Monday, 31 October 2016


On Saturday morning at 8:52am, Finley officially turned 8.  And as is customary in our family, I took her photo before she got out of bed.
This isn't a real photo of her on her birthday morning waking up because she was up wayyyy too early and I made her go back to bed until I came into her room at a decent hour. She was so excited to get up and celebrate being 8.

Once she got dressed, I got her to pose by the fireplace under our birthday banner.  It took awhile to get her fingers to properly show the number 8 and have them show up in the photo.  She chose to wear the outfit that I bought for her roller skating party last weekend.  She is obsessed with Trolls and cannot wait to go see the movie next weekend when it opens.  She has been looking forward to it for months.  

Another birthday tradition is special breakfasts.  We started when Finley was 2 I think and now Finley and Penelope do it for me!  Finley wanted pumpkin scones from Cobbs so that is what she got.   They had carrot cake scones there so I tried one,  I don't recommend it.  Finley loved her pumpkin scone because it had a caramel spiderweb on top of it.  

Then she opened her presents and one of her gifts was a magic 8 ball.  My friend bought her daughter a magic 8 ball for her 8th birthday and I thought it was such a great idea that I kept it in my memory bank to remember for Finley's birthday.  She loved it.  Penelope got her lots of rainbow fairy books and the game boggle.  Greg and I are getting her an iPad mini which we haven't gotten yet which I am sure makes us parents of the year but she knows she is getting one hahaha.  

Since her birthday was on a Saturday it meant we could spend the whole day celebrating her.  She has had school the last few birthdays so she was very excited to do this.  She chose to spend it at the Calgary Zoo so she could say goodbye to the dinosaurs that are part of Dinosaur Alive.  They are leaving on Tuesday and Finley was very sad by this.  She loves Tyrannosaurus Rex's.  

After the Zoo, Finley wanted to go to ReGrub for lunch.  She had the cookie monster milk shake, asiago fries and corn dogs.  She was in heaven.  This is probably her favourite place in the whole world.  Penelope's too.  I especially love the asiago truffle fries.  I could eat a whole large order for myself.  I had a hot chocolate this time instead and it was topped with a donut and a brownie.  It was delicious.  
After lunch, we went home and Finley played a game with her sister before going to Sobeys with her dad to get some groceries for dinner that night.  She wanted to have kale caesar salad along with the pork roast and root vegetables that Greg was going to make.  Greg bought romaine instead of kale but it was still amazingly good.  

We had Greg's dad + Andrea over as well as her Uncle Brad and Kari.  She loved having her family there to celebrate with her.  She coloured with Andrea, built lego with Grandpa Don and played with Uncle Brad + Kari.  The cake was a bit of a disaster the night before but turned out thanks to Sobeys. You can read about that on another day though.  Finley loved having the eiffel tower on her cake.  

Happy 8th Birthday my sweet baby girl!!!  I am glad you had  such a great day celebrating one of the happiest days of my life!  Love you to the moon and back!!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Happy 8th Birthday Finley!

Dear Finley,

Today we celebrate your 8th birthday!!  It's been 8 crazy years since you came bouncing into our lives early that Wednesday morning.  

You are a reader.  You read all the time.  We have to tell you to turn your light off every night otherwise you would read forever and sometimes you do.  You love reading the Rainbow Fairy books.  You tried to take out every single one our local library had on their shelves and were so upset when I told you couldn't have all those books.  I managed to find a whole bunch second hand and Penelope is so excited to give them to you for your birthday today.  You also love to draw and write stories.  You have pictures all over your bedroom and notebooks full of stories.  You seem to really love drawing out star wars characters these days - at least the ones on the good side which your dad says isn't actually a thing but whatever hhaaha.  You have recently gotten into Pokemon cards and I don't even being to pretend to understand this but you take yours to school and you and your friends play in the field or something like that with them haha .

You love your kitties - both Luci and Pizza.  Luci still doesn't much like you even after all these years but Pizza sure does and you seem to still love her even after she peed in your bed.  Mind you, you did have her locked in your bedroom at the time so that is probably why.  

You started going backpacking with your dad and sister this year and a few times Uncle Brad and K came along with you guys.  I think you went on 4 trips but it might actually be 3.  You love carrying all the stuff on your backpack which is kinda crazy to me but you truly are your daddy's girl.  You still love camping, biking, hiking and playing outside with the neighbours.  You took a year off from soccer last summer and have come back stronger then ever and you just made the indoor developmental Academy B team which is pretty good.  And even more importantly, you love the game again.  You had lost that for awhile.  You love the game of volleyball despite never having played it.  I think your cousin Madi has a lot to do with this.  You got a volleyball this summer and your daddy has taught you some stuff.  You look forward to the day you can play volleyball in school.  I love you like to be active and healthy and I hope this continues on the older that you get.  

You love all things pasta and hate all things sandwiches.  You will on occasion eat a grilled cheese but you would prefer not to. You also love nachos and breakfast wraps that your dad makes for you.  You love the cinnamon buns with icing from Cobbs and Pumpkin Scones from Starbucks.  You like bananas but hate banana bread.  Even with chocolate chips.  You love melon and grapes and pineapple and love pineapple juice.  You have progressed tremendously with sushi and we have finally reached a point where you will eat enough of it that we no longer have to get you a side of rice to go with it.  

You love school and all the learning that goes with it.  Your favourite subjects are math and science which even further proves that you are your father's child - not that we needed that haha.  You like being with your friends and thrive on being a teacher's pet.  You are eager to learn and the teachers love that about you.  You love that you are known as the best math student and love it even more when your friends come to you for help.  You still want to move to Houston and work for NASA and even more importantly, you want to be the first female on the moon. You also want to make the Canadian Olympic Volleyball and made sure that our dentist knew that.  I love that you have these huge dreams and that your father and I will always encourage you to dream big and will do all that we can to make sure those dreams come true.  Michael Phelps once said "Anything is possible as long as you dream." And he is not wrong. 

You and your little sister get along as well as 2 sisters can.  You fight about 60% of the time , 20% of the time you barely tolerate her and the last 20% is you two actually getting along well.  You both drive me crazy but I low that you are no different then I was with my sister.  One day you will both grow up and realize how much you both need each other.  Until then, I will try to tolerate how awful you are to each other.  But if I am being honest, it is mostly Penelope provoking you and you just losing your temper trying to deal with her.  We try to get you to count to 10 before reacting but it rarely works.  But what can I say, you come by it honestly.  It's one of the few traits that you inherited from me haha.  

Thank you Finley for choosing your dad and I to be your parents.  It is our most favourite thing to do and we hope that we are doing right by you and that you one day grow up and continue be the sweet, sensitive soul with your compassionate heart that you currently are.  We hope that this next year we will be even more full of amazing adventures with you.

Love always, 

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Indoor Developmental Soccer

Finley and Penelope are both playing indoor developmental soccer this year and both had their first practices last night at the same time in different locations and Greg was out of town.  Of course this had to happen hahaha.  Penelope's was 6 - 7pm at Cardel Place South and Finley's was 6-730pm at Cedarbrae Community Centre which is about 15 minutes away.  It made sense to take Penelope first since her practice was shorter and closer to home so that's what we did. 

Both U8 girls teams with SWU practice together on Wednesday evenings.  I only saw the last bit of it so I have no idea if they do skills for the first half and games against the other team the second half.  I guess I will find out next week for sure.  The head coach is in Europe so the assistant coach took over and he seemed to be really good.  He looks like he is a high school or university player who is coaching on the side.  SWU utilizes a lot of their older players for the assistant coach positions which I think is a brilliant idea.  Penelope scored one goal when I was gone to take Finley to her practice but she said she easily could have had 3.  She does not lack any confidence when it comes to soccer haha.

I saw her play goal the longest and for the most part she was bored as there was not a lot of action at her end but she made a few good saves.  She has no fear which is generally good for a soccer goaltender.  She finished at 7pm and we quickly ran to the car and drove to Cedarbrae to watch the end of Finley's practice.  Her first game is on Sunday and she is very excited. 

This was Finley's first year of soccer evaluations.  They do try outs for both U9 and U10 girls and they have 8 teams I think depending on enrolment.  2 U9 Academy Teams and 2 basic and then 2 U10 Academy and 2 basic teams.  I think they rebranded the academy division to SWU Premier because Finley made the Academy U9 B team and her team is called the SWU Premier 08.  Basically the difference between Academy/Premier and Basic is the additional Academy training.  When you make the Academy team you pay an additional $250 for 30 Academy training sessions and your soccer participation goes from 2 - 3x per week with Basic to up to 6x per week with Academy.  Academy Training has not yet started for Finley's team.

I didn't get to see much of Finley's practice but I did see her play goal for a few minutes and then on defence .  She did fairly good and made some solid defensive moves to end the practice.  She gets easily distracted though when she sees me or Penelope or Greg on the sidelines which isn't too great.  They finished off their practice with a solid stretch session which makes me happy to see.  I am a bit of as stretching extremist and make the girls stretch all the time after soccer so at least now they know I am not totally crazy.  

Finley also gets 2 jerseys this year which we have to give back at the end of the season otherwise we get charged $100.  Penelope picked out the jersey number for Finley because she wanted them to be the same number.  Finley's first game is on Sunday as well and she is more nervous then excited.  

Hopefully Greg doesn't have to go to site too many times so we (mostly me) don't have to go through all the stress of getting 2 kids to soccer at the same time at different locations.  I spent more time in the car then I did outside the car from 530-745 but it was worth it in the end.  Both girls are so happy to be back playing soccer regularly again.  

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Finley's 8th Birthday Party

This past Saturday we hosted Finley and 10 of her friends at Lloyd's Roller Rink and it did not get off to a good start.  I had initially booked her birthday party for that day at 5pm but a few days later I called back to change it to an earlier start time and they said that was fine.  Unfortunately for all of us, that change was not actually put on the slip and so when we got there at 1130, they still had us booked for 5pm.  The girl let us in and gave me a big smile and finley a free entry coupon for next time and said we could use the rink but they basically had no room for us.  I was not thrilled with that to say the least but somehow it all worked out.  I don't think I would ever book another birthday party with Lloyds because despite everything working out it still left me with a bad taste in my mouth.  Plus that place is super chaotic and extremely stressful on the parents hahahaha.

Shortly after we got there, Finley got called to the spin box which reminded me of the Ryly's birthday money machine they used to have way back in the day.  She spun and won a free package of tic tacos but I forgot to give it to the concession stand so she actually won nothing.

Greg went on the rink with the kids while I corralled the kids who came in late or who were taking a rest.  Roller skating is exhausting!  All were a little nervous when they started but by the end of the afternoon, they were all cruising around the rink.  

The birthday package includes skate rentals, skating, hot dogs, potato chips and unlimited pop.  I don't think anybody actually ate their potato chips at all.  The birthday party package is $16 per child which isn't too bad of a price for 3 hours of skiing and some food.  The concession stand there is cash only which I find strange considering the line ups are never that long and they have a debit/credit machine anyway that you can use if you book a birthday party or some other special occasion.  

Normally Finley picks a theme for the party and we do everything to coordinate with it.  This year we didn't.  She had Star Wars invitations, a roller skating party, Halloween loot bags and she wanted lime green cupcakes with pink sprinkles so that is what she got.  I forgot both a candle and matches so she pretended to blow out the candles.  

Finley had so much fun at her birthday party and loved skating a lot.  She had been here for a birthday party back in May and has been wanting her party there ever since.  Despite a rocky start to the party given they didn't make the reservation change, everything worked out perfectly and Finley couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate turning 8 with her 10 closest friends.  We plan on celebrating her real birthday all day with her on Saturday!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Fit Week and Weekend In Review

This week did not start out as good as I had hoped given how much progress I had had the week before.  Monday I felt great but I must have tweaked my foot or something because shortly after I picked up the girls from school and walked home, my achilles felt really tight, the whole top of my foot was really tight and the bottom of my foot, below the toes was sore too.  I went to bootcamp and it pretty much sucked because I was so limited.  I was feeling so discouraged but as Shannon said, that's how recovery to some injuries work.  Tuesday I decided to take the whole day off from everything and I think that was a great idea.  I did do some achilles stretching though and that felt ok. On Wednesday, I felt good again so I ran for 18 minutes on my treadmill.  I would have ran longer because I was feeling really good but somehow I think the magnetic thing that powers it came loose and it reset and I lost all my run data.  I did luck out because I was just hitting the 18 minute mark and was about to slow my treadmill down to walking pace and I had glanced a where I was.  I had ran/walked about 2.56km.  I finished up with some core work and some more stretching.  On Thursday, I ran again and this time made to 3.71km in just slightly over 30 minutes.  I was pretty pumped with my run given how my week had started.  I did some stretching and called it a day.  On Friday, I was gonna run again on my treadmill but I just wasn't feeling it so I did my ankle rehab exercises, 20 crunches, 50 bicycles, and 20 double leg drops with butt lifts and I did a few arm exercises on my TRX.  No idea what the arm exercises are called as they were some random ones I remembered from bootcamp.  On Saturday, I took another full rest day and then on Sunday, I ran outside for the first time in 13 days and pulled out a 38 minutes 5km doing  3 and 2's.  I was feeling pretty good about myself I cannot lie.  Both my knee and ankle felt really good although when I finished I had some knee pain but that is pain that goes with tight it bands so I made sure I went and rolled out my quads + it band and stretched out my hips and hamstrings too.  Now that I am able to run 5km distances, I have to make sure I get back doing all of my normal running stretching and strengthening exercises on top of my ankle rehab ones.  No idea where I am going to find all of this time but somehow I got to fit it all in to prevent any more injuries from occurring as I gradually increase my running distance.  

I had to borrow Michelle's watch for my run on Sunday because Greg lost mine.  He borrowed it when he ran a relay in Banff on Saturday and somehow it never made it home.  We have searched our house 4x over and the car as well and my watch is no where to be found.  :(

Our weekend kicked off on Friday when we dropped Finley off at a playdate and Penelope and I went shopping for her friends birthday party that was the following day.  We picked out a Monster High Doll and a Barbie paint book for her.  Penelope was very excited to go home and wrap it. She loves wrapping presents even if she wastes more then I like to see.  

We came home from shopping and Penelope made a birthday card for  her friend while I cooked supper. Greg and I had Greek Ribs for supper and they were so good.  Probably the best I have made in a long time. I don't normally make 2 meals but we only had a few ribs and Penelope wanted a quasadilla so she had that instead.  After supper, Greg and I hung out downstairs looking at replacement watches  for the running watch he lost and Penelope played shopkins in her room.  I went and picked up Finley from her playdate and both kids went to bed early because they both had big Saturdays and I also went to bed very early as I was also very tired.  I had been dealing with headaches every single day and it was a bit much.  

On Saturday, we all slept in a bit before we all got up and got ready for birthday parties.  Finley was having her 8th birthday party at 11:30 at Lloyd's Roller Rink and Penelope had her friend's party at 1230 here in our neighbourhood.  Thankfully Uncle Brad + Kari came and watched Penelope from 11 to 1230 and dropped her off at her birthday party so Greg and I could be at Finley's birthday party.  But more on that later.  

We left Finley's party at 230 when it ended and it took us forever to get home.  They were paving at Macleod + Southland so it was down to one lane in either direction which led to backups every where.  Even back roads and short cuts were backed up.  We eventually made it back to our community and stopped for slurpees before we picked up Penelope from her party.  Penelope had so much fun and both girls spent the rest of the afternoon playing with Finley's gifts and their goody bags.  Greg made homemade shrimp fried rice while the girls went for a bike ride around the block with our neighbour.  Both kids went to bed early and Greg went for beers at Jack's house and I went to bed and watched Saturday Night Live which was amazing from beginning to the end.  

Despite having the worst sleep ever, I woke up early and went out and got a run in.  As you read earlier in this post, I managed to pull out a semi decent 5km.  I came home from that and cleaned up the dishes from the night before because I was lazy and didn't do it.  I hate when I do that and it is very rare that I do but I seriously get mad at myself when I wake up to a messy kitchen.  

After I cleaned up, I spent a bit of time reading Gabby Bernstein's "The Universe Has Your Back" which I am finding to be incredibly challenging.  I find myself to be a mostly positive person but I find it hard to be a believer in "you get out what you put in".  Hopefully this book will continue to challenge me on this and I can make some more positive changes.  I promise to review it when I finish it.  

After some reading while Greg went for his 10km run, I got out my day planner, the master copies of my daily to do lists and then transferred that into a notebook where I cross off all the things I get done.  I constantly add to the list on each day because some things come up that I don't normally do.  I make sure that my to do list notebook, my day planner and the calendar on our command centre wall all match so that I don't forget anything and can alter our schedule when necessary.  I do this every Sunday usually.  Also at this time, I got a head start and did 2 loads of laundry that are normally done on Monday and Tuesday. 

It was a beautiful Sunday and Pizza basked in the sunlight that came in through the front door while Finley and Penelope played outside with some friends.  They rode bikes, chalked up the driveway and who knows what else until it was time for Finley to go grocery shopping and for lunch with Greg.  Penelope and I had some lunch and did some baking.  

We baked Ayesha Curry's Chocolate Chip Cookies and they are just as delicious as the first time I made them.  I doubt I will ever use a different recipe when making chocolate chip cookies.  We also used the ripe bananas to make some banana bread from a recipe that was my Grandma Taggart's and written out by my Aunty Sandy.  It makes my heart happy to share these recipes and make the same memories with Penelope that I had baking with my Aunty growing up. 

I almost never make banana loaf because mine never ever turns out but this one did and it was so good.  My house smelled so good, it looked good and it tasted delicious.  This is another one that I will always turn to when my bananas get too ripe to eat.  

Once the baking was done, Greg and Finley came home and the girls played outside some more.  Finley played on the swing and Penelope took what chalk we had left and coloured the swing set pink and white because it is now her castle.  She has such a cute imagination.  I also started to make some light sabres out of pool noodles for the girls and a few of their friends but after I got them cut, I couldn't find any tape to use for the handle.  It was going to be a party favour for Finley's party but I changed my mind so I now have a ton of pool noodles in my garage if anybody needs some haha.  I will have to finish the sabres on Monday after I go buy some tape.  

I then focused on drinking some water after drinking like NONE on Saturday which is just wrong on so many levels while working on some blog posts for this week and watching the Patriots game on the iPad.  Have I mentioned how much I love Shaw Free Range TV???  I love being able to watch so much tv on my iPad since we have no tv on our main floor and I get bored cleaning or blogging or washing dishes with nothing on.  It comes in handy from time to time.  

The rest of the afternoon was spent watching football and then it was soon supper and bath time with a early bed time for some tired kids.  It was a nice laid back day to prepare us for the busy week and weekend coming up.  Hope you all had a good weekend!

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

She Finally Lost It!

She has been waiting very impatiently to lose that first tooth.  Unofficially, it started right after Finley lost hers but officially, the day after her 5th birthday.  Finley lost her first tooth 3 weeks after she turned 5 and Penelope expected the same to happen to her.  But it didn't.  Penelope watched as her 2 of her best friends lost their first teeth over spring break.  And then she watched her 6th birthday pass and go without so much as a real wiggle.  I say real because I lost count at how many times she said she a loose one.  Then school started and it seemed like everybody had lost that first tooth but her and she hated that she still hadn't lost hers.  However a few weeks ago I returned home from  a weekend in BC and she announced she officially had a loose tooth.  For real this time.  She quit eating apples and anything hard because it bothered her.  She didn't spend much time wiggling it and instead babied it despite us telling her that it isn't gonna come out unless you wiggle it.  Finally, she decided that she was gonna wiggle it until it came out and it finally did on Monday evening. 

I came home from Bootcamp to find this toothless smile waiting for me in the mud room to show me that her tooth finally came out.  She spent the entire time I was gone wiggling it so it would come out.  She already has an adult tooth growing in behind it.  I think she was a little disappointed it happened at home and not at school because when it happens there you get a tooth shaped necklace where you can put your tooth in.  

Both girls have pillows with little tooth pockets on it to store your teeth for the tooth fairy but neither was to be found so Finley made this for Penelope to stick her tooth in.  Penelope loved it and put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy to find it.  I was kinda worried  how I would get the tooth out and put the money under her pillow since she has a loft bed.  I convinced her to keep her lamp off because I said the tooth fairy only knows you are asleep if the light is off and we kept her bedroom door open so that it would be easy for the tooth fairy to get in.  It took her awhile to fall asleep which meant I had to stay up even later to make sure she was fully asleep so I could make the switch.  Finally I was able to do it thanks to standing on her desk chair hahahaha.

It took her forever to wake up this morning even with the tooth fairy coming.  Finley was far more excited to see what the tooth fairy brought then Penelope was. Once Penelope was awake, she finally lifted her pillow to find her $2 from the tooth fairy but was disappointed that the envelope that Finley made for her tooth was not still there.  I told her that if she didn't want the tooth fairy to take it next time she should leave a note.  Finley wanted the tooth fairy to leave her tooth one time so I made her write a note since it's not the norm.  And for the record, she no longer has her tooth and I don't keep the teeth because that is just so gross to me (no offence to those that keep their kids teeth).

Penelope was so excited to go to school yesterday morning and show off  her new toothless smile and is anxiously awaiting more teeth to become loose.

Monday, 17 October 2016

A Fit Week and A Weekend In Review

Last week was a really great week as far as progress goes for my ankle sprain.  I was really happy with the work I put in and how felt the day after.  I even ran on back to back days which I typically never do even when all my tendons and ligaments feel good!

I got in 4 runs this week. I ran outside on Monday with the snow falling and it was wonderful.  This is some of my favourite weather to run in - as long as it wasn't icy or slippery and it wasn't at this point as it was just falling and quite warm out.  I increased my running time from 15 minutes to 21 minutes and felt really good.  After my run, the top of my foot, which is most of my stabilizers, was really sore so I decided to stay inside for the rest of my runs last week.  On Tuesday, I ran on my treadmill for 23 minutes and just over 3km.  I felt amazing and wanted to go longer but stopped because I don't want to risk injuring my ankle further.  After that run, I felt no pain at all in my stabilizers so made the decision to continue treadmill running for at least 2 weeks.  On Wednesday, I typically have bootcamp but I had dinner plans with friends that night and Pizza had a vet appointment that morning so I used that day as my rest day and just did ankle rehab.  On Thursday, I ran again on my treadmill and did 25 minutes.  Again, my stabilizers felt great and was happy with all the progress I had made that week.  

On Friday morning, I headed to bootcamp and participated in all exercises except mountain climbers which is still too hard on my ankle so I did slow high knees instead since the jumping motion in a fast pace is not good for my ankle at the moment.  I continued to do one legged planks and push ups since my ankle isn't strong enough to bend like it needs to but I think I am really close.  The best part of  bootcamp this week is that on Saturday, my ankle was only a little sore for a little amount of time.  The week before, it was sore for 2 days after so another good sign of my ankle going in the right direction. 

This has been my Ankle Rehab basically the whole month.  I know it says October 1st - 8th but I did this week too.  I think I will just stay here for the rest of the month and then look at increasing it for the month of November.  I do this every day.  Some of the exercises on here I do several times a day because they are easy to do anywhere in the house.

I am hoping that this week I continue to see progress made in all the right ways.  

My weekend kicked off with book club on Friday night where we discussed the book below.  I didn't read it all I admit but I did read some of the companion book which broke it down for me.  Although I didn't read the entire book, I did appreciate the 4 agreements:

1) Be Impeccable With Your Word - basically don't talk crab about yourself or use the words to gossip about others.  Say what you mean but do it with integrity. 
2) Don't Take Anything Personally - This was probably my favourite because it is so true.  What others think or say about you is a reflection of them NOT YOU.  When you block out their crap, then you won't suffer.  
3) Don't Make Assumptions - Communicate with others clearly so you can avoid drama, sadness and misunderstanding.  He thinks that with this one agreement you can transform your entire life.  I think number 2 is more likely to transform my life then this one. 
4) Always Do Your Best - But remember that your best is always different from moment to moment, from day to day,  so don't be so hard on yourself.  

These four agreements are tools for transformation leading you to stop judging mainly yourself, and to start practicing another way of life.  He wants you to use these to stop the guilt, shame and self rejection.  

On Saturday morning, Greg headed to Banff to run in a relay race with his work.  They had 2 teams run the race but Greg's team did not beat the other work team.  He ran the 11.7km part of the race and it was very hilly but he did a really good job and finished in 75 minutes.  He did a great job considering the hills and he ran for the first time in months only 2 weeks ago.  He does do a lot of hiking and biking so his legs were in good shape but he said his lungs gave out before his legs did.  

The girls and I went shopping and our first stop was Walmart so Penelope could buy her new Shopkins quilt.  They get allowance every 2 weeks and she had been saving it for a few weeks now and when we counted her money she enough to buy her Shopkins quilt.  It was a happy day in our house.  

I also bought the red plaid shirt below at Walmart and I love it.  It has a hood, it's not too long and it fits nicely in my shoulders.  I have broad shoulders and the Aritizia ones don't fit me right because of that.  The fit was wonderful and it was only $19.  I love that.  Then we headed to Southcentre because I wanted to get the girls another shirt for our trip to California next month.  I ended up buying a few items for myself too.  First we went to Bluenotes and I found a denim shirt that fit as wonderfully as the one I bought at Walmart earlier that morning.  I actually had found one at Artizia last year that I loved but I lost it somewhere and I wasn't willing to pay another $60 for it so I appreciated that it was only $29 at Bluenotes.  Then we went to The Disney Store where we looked at their t-shirts and left empty handed because they are ill fitting and not very exciting.  The lack of girl star wars shirt is very disappointing.  We ventured into Sears which was next store and they had tons of Disney themed shirts and so we bought 2 star wars ones that had a good fit, a variety of sizes and colours too.  I wanted them to get matching ones but Penelope apparently doesn't like Rea and I am guessing it's because Finley loves her so much.  They were also cheaper then the Disney store since they were 2 for $19.97 but it turns out Penelope's was on clearance for $6.99.  Then on our way back to the car, I stopped at Lululemon and they had a Scuba 3 in heathered light grey so I bought that.  I have been looking for a neutral hoodie that wasn't so thick or structured and the 3's do this and I loved the colour.  It was a great shopping trip for all of us.

Then we came home and had lunch and then headed to the Millrise Sobeys since one of my best friends was there selling cookies with her daughter.  We rescued her daughter and she came over for a play date and they all tortured Pizza.  Thankfully Pizza likes it but she was asleep soundly when we got back from taking her back to her mom to sell a few more boxes of cookies.  

After we got home from that, I got a bad headache and some nasty cramps so instead of making grilled cheese sandwiches for supper for the girls, I used my Skip The Dishes App to order us some Vietnamese for supper.  This is probably one of my favourite apps and is available in many Canadian cities for you to use.  It was founded by a fellow blogger friend's family as well as one of Greg's good friends (one of his groomsmen) little brother.  It's such a small world that way.  The delivery guy was a super adorable older guy who thanked me for using Skip The Dishes which I appreciated very much.  You can select restaurants by distance, wait for readiness, delivery fee.  It's super awesome and suggest you all go use it now.  You can send e-gift cards too which I have both given and received.  

Greg came  home after supper and ate the leftovers and the girls headed to  bed and we watched 3 episodes of Brooklyn 99 and finished off with Saturday Night Live.  The cold open with Donald and Hillary was perhaps the greatest thing ever and Trump actually hated it so you should check it out online if you are interested.  

Sunday morning was a lazy morning and then we watched the Patriots/Bengals game while Greg and Penelope went and got groceries.  After the Pats game, I started Penelope's laundry since she had no clean pants for school today and I went for a run.   I had a shower and then read our next book club book while Greg and the girls watched the Seahawks game and we finished our weekend off with homemade Pizzas and Calzones.

After supper, the girls had bathes and did some reading and then it was off to bed for all of us to prepare for the week ahead.  

Here's to a good week for us all. 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Five On Friday

1.  The best thing about hosting Thanksgiving dinner is all the leftovers you get to have the following week.  Greg made broth from the turkey carkas which he then used to make turkey noodle soup plus we have loads of broth left over frozen in our freezer which we can use for future soups, stews, and coq au vins.  We had turkey noodle once for supper on Monday and will have the rest for supper tonight.  We also made hot turkey sandwiches with gravy and stuffing and last night we had turkey pot pies which turned out really good.  

2.  I have had a love hate relationship with the IKEA hack since Greg put legs on it a few years ago.  It took me forever to style it and then when I finally got it perfect, the legs caved in after I dusted it and almost everything fell off with it and shattered all over the floor.  I think that was a year ago.  Since then I have struggled yet again to get it the way it looks good somewhat.  I think  it's a bit too busy as it is right now but I am tired of trying to figure out how to balance it so until it breaks or I find something amazing at Winners or Michales, it stays.  Greg has fixed the legs so they *shouldn't* break again.  

3.  I have been on a lululemon shopping hiatus since the Seawheeze that was 2 months ago yesterday.   The girls and I were in the mall recently and we just walked by the store and Finley asked if were going in and I said no, not this time.  And she replied that it was the first time in her entire life that we had walked by a lululemon store and not gone in.  She's probably not right but she's not too far off either.  Why haven't I bought anything? Well there are a number of reasons for this: 1) I spent a lot in Vancouver at the Showcase store 2) I haven't liked anything in a long, long time and 3) They jacked up their prices on August 1st.  Legitimately, the only thing that didn't increase was their socks.  Which now that I think about it, I may have bought a pair of socks since SeaWheeze but I can't remember if I bought them before or after I got back from Vancouver.  Anyways, my inadvertant buying freeze ended last week when I bought a new ear warmer.  I have one that I bought 2 years ago but I hate it so I randomly went on the lulu app and saw that they had released ear warmers that day so I ordered one and it came last Friday.  It's got a pony tail hole in the back for my hair too although it's a ear band, couldn't the hair just go out the empty spot that fills like your entire head??  I guess it works if you want a low pony??

4.  Last week I received an email from Pinterst because I apparently pin a lot and they notice (thank you random ankle, knee, hip, it band injuries from running hahah) that.  They invited me to be part of the beta Pinterest app before it is released to the rest of the world.  All I had to do was download the Test Flight app from Apple and select Pinterest and it re-downloaded it on the iPhone.  I am not allowed to tell anybody about the things I see and all I do is just use it like I normally would.  If only I could make a living out of pinning stuff hahahaha.

5. Pizza went to the vet on Wednesday for her vaccinations.  They were happy to see how happy and healthy she was and how much weight she has gained since we were there last.  She went from 0.4kg to 1.67kg!!  She sure does like to eat.  She goes back for one more set of vaccinations next month and then we get her fixed at about 6 months.  She is getting so big and we love having her around.  Well except for Luci.  She still doesn't much like Pizza the Cat.