Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Best Friend's Birthday + Body Art

I called The Arthouse and they took walk in's and weren't too busy so we left our suburban bubble and headed downtown.  We (meaning mostly Michelle) were a little nervous but there was no turning back once we were there.  Michelle went first and I must say that watching someone get pierced is far worse then actually getting it done.  I was mesmerized by the whole thing and didn't take a single photo which I felt bad about especially since Michelle ended up taking photos of me getting it done.  

When it was my turn, I was a little worried when she brought out tools that she didn't use on Michelle but that is because I chose different jewellery then she did.  I love my face in this photo as you can see the needle going into my nose haha.  Our piercer was awesome and she had the best hair too.  It only hurt a tiny bit and wasn't even that painful just kinda weird and awkward. But soon it was over and we were done.  Easy Peasy and reasonably expensive too!!

And we were done.  Michelle went with a tiny clear stud and I went with a hoop.  I really wanted the hoop and was hesitant when I got there if I could even pull it off but Michelle said I would be able to and the piercer was confident that I could too.  Worse case scenario I could change it out later if I hated it.  But I really like it even if it feels kinda weird on my nose, it's like I constantly have something on there that I need to itch off.  

The funniest part of the day was seeing Michelle walk down the stairs in her heels.  The stairs were made of metal with holes in them which is not exactly ideal when you have heels on haha.  Thankfully she made it down in one piece.  

We then headed back down south for lunch at Moxies and more importantly Bellini's.  Moxie has $5 Bellini's on Wednesday FYI.  It was a great way to end a super fun afternoon with one of my best friends.  But soon the last slurp was slurped and we both headed back to our regularly scheduled world of school pick ups and other domestic duties.  Penelope didn't even notice the new body art until Finley shouted when did i get that ring in my nose.  Finley thought it was ok and Penelope said I look like Aunty Kristy now and why didn't get the other nostril done to match hahaha.

Happy Birthday again Michelle and thank you for letting me spend part of your day with you!!!  See you tonight for another celebration!!  Here's to another great year!

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