Thursday, 1 September 2016

Back To School

UPDATED: They went back to school today (THURSDAY) not yesterday!!!

Yesterday marked the return to school for Finley and Penelope.  Finley is in Grade 2 and Penelope is in Grade 1 which meant all day school for her!  Penelope had been dying to be able to stay for lunch just like Finley since nearly the beginning of kindergarten.

Penelope wasn't nervous or scared at all to be staying all day even though I sure was.  We delayed Finley's entry into school because of her age and so she is always a year older doing these things which I think kinda made it easier.  Penelope got this dress for her birthday and had been dying to wear it ever since.  She loves dresses.  Finley used to love dresses but now she can take them or leave them and loves jeans and shorts to dresses and skirts.  Although finding skinny jeans that are skinny enough for her while long enough has proven to be quite the challenge.

Soon we were done with back to school photos, backpacks and lunches were packed and we were off to the first day of school.  The girls were really excited to see all their friends again and find out who was in their class and who wasn't.  Finley has a few kids from Grade 1 and K in her class.  She is in the same class as Aami for the third year in a row which she was really excited about.  Finley is a social butterfly who makes all kinds of friends at lunch time and recess who are both in her grade and the grade higher.  Penelope was in the same class with 2 of her best friends from last year while the other 2 girls she loved were put in different classes.  She was sad by this but she was so happy to finally be in T's class since they became best friends last year even though they were in different classes.  She told me she made 2 new friends today so that made me happy.  And her and a few of her friends ate lunch today with Finley which also made me happy and made me realize I worried for nothing haha.  After I dropped them off, I headed back into the school for Volunteer Orientation.  

At around 11am, which is when I normally picked up Penelope from Kindergarten, I kept myself busy watching Mistresses on Netflix and having an early sushi lunch.  I thought I would be sadder come lunch time but I assume that the girls being away the last 5 days backpacking with Greg helped with the transition.  After lunch I went for a sweltering hot 5km, had a bath, did some laundry and then walked to get the girls.

We celebrated a great first day back at school by playing in the playground.  We followed that up with massive piles of paperwork that needs to be filled out and confirmed on the first day of every school year.  I think they should make it all digital to eliminate so much waste.  The girls are slowly getting more tired as it gets later out but they did really well with everything considering they didn't get back into Calgary until 9 and didn't get into bed until after 10.  We will finish off the day with our back to school tradition of cupcakes for dessert.  

I really loved seeing all of the back to school photos today on social media.  I love all the fresh hair cuts, nervous smiles and great new clothes.  I find this day to be so bittersweet - sad that they are getting a little older every year but happy because they are turning into such great girls that both Greg and I are very proud of. They have big dreams and goals and we hope that we guide them the best way we can to reaching all of them one way or another.  Anything is possible as long as you imagine said Michael Phelps. 

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