Monday, 17 October 2016

A Fit Week and A Weekend In Review

Last week was a really great week as far as progress goes for my ankle sprain.  I was really happy with the work I put in and how felt the day after.  I even ran on back to back days which I typically never do even when all my tendons and ligaments feel good!

I got in 4 runs this week. I ran outside on Monday with the snow falling and it was wonderful.  This is some of my favourite weather to run in - as long as it wasn't icy or slippery and it wasn't at this point as it was just falling and quite warm out.  I increased my running time from 15 minutes to 21 minutes and felt really good.  After my run, the top of my foot, which is most of my stabilizers, was really sore so I decided to stay inside for the rest of my runs last week.  On Tuesday, I ran on my treadmill for 23 minutes and just over 3km.  I felt amazing and wanted to go longer but stopped because I don't want to risk injuring my ankle further.  After that run, I felt no pain at all in my stabilizers so made the decision to continue treadmill running for at least 2 weeks.  On Wednesday, I typically have bootcamp but I had dinner plans with friends that night and Pizza had a vet appointment that morning so I used that day as my rest day and just did ankle rehab.  On Thursday, I ran again on my treadmill and did 25 minutes.  Again, my stabilizers felt great and was happy with all the progress I had made that week.  

On Friday morning, I headed to bootcamp and participated in all exercises except mountain climbers which is still too hard on my ankle so I did slow high knees instead since the jumping motion in a fast pace is not good for my ankle at the moment.  I continued to do one legged planks and push ups since my ankle isn't strong enough to bend like it needs to but I think I am really close.  The best part of  bootcamp this week is that on Saturday, my ankle was only a little sore for a little amount of time.  The week before, it was sore for 2 days after so another good sign of my ankle going in the right direction. 

This has been my Ankle Rehab basically the whole month.  I know it says October 1st - 8th but I did this week too.  I think I will just stay here for the rest of the month and then look at increasing it for the month of November.  I do this every day.  Some of the exercises on here I do several times a day because they are easy to do anywhere in the house.

I am hoping that this week I continue to see progress made in all the right ways.  

My weekend kicked off with book club on Friday night where we discussed the book below.  I didn't read it all I admit but I did read some of the companion book which broke it down for me.  Although I didn't read the entire book, I did appreciate the 4 agreements:

1) Be Impeccable With Your Word - basically don't talk crab about yourself or use the words to gossip about others.  Say what you mean but do it with integrity. 
2) Don't Take Anything Personally - This was probably my favourite because it is so true.  What others think or say about you is a reflection of them NOT YOU.  When you block out their crap, then you won't suffer.  
3) Don't Make Assumptions - Communicate with others clearly so you can avoid drama, sadness and misunderstanding.  He thinks that with this one agreement you can transform your entire life.  I think number 2 is more likely to transform my life then this one. 
4) Always Do Your Best - But remember that your best is always different from moment to moment, from day to day,  so don't be so hard on yourself.  

These four agreements are tools for transformation leading you to stop judging mainly yourself, and to start practicing another way of life.  He wants you to use these to stop the guilt, shame and self rejection.  

On Saturday morning, Greg headed to Banff to run in a relay race with his work.  They had 2 teams run the race but Greg's team did not beat the other work team.  He ran the 11.7km part of the race and it was very hilly but he did a really good job and finished in 75 minutes.  He did a great job considering the hills and he ran for the first time in months only 2 weeks ago.  He does do a lot of hiking and biking so his legs were in good shape but he said his lungs gave out before his legs did.  

The girls and I went shopping and our first stop was Walmart so Penelope could buy her new Shopkins quilt.  They get allowance every 2 weeks and she had been saving it for a few weeks now and when we counted her money she enough to buy her Shopkins quilt.  It was a happy day in our house.  

I also bought the red plaid shirt below at Walmart and I love it.  It has a hood, it's not too long and it fits nicely in my shoulders.  I have broad shoulders and the Aritizia ones don't fit me right because of that.  The fit was wonderful and it was only $19.  I love that.  Then we headed to Southcentre because I wanted to get the girls another shirt for our trip to California next month.  I ended up buying a few items for myself too.  First we went to Bluenotes and I found a denim shirt that fit as wonderfully as the one I bought at Walmart earlier that morning.  I actually had found one at Artizia last year that I loved but I lost it somewhere and I wasn't willing to pay another $60 for it so I appreciated that it was only $29 at Bluenotes.  Then we went to The Disney Store where we looked at their t-shirts and left empty handed because they are ill fitting and not very exciting.  The lack of girl star wars shirt is very disappointing.  We ventured into Sears which was next store and they had tons of Disney themed shirts and so we bought 2 star wars ones that had a good fit, a variety of sizes and colours too.  I wanted them to get matching ones but Penelope apparently doesn't like Rea and I am guessing it's because Finley loves her so much.  They were also cheaper then the Disney store since they were 2 for $19.97 but it turns out Penelope's was on clearance for $6.99.  Then on our way back to the car, I stopped at Lululemon and they had a Scuba 3 in heathered light grey so I bought that.  I have been looking for a neutral hoodie that wasn't so thick or structured and the 3's do this and I loved the colour.  It was a great shopping trip for all of us.

Then we came home and had lunch and then headed to the Millrise Sobeys since one of my best friends was there selling cookies with her daughter.  We rescued her daughter and she came over for a play date and they all tortured Pizza.  Thankfully Pizza likes it but she was asleep soundly when we got back from taking her back to her mom to sell a few more boxes of cookies.  

After we got home from that, I got a bad headache and some nasty cramps so instead of making grilled cheese sandwiches for supper for the girls, I used my Skip The Dishes App to order us some Vietnamese for supper.  This is probably one of my favourite apps and is available in many Canadian cities for you to use.  It was founded by a fellow blogger friend's family as well as one of Greg's good friends (one of his groomsmen) little brother.  It's such a small world that way.  The delivery guy was a super adorable older guy who thanked me for using Skip The Dishes which I appreciated very much.  You can select restaurants by distance, wait for readiness, delivery fee.  It's super awesome and suggest you all go use it now.  You can send e-gift cards too which I have both given and received.  

Greg came  home after supper and ate the leftovers and the girls headed to  bed and we watched 3 episodes of Brooklyn 99 and finished off with Saturday Night Live.  The cold open with Donald and Hillary was perhaps the greatest thing ever and Trump actually hated it so you should check it out online if you are interested.  

Sunday morning was a lazy morning and then we watched the Patriots/Bengals game while Greg and Penelope went and got groceries.  After the Pats game, I started Penelope's laundry since she had no clean pants for school today and I went for a run.   I had a shower and then read our next book club book while Greg and the girls watched the Seahawks game and we finished our weekend off with homemade Pizzas and Calzones.

After supper, the girls had bathes and did some reading and then it was off to bed for all of us to prepare for the week ahead.  

Here's to a good week for us all. 

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