and here are 37 things you may or may not know about me:
  1. I have spent most of my life hating cheese.  All of it.  However, the last few years has seen me try and love goats cheese, asiago cheese and gruyere cheese.  I specifically will only eat gruyere cheese from sylvan star farms near red deer.  I know I have become a cheese snob haha
  2. I used to live off of peanut butter sandwiches.  Even as an adult up until I had Finley, I almost always had a peanut butter sandwich in my lunch.  Now I would rather die then ever eat a sandwich but especially one with peanut butter on it.  I still love peanut butter on a teaspoon for a snack, peanut butter ice cream and peanut butter baking but definitely not ever on a sandwich.
  3. I have always loved the idea of lipstick.  I remember as a kid my Grandma Taggart had bright red lipstick and a special little case for it.  I remember wearing it too.  However, that need to wear it never continued into my teen or adult years.  But it was one of my goals before I turned 37.  I randomly found a tube of lipstick on a display case at Shoppers Drug Mart for like $2.97 and I loved it so I bought it.  I still think it's crazy bright but I do wear when I get dressed up to go out.  I haven't been able to bring myself to wear it on like normal every day kind of days but maybe one day I will find a tamer one to wear for those.
  4. I never wanted kids growing up and even after Greg and I got married, we didn't think we wanted kids but sure enough we ended up having a few.  I still am not particularly fond of kids I don't know but I mostly enjoy my own and those of my friends.
  5. I never take the tag off of things.  Clothes and shoes, yes.  Household goods, decor? Almost never.  It's not that I don't want to or anything like that but it started as hanging something up to see if it worked or not and then never bothering to take it back down to take the packaging or tags off of it.  It's gotten so bad that Greg has threatened to return anything that still has tags or packaging one week after it's been up or on display.  Thankfully he hasn't held up to this....***knock on wood***
  6. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
  7. I hate the colour blue and most shades of green.  There are very few exceptions to this rule.   If you asked Alex she would also say I hate brown and she would be correct.  Brown is the colour of poop and therefore  has no place in my world. 
  8. I have a love hate relationship with my hair.  I like the length my hair is now (and even longer) because it fits nicely into a ponytail or bun.  I hate the length of my hair is now because it is almost always in a pony tail or a bun.  I just can't win. 
  9. I haven't played the game of scrabble in the last 13 years.  I hate that game and more specifically I hate playing that game with Greg.  He used all his tiles 2x in a row and I threw the board up in the air and have never looked back.  
  10. I try to buy as much as I can second hand or on sale.  I almost hate paying full price for anything.  Of course there are some exceptions to this hehe.  But mostly second hand or super cheap.  
  11. Sweeping my floor is my most favourite household chore to do.  It is so simple and quick and can sometimes make the biggest difference.
  12. Laundry is my least favourite.  Well mostly the taking out of the dryer and folding and putting it away part.  I am good with washing my laundry and usually getting it to the dryer in time but after that, game off. 
  13. I love the idea of the beach but I hate the sand.  Sand gets everywhere.  The world would be better off without it even though Greg and the girls strongly disagree with this.
  14. I went to Ghostbusters earlier this week.  It was hilarious - far funnier then I thought it would be.  Although, Steph and I were almost the only ones laughing most of the time.  But really, I loved it more then I thought I would. Kate MacKinnon kills it in the movie.  
  15. When Greg and I started dating, I asked him to cook my steaks to an extra well done.  15 years and some months later, I prefer to eat my steaks between medium and medium rare.  I can't believe I ate steak so overcooked.  And when it comes to my steak, I much prefer under cooked then overcooked.  
  16. I just ordered a sweatshirt from Whiskey Weekend with Becky on it.  Blog post to follow when it arrives hahahaha
  17. I hate the colour red and both my bedroom and main floor are red.  And I even picked it.  Greg won't help me paint it though so it will be red for the foreseeable future. 
  18. I love mowing our lawn.  And whippersnippering too.  I even do my neighbours since I like her  haha.
  19. I used to love all yogurt until I got pregnant with Finley.  Now the thought of eating yogurt with mushy fruit in it repulses me.  Now I eat astro coconut yogurt with berries that I cut up and put in there myself.  What's the difference I get asked (mostly Greg)??  EVERYTHING!!
  20. I still sleep with my charity bear that I got for christmas when I was 5 or 6.  It is ratty and on the verge of completely falling apart but it is almost impossible for me to sleep well without him.  
  21. My guilty pleasure is a coke slush with lays salt and vinegar chips.  Well that's my nighttime guilty pleasure.  My morning one is Starbucks but I am going to try really hard to quit this one.  
  22. I don't like wearing jewelry.  My wedding band and engagement ring are in a box in my dresser and I only wear my anniversary band.  I don't wear earrings or bracelets or even my watches anymore.  And I occasionally where a statement necklace but that is also very rare.  Although I do want the Hilberg + Berk peacock necklace.  It is gorgeous. 
  23. I swear by a paper planner, to do lists and calendar.  I have tried to be one of those planners that uses stickers all the time but I am not. I have a envelope full of them but never seem to use them!!!
  24. I like big mugs and I cannot lie.  Well not big more like around 10oz is my max because any more then that leaves my tummy not feeling well.  Winners sometimes has a great selection for only $5.  Anthrolpologie makes my favourites but they come in at $15 a mug which is a little steep haha. 
  25. Yesterday I drank 60oz of water plus a venti chai latte and I still felt dehydrated when I went to bed. Making up I guess for all the water I didn't drink before yesterday haha. 
  26. I love the smell of rain and the sound of it. Especially when I am sleeping. Although after all the rain we have had this summer, I am not sure this is still true. 
  27. I hate showering. I love bathing. I would  bath several times a day if I could. I try not to think of it as bathing in my own dirt but as a nice relaxing opportunity. I have, on occasion, fallen asleep in there so I have to be careful haha. 
  28. I still love uggs. I have no idea if they are actually still cool or not, but I wear my chestnut ankle uggs all the time. They are so comfy and they don't make any part of my feet hurt which is very important these days. 
  29. Turns out that I am not that fun or interesting because this is harder then I thought hahaha
  30. I have killed cactuses. Several of them in fact. I do such a good job that I should be proud of this. Although the same could be said for all living plants. 
  31. I hate snakes. There is nothing in this world that terrifies me like they do. 2 snakes escaped from their pen at the Calgary Zoo and I vowed to never set foot in there until they were found. Thankfully they were found soon after. Another time we were hiking in South Dakota and a garter snake crossed my path. I freaked out and hyperventilated so much I couldn't breathe and I was crying. Needless to say, it through my hiking mojo off that day for sure. 
  32. I don't like creamy foods and that includes almost all dips, pastas and casseroles. It's all just gross. 
  33. I also hate when my food touches. It cannot touch on my plate. I don't care that it all goes to the same place once I swallow it, it still cannot touch. And the odd time I eat a stir fry (which is rare), I get the rice and noodles on the side and then eat all the cauliflower then all the carrots and then all the meat and then all the rice. Weird I know haha. I am kinda grasping at straws here for ideas. Remind me to not do this again next year haha. 
  34. I am 18 months to the day older then Greg and he likes to remind me of this often. Like when I was writing this last night, I asked him if he could think of anything I might have missed and he said "you are now in your late thirties and I am still in my mid thirties". He annoys me but getting older does not. The things this body has done since my 30th birthday is nothing short of amazing. So bring on the 40s, I am ready for you.
  35. I'm allergic to amoxicillin. Actually that's not fun or interesting at all but I am sticking with it. 
  36. My favorite kind of birthday cake is puffed wheat cake. 
  37. I love the smell of exhaust, paint, paint thinner, gasoline and permanent marker which probably explains a lot of what you just read. 

Here's to a great 38th year! 

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