Monday, 19 September 2016

Fit(LESS) Week In Review

She said I still couldn't do any running so I asked about bootcamp and she told me she would rather I run then do bootcamp so we came to a compromise where I could run for 15 minutes doing 3 and 2's (run 3, walk 2) as long as I went for a long walk first to see how my knee and ankle felt.  

I mowed the lawn on Sunday and that kinda bothered both my knee and my ankle and then I biked Beakerhead which I technically wasn't supposed to do either but it didn't bother my ankle or knee too much and I made sure I was very careful with it riding in low gears and not hard and making sure I used my left leg more.  

Since I am writing this Sunday night, I will see how I feel in the morning and decide then if I think I feel up to giving a run a shot.  I have physio on Thursday and am hoping I get the all clear to resume running and bootcamp.  Greg told me that he also wishes this because apparently I am much more grouchier when I can't workout or run.  

I also made the decision to drop out of the Harvest Half which was half marathon #3 of the year and #9 in just over 2 years.  It sucked and I was quite upset about it but it would be virtually impossible to complete the race without risking injury to another part of my right leg.  Or any other body part for that matter.  I will just continue to work hard so that I can stronger and faster and stay injury free for 2017.  2016 was a tough year for my running and I am looking forward to starting fresh soon.  

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