Monday, 26 September 2016

Fit Week In Review

Another week of no fitness but it didn't start off that way.  Last Thursday, I got the go ahead to go for a 15 minute run of 3's and 2's on Monday as long as I felt no pain beforehand.  

I woke up on Monday and felt great but delayed my run until that evening for whatever reason.  I was so excited to put on my running clothes and shoes and head out even if 15 minutes with so much walking was barely run.  At least I was out doing something I loved.  I was a little tight in the achilles/lower calf area when I first started out but it didn't last too long.  I ran relatively fast during my 3 minutes and the 2 minute walk breaks felt like an eternity but I felt good and that was all that mattered.  I was beaming with optimism and excitement that at my next physio appointment, Shari was gonna give me the green light to run and do bootcamp and no more follow up appointments.

The next morning I woke up and didn't feel any stiffness or pain in my knee or my ankle and I was so excited.  That was until I got up and walked on it.  The knee had no residual pain but my ankle sure did.  It hurt so bad and the pain went almost exactly the whole circumference of my ankle.  I was deflated, devastated, on the verge of tears.  I wasn't expecting this setback and I basically let it takeover my entire week. I was grouchy and upset even though I knew very well there were many exercises for strengthening, conditioning, and stretching that I could do.  I knew there were lots of core movements I could do without using my ankle.  But I didn't.  I wallowed in self pity until my next physio appointment that Thursday.

On Thursday I showed up at Physio still not in a great mood but willing to work really hard to get back on my feet again.  We did lots of balancing and strengthening with the resistance band and then she did the ultrasound + electrode therapy on both my knee and ankle.  The knee was feeling better but there could still be some swelling that I can't feel and this helps get rid of it.   When we were finishing up she told me I had to stay off my feet until Monday and then I could start bootcamp and running as long as I had no pain during or after my workouts.  And I had to promise that I would stop either activity immediately if I felt any such pain.  Given how sore my ankle was following physio and the following days I wasn't holding out much hope.

As it turns out, staying off of my foot until Monday didn't end up being that difficult seeing as how Finley brought home a cold and both Greg and I happened to catch it.  Mine was mostly in my sinuses so it wasn't too bad but Greg's was in his chest and he coughed and snored a lot.  So I didn't sleep much Thursday or Friday night which led to some very lazy days on Friday and Saturday.  On Sunday he seemed to be feeling better and I was too which is a good sign as we have a very busy week going forward.  

As I write this Sunday evening, my ankle is feeling not too badly.  I am eagerly looking forward to bootcamp and not just for the exercise but because I love the people I work out with and I miss them all so much.  A month without bootcamp does not make for a happy Becky.  A month without both running and bootcamp makes for an even unhappier Becky.  I am trying not to get my hopes up if I can't make it through a whole class or if I wake up Tuesday morning with a sore ankle and unable to run.  But that is easier said then done.  I have another appointment with Shari on Thursday which I hope will be my last and that I can ease in to my runs and bootcamps and slowly get back to where I was.  Fingers crossed.  

Hopefully next week's fitness review will be have a happy vibe and not the sad, miserable ones that you have read for the last month.  Greg is hoping more so then me that I get the green light as I am still not a happy person having not worked out since my birthday!  Hope you are have a fit week!

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